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15 Gorgeous Hall Trees You Will Love

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The first thing most people do when entering the home is to search for a place to store their things. This is why the hall tree is a must-have furniture piece for any mudroom or entryway. It offers a dedicated storage area for essential clothing and accessories such as jackets, hats, and scarves. Hall trees are more practical to use compared to other solutions because they offer better utility with more efficient space use. You can neatly store your accessories while also taking advantage of a place to sit and put your shoes on.

Another great advantage of a hall tree is that it offers great decor opportunities. This isn’t just a basic functional piece of furniture. It can also become a stylish addition to any entryway or mudroom. Depending on your specific needs, you can find hall trees focused more on aesthetics while others boast more efficient storage features. If you’re not sure what kind of hall tree would look best in your home, check out these interesting ideas that should provide some much-needed inspiration.

1. Pure Wooden Design

Pure Wooden Wall Treee

Hall trees made of wood are popular in both traditional and modern design styles. Check out the pure wooden construction of this model that offers charming visual appeal for any entryway. The hall tree is equipped with generous storage space underneath to organize various things into stylish baskets. Coats and accessories can be hung while additional objects can be stored on a top shelf.

2. Modern Shiplap

Modern Shiplap Hall Tree

With a minimalist style and a unique twist on classic shiplap construction, this modern hall tree idea can inspire you to upgrade the look of any entryway. Although it lacks a big variety of practical features, the beauty of this hall tree makes it worth considering. A strong contrast is created thanks to the use of dark charcoal paint on the shiplap board. The black tone adds a note of exquisite elegance to the natural wood finish of the bench. Take a look at this guide if you’re interested in trying out a similar DIY look.

3. Timeless Elegance

Timeless Hall Tree

Many traditional hall trees are built using poplar hardwood that’s appreciated for its smooth finish. Check out the timeless beauty of this wooden hall tree on Amazon. It relies on a brown espresso finish that won’t go out of style very soon. The stylish brass hardware gives this furniture piece an antique appeal. In terms of functionality, the hall tree includes a classy bench and convenient places for hanging accessories.

4. Vintage Vibes

Vintage Hall Tree

With the help of a distressed finish, this wooden hall tree is a remarkable example of vintage beauty. It’s built using sturdy mahogany and features a practical storage bench. The color palette incorporates dark sage green tones for a sophisticated aesthetic that gives off some cottage vibes. As opposed to other hall tree designs, this model features an incorporated mirror at the top for a quick glance at yourself before leaving the home.

5. Simple Iron Look

Simple Iron Look Hall Tree

If you prefer a modern entryway design, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with a simple metal hall tree. Although it appears basic, this stylish furniture piece can easily cover all your storage needs without taking up too much space. It’s made exclusively from iron which gives it a sense of reliable stability. The gunmetal powder-coat finish ensures that the hall tree can withstand many years of wear and tear.

6. Romantic Hall Tree

White Hall Tree

Ornate details and interesting textures can make any hall tree stand out from the rest. Take a look at this hall tree dressed fully in crisp white. It doesn’t need bold colors to make a stunning visual impact considering the gorgeous moldings and carved handles. The hall tree features a romantic air thanks to the overall antique style of its design. It’s equipped with a large mirror while the coat hooks have been relegated to the sides of the unit.

7. Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Hall Tree

How do you blend the practicality of a modern design with classic timeless aesthetics in a hall tree? Your best bet is getting a modern farmhouse hall tree such as this one. It’s designed to maintain a lightweight and stylish design to match the needs of any entryway. The hall tree is available in different wood finishes while providing a selection of simple yet effective storage features.

8. Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage Hall Tree

Organizing everyone’s shoes can be a difficult task without having convenient storage space in the entryway. Most hall trees provide a bench with an area underneath to keep the shoes. However, some models are more practical than others because they offer dedicated slots to separate each pair of shoes. Having separate cubbies contributes to streamlining the process of organizing a large collection of shoes. Consider a stylish wooden hall tree equipped with this storage feature such as this model.

9. Industrial Flair

Industrial Hall Tree

Fans of industrial design should try a hall tree that draws inspiration from this rough aesthetic. This model from Amazon clearly brings some industrial charm to your home thanks to the pipe design of its frame and metal mesh racks intended for shoe storage. The addition of rustic brown wood tones forms a gorgeous pairing together with the black finish of the metal frame. Double sets of hooks take care of all your hanging needs for coats and accessories.

10. Navy Blue Hall Tree

Navy Blue Hall Tree

If you’re tired of the typical neutral-toned color scheme used for hall trees, it’s recommended to choose a bold shade of navy blue. This is an ideal color pick for this kind of classic organizer piece. It enhances the elegance of the hall tree and creates a stronger contrast with its surroundings. This dark blue hall tree incorporates beadboard panels to provide an extra textural appeal aside from its distinctive color.

11. Coastal Charm

Coastal Charm Hall Tree

Those who enjoy beach-inspired home design should try to get a hall tree that matches the aesthetic. It’s recommended to opt for a simple piece that offers a light and breezy vibe. This classy white hall tree seems to suit that description pretty well. It can act as the perfect landing spot for the mudroom of a vacation home or the entryway of a home decorated with a coastal theme. The hall tree includes all the essential storage abilities while the straight lines of its rectangular frame look attractive in any modern room.

12. Two-Piece Hall Tree

Two Piece Hall Tree

Some hall tree designs are much more distinctive than others. This is the case for two-piece units. They create a seamless look because they appear to be integrated more effectively with the wall. A two-piece model is an excellent option if you want a fresh-looking hall tree with a unique design. There’s no need to give up on any practical storage features while the installation process is similar.

13. Compact Red Hall Tree

Compact Red Hall Tree

Designed from solid mahogany wood in a striking red finish, this compact hall tree can easily become the focal point of the mudroom or entryway. It’s carefully built to find a great balance between style and functionality. The hall tree features decent storage space available, but the focus is clearly on its decorative potential. It boasts a streamlined silhouette while the rust-red tone makes a beautiful contrast with the neutral-colored surroundings.

14. Mid-Century Modern Hall Tree

Mid Century Modern Hall Tree

Mid-century modern design is very trendy when it comes to furniture. If you like the elegant look of this style for your home, you won’t be disappointed by a mid-century modern hall tree. This model combines straight lines and different materials in a creative style. The result is an incredibly attractive hall tree that doesn’t compromise on storage. Its main highlight is the use of a stylish bench equipped with a pullout drawer on one side and a cubby on another.

15. Corner Hall Tree

Corner Hall Tree

With an appearance that seems to blend coastal and farmhouse styles together, this hall tree could be a great choice if you’re dealing with space constraints in the mudroom. It features a triangular frame that fits perfectly in the corner of the entryway to make better use of the available square footage. The design sacrifices some storage space compared to conventional hall tree styles. However, you can easily hang all your essential accessories and even add a decor piece on the top shelf.

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