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12 Items That Bring Good Fortune and Luck in Your Home

Objects That Bring Good Luck

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If you believe in the idea of bringing fortune and good luck to your home through your actions, there are various items to consider including in your living space. These lucky symbols have somehow withstood the test of time despite the lack of scientific evidence for their ability to attract fortune and prosperity. We could all use a little extra good luck in our lives so it wouldn’t hurt to load up on these items to get rid of all the bad energy from the house. The best part is that you can also update the style of your home by choosing some attractive luck-bringing décor pieces.

1. Elephants

Elephant Figure From Southeast Asia

The elephant is revered by many cultures as a wise and steadfast animal. It’s a great symbol that supposedly brings good fortune. Consider integrating elephants through figurines and accessories. Try an elephant décor piece or include a depiction of the animal through pillow covers. The pose is also important for this superstition. Find elephants that keep their trunk upright to bring luck.

2. Horseshoes

Horseshoe on a Wall

This is a classic symbol of good luck that’s worth incorporating into your home décor. The origins of horseshoes as fortune-bringing items are not clear. It’s believed to be an important symbol to fight against evil forces in Irish legends and tales. The best way to use a horseshoe as a lucky charm is by using it as a knocker for the front door.

3. Incense

Incense Stick

While incense just makes your home smell nice, some people believe that it also has the ability to dispel bad energy and attract good luck. Get a stylish stand for incense and burn it to fill the room with its aromatic smoke. Focus on particular scents such as citrus and vanilla for prosperity. Alternatively, sage burning is thought to bring luck in a similar style to incense.

4. Ladybugs

Ladybug on a Leaf

It’s commonly believed that it’s a prosperous sign if you see a ladybug in the wild. While you shouldn’t literally bring these insects into your home, the symbolic use of ladybugs can be associated with positive energy. That means it’s recommended to use decorative objects based on ladybugs. If you wish to attract good fortune towards the exterior of the home, make the garden more welcoming for ladybugs.

5. Crystals

Purple Crystals

It’s debatable whether crystals have healing powers or attract good luck, but they can work amazingly well as décor pieces throughout the home. Even those who aren’t superstitious can enjoy the stylish appearance of quartz, amethyst, selenite, and other dazzling types of crystals. Some people believe that it’s important to use the right kind of crystal depending on the room.

6. Plants

Potted Plants

Some types of plants are believed to bring luck into your home. This includes common houseplants such as money tree plants, jade plants, or peace lilies. There’s also a plant called lucky bamboo that supposedly bestows you with great luck if someone gifts it to you. Increasing the number of plants in a home is a good idea even if you don’t really believe in their ability to attract good fortune.

7. Painted Front Door

Red Painted Front Door

There’s a feng shui belief that says you should paint your front door a certain color to bring fortune and luck into your home. The way your house appears from the outside matters when it comes to luck superstitions. Red is usually the lucky color to try for painting the front door but if you really want to respect feng shui, you will have to take into account the direction your house faces when deciding on the proper hue.

8. Acorns

Acorns in a tree

Ancient druid beliefs make acorns closely associated with good luck. Scattering a few around the home is supposed to attract fortune and prosperity. You could create a decorative piece by including acorns in a jar or bowl in the living room or another place in your house.

9. Turtles

Turtle Decoration on a Wall

Similar to elephants, turtles are considered bringers of good luck. Use turtle symbols or figurines throughout the home if keeping a pet turtle isn’t possible. Feng shui beliefs associate the turtle with the ability to guard or protect from evil powers. In that sense, turtle symbols can be used to dispel bad energies and turn around misfortunes.

10. Fruit Bowls

Fruit Bowls

Although it seems like a mundane object that everyone has in their home, that bowl with fruits can carry a deeper meaning. Depending on the type of fruit put on display, you might be able to attract good luck and prosperity or other positive energy vibes into your house. For example, oranges are thought to have the power of warding off misfortunes. Even if you don’t like keeping a fruit bowl around, symbols such as fruit-inspired decorations or accessories can have a similar effect.

11. Koi Pond

Koi Ponds

Looking for a way to bring luck to the backyard? The easiest way is to set up a koi pond. This represents a powerful symbol of wealth and good fortune in feng shui traditions. Not everyone has the budget or the space available for creating a koi pond with live fish. A good alternative is to simply use elements that feature koi fishes as a symbolic way to bring fortune to your home.

12. Hamsa


The famous Hamsa hand is celebrated in Islamic and Jewish cultures. The symbol signifies protection against evil and that is why it’s popularly used in jewelry. You should also find ways to integrate Hamsa symbols in your home to get rid of bad energy and attract good fortune.

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