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The 12 Best Bathroom Colors in 2023

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Although the bathroom is an important functional place in your home, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay close attention to aesthetics. You can transform this room into your relaxing sanctuary with the help of the right decorations and design enhancements. One important element to consider is the color scheme. Anyone looking to redecorate the bathroom needs to think carefully about the best color to use because it makes a great visual impact and affects the overall ambiance.

If you’re looking to add a fresh coat of paint to the bathroom, it’s worth checking out the trendiest colors this year to bring a new sense of style to this functional room. There’s nothing like color when it comes to setting the spa-like tone to this area. Take a look at the following selection of popular colors this year to get some much-needed inspiration for your bathroom redecoration project.

1. Sky Blue

Blue is a great choice if you’re a fan of classic bathroom looks that give off comforting vibes. A sky-like shade of blue represents a solid option to incorporate in any bathroom color scheme. Depending on the color tone used, you can enhance the sense of relaxation of the entire room. Even just a subtle accent wall painted in this color can provide a soft reminder of the natural beauty of the sky and the sea.

2. Soft Pink

If you wish to add some feminine charm to the bathroom, there are few options more suitable than soft shades of pink. When paired with snowy white elements, this is a beautiful color scheme that has its place in any stylish bathroom. To pull off a successful pink look in this room, it’s recommended to include many textural elements such as a beaded board that helps to enhance the sense of depth.

3. Greige

A creative mix of neutrals such as gray and beige can result in a surprisingly attractive bathroom. Check out the style of this bathroom that makes use of light gray paint that forms an ideal background for warmer tones of beige. It’s also a smart solution to create a subtle contrast with white bathroom furniture and fixtures. This is the kind of color palette that’s easy to use for various bathroom redecoration projects.

4. Luxurious Black

Typical bathroom color schemes tend to include primarily light tones. However, if you wish to make this a bolder space, consider choosing charcoal black hues to intensify the contrast. The black paint in this bathroom will immediately draw attention thanks to the color-block blend formed with the white subway tile. Gold accents and black floor details can also complete the look and elevate the style of the bathroom.

5. Moody Green

Green may not be the first color that pops into your mind when thinking of a bathroom but the right shade has great potential to improve the appearance of this room. Go for a moodier green tone for the walls while keeping the flooring and other accessories more brightly colored to maintain a good visual balance. Deeper tones of green work great to make a statement bathroom that feels elegant and timeless.

6. Bright White

Some people feel that a predominantly white bathroom looks too bright or simple. Others may see a good opportunity to play with creative textures and accents on a clean backdrop. This is the case for this white bathroom that feels fresh and not overwhelmingly bright thanks to multiple layers of texture added. Mixing some cement gray shades together with the white makes the bathroom seem anything but boring.

7. Navy Blue

Bold and timeless, navy blue could be an appropriate choice for turning up the elegance of your bathroom. If painting the walls with this kind of rich color tone feels a little overwhelming for your taste, you can look to other elements of the room to integrate navy blue vibes. Make sure you combine the intense shade of blue with a light color such as white for a remarkable contrast. Check out the way these glossy navy blue cabinets stand out in this bathroom.

8. Lavender

An easy way to make your bathroom more elegant is to consider dressing up the walls with lavender paint. Purple is a more underutilized color for the bathroom but it can make a solid visual impression in the right setting. It deserves more attention if you want to redecorate the bathroom and make the ambiance feel more luxurious at the same time. Lavender tones work amazingly well to add a splash of color in a clean white bathroom.

9. Warm Taupe

If you want a cozier bathroom, it’s hard to beat a neutral color scheme. Warmer tones such as this soft shade of taupe can set the proper mood for a relaxing bathroom experience. Neutrals won’t go out of style anytime soon but this year taupe seems to be particularly trendy to redecorate the bathroom. It conjures up feelings of deep serenity even if you have a more compact bathroom.

10. Mustard Yellow

Earthy color schemes are very popular in recent times when it comes to the look of the bathroom. Mustard yellow could be an inspirational choice, especially if you plan on using lots of wood accents. The color mix adds some cozy vibes while taking care of the overall visual appeal of the room. It’s safe to say that you can enjoy using the bathroom more and potentially improve your mood with the help of this kind of color scheme.

11. Seafoam Green

One of the easiest ways to add subtle beach vibes to your bathroom is by opting for a seafoam green color palette. The walls in this bathroom feel refreshing and remind you of the coast and the sea but without appearing strongly overwhelming. The light nature of this color scheme is favored by many homeowners. However, you can also include some neutral accents to prevent the bathroom ambiance from seeming too cold.

12. Spicy Brown

A bathroom aesthetic focusing on earthy tones represents a trendy design option this year. It’s recommended to try a color scheme based on warm brown whose richness can be toned down with muted neutrals. The spicy visual effect of the wall gives this bathroom a distinctive character. It looks even more elegant when you pair rusty bronze shades with soft white for a true natural retreat in your own home.

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