15 Stunning Beadboard Bathrooms to Gawk at

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The trends in the world of interior design seem to follow similar patterns. They all become popular, fade away after some time, and then experience a resurgence. Vintage décor styles and antique elements are extremely popular nowadays despite being considered outdated not very long ago. Beadboard detailing is a great example of an old trend that’s once again creeping up into modern home design. This style of wood paneling is highly recommended if you wish to decorate the room in a timeless manner.

Traditional beadboard can be used on both walls and ceilings. However, it’s typically considered more of a wall treatment. Aside from living rooms and bedrooms, beadboard wainscoting has also become really popular for bathrooms. Many homeowners like the textural interest provided by beadboard to decorate an otherwise bland functional room. You can transform any bathroom with the help of elegant beadboard designs that infuse the space with an air of sophistication and an inviting atmosphere. Check out our favorite beadboard bathroom ideas to find some excellent remodeling inspiration.

1. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style Beadboard Bathrooms

Considering the traditional aesthetic of beadboard, it’s not surprising to see this wainscoting style being used quite frequently in rustic designs. If you’re looking to create a farmhouse-inspired bathroom, try adding beadboard detailing on the walls. Set it up close to the ceiling to draw the eye upwards and create a sense of expanded space. Classic white beadboard pairs very nicely with rustic wood beams installed on the ceiling. This is a gorgeous bathroom design for anyone who loves the farmhouse aesthetic.

2. Mixed Materials

Mixed Materials Beadboard Bathroom

Although beadboard is typically used in traditional bathroom designs, you can also incorporate the wood paneling in more contemporary styles. It can add an elegant effect when combined with modern materials in unique ways. For example, beadboard wainscoting can appear very attractive together with subway tiles. The resulting textural appeal makes any wall stand out, even if you prefer a plain white color scheme. Another great element in this mix is the marble floor which contributes to the overall elegance of the beadboard.

3. Moody Atmosphere

Moody Atmosphere Beadboard Bathroom

If you’re interested in bringing a different kind of vibe to the bathroom, consider using darker tones for the beadboard. Instead of classic white, you can try a sophisticated tone of navy blue that makes for a moody atmosphere. This can be considered a risky move from a design perspective, but it can pay off in terms of overall looks. Make sure you maintain visual balance by incorporating some wooden elements or neutral tones. The oval mirror in this bathroom provides a stunningly chic appearance contrasted against the dark blue beadboard.

4. Coastal Vibes

Coastal Vibes Beadboard Bathroom

Thanks to its breezy style, beadboard paneling seems like an ideal match for beach-inspired bathroom designs. You can infuse the area with a solid coastal feel by pairing white beadboard with sky blue paint on the same wall in equal proportions. White and blue shades work flawlessly together to add a subtle coastal vibe to any area. Although this bathroom appears quite minimally furnished, the simple décor style can be considered appealing by many homeowners. The focus on the texture provides visual interest without overwhelming the eye.

5. Geometric Effect

Geometric Effect Beadboard Bathroom

Bathrooms are functional areas of the home where loud and bright color schemes often feel out of place. If you want to add some distinctive character to this room, consider focusing more on patterns and textures while keeping the color palette in a neutral range. This is particularly recommended for a modern makeover. Check out the classy look of this dark greige beadboard whose vertical wood paneling makes a solid combination with the patterned wallpaper. The honeycomb design of the flooring contributes to the overall geometric appeal of this modern bathroom.

6. Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Beadboards

Most beadboard designs feature vertical lines. If you’re looking to move away from traditional styles and put a special twist on this type of wainscoting, consider opting for horizontal lines instead. The walls can look more distinctive with just a simple design change. You can obtain a neat decorative effect without having to consider a more complicated makeover of the wood paneling. Traditional bathrooms can look particularly attractive with the help of horizontal-style beadboard because it infuses the space with a sense of freshness.

7. Lovely Frame

Frame Beadboard Bathroom

Take advantage of traditional white beadboard to create a lovely frame for elements in the bathroom such as the toilet and sink. The vertical lines of the beadboard make an elegant pairing together with the pedestal design of the sink. Thanks to reaching only halfway up the wall, the wainscoting achieves a stylish framing effect. The upper part of the wall is painted in a modern tone of gray to add some welcomed contrast. It also sets apart other elements mounted on the wall such as the mirror and floating wooden shelves.

8. Bold Appeal

Bold Beadboards

While traditional white beadboard looks attractive, many homeowners consider it a little too plain. A bold makeover could be the right solution to upgrade the appeal of this wood paneling and make any bathroom more elegant than ever. Check out the dramatic style of this black beadboard that lets the ornate white sink pop against it. Together with the glamorous effect of the gold wall sconces, the dark beadboard becomes the focal point of the room as it creates such a strong contrast with its surroundings.

9. Vintage Inspiration

Vintage Beadboard Bathroom

Beadboard sees a lot of recent use in modern bathroom designs. However, this type of wainscoting can provide considerable vintage flair when combined with the right décor elements. If you prefer that kind of aesthetic, it’s recommended to dress up the walls with vintage art pieces to complement the beadboard design. Keep the look more cohesive by adding other vintage-inspired accents such as brass fixtures and pendant lights. The distinctive shape of the mirror can also contribute to a successful vintage vibe in this bathroom.

10. Heightening Power

Heightened Power Beadboard Bathroom

Decorating an attic bathroom can be quite challenging considering the space constraints. You’ll typically have to deal with low ceilings that create the impression of a cramped room. This is a good opportunity to use beadboard on the walls. Thanks to its heightening power, the wood paneling reduces the visual impact of a low ceiling. The narrow, horizontal lines extend upwards to create a sense of continuity that enhances the style of the room. Keep the space furnished in a minimalist style to make the most out of the limitations of an attic bathroom.

11. Subtle Backdrop

Subtle Backdrop Beadboard Bathroom

Even if you opt for a simple white beadboard design, it’s safe to say that you can beautify any bathroom with minimal effort. Compared to a plain white wall, the beadboard lines provide a subtle backdrop where décor pieces and accents can stand out elegantly. The slight indentations of the wood paneling enhance the sense of depth making any bathroom design feel fresh. If you’re going for a modern style, the beadboard backdrop can help to emphasize stylish framed art and golden fixtures.

12. French Country Look

French Country Look Beadboard Bathroom

When it comes to wall treatments, few options can boast such impressive versatile comparable to beadboard. The paneling is simple to integrate with either traditional or modern interior styles. This bathroom incorporates various elements clearly inspired by the beauty of French country design. Notable examples include the ornate mirror and clawfoot tub. The gentle combination of beige and pale blue works wonderfully to create a soothing space. Thanks to the use of stylish beadboard, all the elements of the room are neatly tied together for a harmonious visual effect.

13. Beadboard on the Ceiling

Beadboard on the Ceiling

Some bold bathroom designs can incorporate beadboard on the ceiling instead of decorating the wall. The paneling looks surprisingly attractive when used in this way. Remember that the ceiling is considered the fifth wall of the room. It’s worth opting for beadboard to make this area more distinctive and complete the overall textural appeal of the bathroom. The walls can use a similar type of paneling if you wish to go all the way on the beadboard trend. It’s all about discovering the specific bathroom design you wish to create.

14. Wide Plank Style

Wide Plank Style Beadboard Bathroom

Generously-sized bathrooms can often look more attractive by integrating a wide plank beadboard. The spaced-out wood panels create an impressive visual effect, especially if you choose a more interesting paint color. This vintage-styled bathroom makes use of gorgeous beadboard in a wide plank layout. It features a beautiful shade of sage green mixed with cool gray to form an ideal backdrop for the Victorian-inspired clawfoot tub. The delicate neutral tone of the beadboard helps to integrate this architectural detail very effectively into the room.

15. Monochromatic Aesthetic

Monochromatic Aesthetic Beadboard Bathroom

Beadboard seems like an excellent choice to add a subtle decorative effect to a monochromatic bathroom. You don’t necessarily have to go for a complete white makeover. Select very similar neutral shades such as cream and beige tones that blend together very well. By making the beadboard a different tone than the wall, you will be able to create subtle contrast resulting in a chic visual effect. Notice the cozy atmosphere obtained for this monochromatic bathroom that relies on a beadboard that matches the shade used for the ceiling and the mirror frame.

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