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15 Marvelous Green Bathroom Ideas

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While green isn’t particularly popular when it comes to bathroom colors, this could be a solid choice if you want to create a more relaxing atmosphere in this room. Shades of green have great potential in terms of forming a zen-like backdrop in the bathroom. The color is easily reminiscent of the natural world bringing a sense of freshness anywhere it’s used. There are lots of beautiful green hues that can be used for a bathroom makeover. Whether you prefer vibrant chartreuse, subtle sage, or rich emerald tones, this is a fabulous color to consider.

How do you incorporate green in the bathroom without overwhelming the space or disrupting the overall style of the space? Green needs to be paired with suitable colors for a harmonious visual effect. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a traditional design style or a more modern one for your bathroom, it takes some effort to use green shades effectively. Thankfully, green is a fairly versatile color that can transform any room that needs redecorating. Let’s explore the most creative ideas for integrating the beauty of green into your bathroom.

1. Stunning Drama

Green Bathroom

Subway tiles can become very dramatic when designed with a rich tone of green. This bold bathroom gives off luxurious vibes with its moody green color scheme accented by gold elements. The fan wallpaper introduces a different pattern to create a distinctive appearance together with the subway tile. It’s designed with an art deco flair in a lighter tone of green to make the space feel more relaxed. A deep green color palette is highly recommended for bathrooms designed to impress and stand out from the rest.

2. A Small Touch of Green

Bathroom With Green Tub

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a full green makeover for the bathroom, there are subtler ways to incorporate the color. Consider adding just a small touch of green through a particular decor element. This green bathtub represents a good example. It’s an unexpected color to discover in this bathroom featuring a neutral-tone color scheme. Even if the shade choice isn’t particularly vibrant, there’s a risk of the contrast appearing too strong with the white walls and floor. That’s why the bathtub is nicely complemented by some floral prints.

3. Mosaic Detail

Green Bathroom With Mosaic Detail

Even if you only plan to use green sparingly in the bathroom, this color can have a solid visual impact. Consider the style of a feature wall based on green mosaic tile. It stands out compared to other tiles used in the bathroom because of the differences in color and pattern. Mint or forest green tones can be paired very nicely in a darker-colored bathroom. To maintain proper color consistency, it’s recommended to incorporate the same mosaic tile style for other elements of the shower such as the recess.

4. Green Marble

Bathroom With Green Marble

When it comes to luxurious materials, few can match the stunning visual appeal of marble. You can take the drama to a new level by choosing a green tone for your marble. Check out the elegant style of this modern bathroom dressed fully in emerald green marble. The jewel tone is quite intense yet it doesn’t feel overwhelming to the eye thanks to the natural veining of the marble tile. Black and gold shades work perfectly through stylish elements and accents to complete the bold color scheme of this green bathroom.

5. Pastel Tones

Bathroom With Pastel Tones

If you’re not sure what colors work well with green in the bathroom, consider trying out this fabulous pastel tone combination. A charming mint green shade is integrated together with the feminine look of the bubblegum pink walls. The result is a uniquely playful bathroom that gives off some solid retro vibes. This is a recommended color combination if you’re looking to make use of the pastel color trend in the bathroom. The chic touch of green contributes to the overall youthfulness of the design.

6. Elegant Wainscoting

Green Bathroom With Elegant Wainscoting

Any classic wainscoting style can be rejuvenated with the help of green paint. Check out this elegant bathroom where the painted wainscoting manages to change the vibe of the room completely. Instead of a bland white bathroom, the area now stands out thanks to the green makeover. The paint also helps to emphasize the natural wainscoting textural style. It’s not simply a way to bring a colorful touch to a classic bathroom but also to make a bold statement through the wainscoting design.

7. Rustic Charm

Green Bathroom With Rustic Charm

Sink skirts are no longer as popular as they used to be. If you wish to bring back the vintage charm of this element into your bathroom design, it could be a smart solution as long as you combine it properly with other rustic accents. The sink skirt here makes use of a gorgeous botanical pattern. It’s a refreshing touch in this neutral-toned bathroom while creating a harmonious look together with the sage green wainscoting and clean lines of the ceiling.

8. Geometric Patterns

Green Bathroom With Geometric Patterns

Modern green bathrooms should incorporate more interesting elements to add a distinctive character. A geometric pattern could be a great example in that sense. Check out the stylish use of green honeycomb tile for this bathroom. It adds an effortless modern vibe but other layouts can also work to achieve a similar visual effect. Any lackluster bathroom can be easily transformed with a green touch but the use of patterns can make the color stand out properly.

9. Botanical Wallpaper

Green Bathroom With Botanical Wallpapers

If you’re going for a green wallpaper look to refresh the style of the bathroom, it’s safe to say that botanical prints come to mind. It’s a timeless option considering the lush design of leaves and other greenery elements that can decorate any classy bathroom. While floral patterns on the wall can also freshen up the bathroom, the botanical style is more recommended to stick to pure green vibes. It’s a practical way to integrate a shade of green in the bathroom that will mix nicely with the aquatic tones of water.

10. Pale Green

Pale Green Bathroom

Bold and dramatic green bathroom makeovers may not be suitable for some people’s tastes. If you prefer a subtler approach, consider opting for a pale shade of green. Sage green has great potential but you can take subtlety to such a level that there’s barely any green left. The wall in this bathroom seems like a good example of this look. It only features a faded hint of green while the actual shade feels closer to gray resulting in a solid neutral style. Pair this tone with black and white elements and you got yourself a sleek bathroom.

11. Custom Cabinets

Green Bathroom With Custom Cabinets

Cabinetry may not be the first element to consider for a green makeover in a bathroom but there’s solid potential when it comes to designing cabinets with a custom look. Instead of classic white laminate options, try a more creative approach by using a pot of earthy green. Whether the overall vibe of the bathroom is moody or dark, it’s safe to say that green cabinets can look attractive. This bathroom went a step further and installed matching lockers facing the cabinets for extra storage space.

12. Green Stripes

Bathroom With Green Stripes

The owner of this bathroom decided that a verdant green theme works best for this space. Decorating with the help of multiple greenery elements can help to set this bathroom apart from others but the main highlight is the striped design painted on the tiles. It’s a striking visual concept that makes clever use of a pastel green tone resulting in distinctive patterns. By combining it with white, this green bathroom look appears more energizing. The brightness of white enhances the freshness of the green stripes.

13. Chocolate Lime

Black Bathroom With Chocolate Lime Cabinets

When it comes to using colorful elements in the bathroom, it’s important to put your creativity to use and experiment with different design approaches. Simply adding a green element in the bathroom may not result in the desired look or specific vibe. That’s why you need to pay close attention to color combinations. For example, lime green can work amazingly well with a chocolate tone as evidenced by this stunning bathroom. The green cabinets seem to pop out against the dark brown background.

14. Stunning Contrast

Contrasting Green Bathroom

A green bathroom can look extremely attractive if you’re careful about maintaining a proper balance between light and dark tones. It’s safe to say that a rich shade of green is better highlighted against a crisp white. The contrasting effect can bring an air of refinement to any modern or traditional bathroom. White seems like an ideal match for green in the bathroom but there’s a risk of making the design feel too cold. That’s why it’s recommended to integrate brass hardware or other gold accents to warm up the color scheme.

15. Green Floor

Green Floor Bathroom With Pink Tiles

Green is often integrated into the bathroom by painting the wall but the floor is also worth considering. Choosing green tiles in a fun pattern such as herringbone can provide the room with a unique character. Mix the rich green tones of the floor with a pale shade of pink for the walls and you will have a winning combination. This custom bathroom infuses green elements throughout the space to give the impression of a tropical island. The muted pink wall harmonizes the green for a balanced visual appeal.

By Stefan Bucur

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