Cozy Brown Bedroom With Accent Wall

15 Awe Inspiring Brown Bedrooms

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Brown can be considered a dark neutral color that could work surprisingly well for decorating the bedroom. This shade is making a comeback when it comes to various interior design trends. Not lots of homeowners find brown appealing because it’s often associated with outdated home decor styles. However, it’s worth giving brown a chance if you want to create a cozy atmosphere with a sense of rich warmth comparable to a cup of coffee.

Some color schemes are simply better for the bedroom than others. It’s not just a matter of pure aesthetics, but also of sleep health. Many color psychology experts agree that brown is among the top choices for decorating the bedroom. The idea is that humans have a deep emotional connection to warm color tones. A brown bedroom may help you sleep better as it evokes earthly stability and feelings of security.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the natural relaxing properties of the color brown in your bedroom, check out the following inspirational ideas to get started.

1. Monochromatic Theme

Dark Brown Dresser in Brown Bedroom

The best way to maximize the coziness of a brown bedroom color scheme is to go for a full makeover. A monochromatic theme centered on brown can help you experience great levels of relaxing warmth. You can try a layered approach with different shades of brown that contribute together to maintain a calm space. For example, paint the wall in a light brown shade matching the bedding accessories while a rich chocolate-tone dresser completes the look.

2. Airy Vibes

Tan Brown Elegant Bedroom

When you think of brown, the first shade that comes to mind is probably something visually close to chocolate. However, this is a versatile color that features many light and dark tones. A great pick for the bedroom is tan if you prefer the addition of airy vibes to the room. This pale brown color feels more sophisticated than beige, bringing a character that’s rich and full of depth. A tan color scheme is great for fans of neutrals that want something a bit more exciting for the bedroom.

3. Cozy Atmosphere

Cozy White Bedroom With Brown Accents

Brown has great potential when it comes to making the bedroom environment as cozy as possible. If you’re searching for a good color combination, try pairing brown with white. It results in a relaxing atmosphere with a slight romantic flair. Keep the main color base of the bedroom white while inserting various brown accents to build an eye-pleasing color scheme. If you’re afraid of intense contrast, focus on lighter brown elements such as rugs, curtains, and bedding.

4. Brown and Gold Design

Brown and Gold Bedroom

Looking to enhance the richness and warmth of brown as much as possible? The secret is to incorporate touches of gold or mustard yellow. These two shades can form a stylish design, somewhat reminiscent of the natural world. Take a look at the stunning design of the wall in this bedroom which is adorned with decorative elements blending brown and gold effectively. Thanks to the generous illumination provided by recessed lighting, the bedroom’s atmosphere seems particularly warm and cozy.

5. Organic Beauty

Green and Brown Bedroom

Lots of brown shades can evoke a sense of stability as they’re reminiscent of the ground. This earthy vibe can be further accentuated by other colors that draw inspiration from the natural world. A gorgeous shade of chocolate brown can appear stunning when combined with a verdant green tone. It’s like bringing a touch of the outdoors into the bedroom to create an organic beauty effect. Such a color pairing is able to conjure up feelings of comfort and serenity.

6. Bohemian Theme

Bohemian Brown Bedroom

Bohemian themes in the bedroom are often designed to radiate warmth and create the impression of effortless coziness. Lots of color shades can be used in this aesthetic, but the focus is usually on more inviting tones. Brown seems like a suitable match, especially when mixing lighter and darker shades together. Incorporate brown textural elements with others featuring similar tones in terms of color wheel distance. Red or orange is a great option to accentuate the boho motif.

7. Painted Wall

Pale Brown Painted Wall in Modern Bedroom

Anyone ready to fully embrace a brown color palette in the bedroom should consider painting the walls. The problem is that it’s difficult to figure out which shade of brown works best for such a big makeover. Dark brown tones are ideal for boosting the level of depth in a bedroom that gets a lot of natural light. If your bedroom is a little darker by default, it’s recommended to paint the walls using a lighter shade of brown. Find a good tonal balance to maintain a neutral vibe with the right amount of warmth.

8. Eclectic Bedroom

Eclectic Blue Bedroom With Brown Red and Yellow Accents

If you’re a fan of eclectic bedroom designs, you will probably tend to focus on more vibrant and exciting colors than brown. However, you might be surprised how brown can make a bold statement together with other colors. It can form a stunning combination with midnight blue, red, and yellow, but the key is to focus on layered textures. The addition of multiple distinctive textures in the bedroom can provide a modern eclectic flair to the room while the brown serves to slightly enhance the richness of the design.

9. Pure Elegance

Traditional Elegant Brown Bedroom

Traditional luxurious bedroom designs will often make use of brown. This color has some timeless qualities that allow it to bring an elegant air to any room. Brown shades look particularly attractive when the bedroom features rich wood finishes. Take a look at the ornate details of this bed and nightstands. The brown color scheme is nicely complemented by cream tones to create a cohesive look. Every element seems to belong there without any feeling of an outdated look.

10. Rustic Appeal

Rustic Brown Bedroom

Stylish farmhouse designs are typically based on neutral color schemes. Brown is also quite often used for some extra warmth that’s always welcomed in rustic interiors. Neutral brown tones work great for the furniture in a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. Small touches of brown can complete the look when sprinkling various accents and decor pieces throughout the room. Weathered items can appear particularly stylish if you choose a rich tone of brown.

11. Brown Wallpaper

Stylish Bedroom With Wallpaper Featuring Brown Speckles

With the help of a suitable wallpaper, you can tie all the elements in a brown bedroom together more effectively. There’s no need to go for a bold makeover involving the painting of the entire wall. Just a subtle wallpaper design with brown speckles could be more than enough to improve the coziness of the bedroom. Aside from splashes of color, the wallpaper also has the advantage of introducing some extra texture to the room. It goes great with the idea of multiple comfortable textural elements of typical bedrooms.

12. Hotel Atmosphere

Brown Bedroom With Bay Windows

The timeless appeal of a brown bedroom is easily reminiscent of classy five-star hotel rooms. If you’re looking to achieve a similar atmosphere for your own bedroom, a brown color scheme is highly recommended to try. Check out this transitional bedroom that relies on a mix of traditional and modern elements to give a luxurious and serene impression. Dark woods and soft tans are masterfully combined with creamy neutrals to create an exquisite look brimming with rich elegance. The coziest feature of the bedroom is the reading area that adorns the bay window.

13. Unique Brown Ceiling

Brown Bedroom With Painted Ceiling

This sunny bedroom uses brown accents in a very stylish way, but the main highlight is the wooden panels on the ceiling. It creates a stunning contrast with the beige rug and walls. The furnishings and accessories have been carefully selected to suit the same rich brown aesthetic. While other color schemes would also work for this kind of relaxing bedroom, brown and beige neutrals seem ideal to capture the feeling of deep comfort provided by the balcony view and corner fireplace.

14. Brown and Pink Look

Pink and Brown Bohemian Bedroom

Can brown and pink colors work together in the color scheme of a bedroom? It may seem like an unusual combination, but these two tones can create an unexpected balance of delicate femininity and down-to-earth appeal. The richness of a brown hardwood floor helps to keep the cheerful visual impact of the pink patterned wall from making the room too childish. Brown is worth throwing into a mix of pink and white to maintain a good level of sophistication and elegance.

15. Glamorous Brown Bedroom

Glamorous Brown Bedroom

Drawing inspiration from vintage Hollywood dressing rooms, this brown bedroom stands out thanks to its glamorous visual appeal. It takes some timeless elements and colors to create something fresh. It’s proof that brown tones provide incredible versatility allowing designers to highlight many glitzy accents on a rich background. Stylish lighting and fluffy textures enhance the appearance of this brown bedroom to seemingly transport you to a different era.


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