A Coastal Mint Green House With a Coral Front Door and Matching Chairs

The 10 Best Door Colors for Green Houses

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Green is not the easiest color to work with when it comes to the exterior color scheme of a house. If you’ve decided on a stylish shade of green for your home, selecting the right front door color can appear daunting. Aside from personal tastes, you need to take into account the architectural design of the house and figure out which color looks best with the particular green tone of the exterior. Take a look at the following selection of the best door color ideas to help you decide which shade creates the most balanced look for a green house.

1. Black

A Green House With a Black Front Door

Looking to add a timeless visual effect to your green house exterior? Consider painting the front door in an elegant black shade. This is a classic option that will highlight the unique character of the green color scheme. It’s especially recommended to use a dark neutral tone like black when the siding of the house features a light green color. The contrast is deeper and more dramatic to improve curb appeal. Make sure you also use a black tone for the roof to keep the look balanced.

2. Burgundy Red

A Green House With a Burgundy Red Front Door

Red is useful to bring a bold pop of color to a green house, especially if the exterior features a lighter shade like sage green. There are lots of great red tones to use but many of them can seem a little too intense against the calming green hue. Try using a muted shade of red like burgundy that fills the atmosphere with a refined air of elegance. It could be the perfect pairing for a sage green exterior as it results in a softer contrast thanks to the reduced brightness of this red style.

3. Dark Brown

A Green House With a Dark Brown Front Door

One of the most popular colors for green houses, brown provides an earthy charm to complement the fresh vibe of green. Both colors are inspired by nature so they can be combined quite effectively in the color palette of a home’s exterior. If you enjoy the serene aesthetic of sage green or another similarly delicate shade, it’s recommended to opt for dark brown paint for the front door. The elegant touch of brown brings just the right amount of warmth to balance out the cool appeal of green.

4. Blue

A Green House With a Blue Front Door

Blue seems like a bold choice for a green house. However, it can work surprisingly well as a front door color if you enjoy the idea of an earthy look with a different vibe. Pastel green siding helps to make the ocean blue stand out properly. It results in a refreshing style that combines the right doses of tranquility and dynamism. Although such an intense shade of blue might not suit all kinds of green houses, it’s worth trying out some other blue tone variations to come up with a creative color scheme.

5. Coral

A Green House With a Coral Orange Front Door

With its fun mix of orange and salmon pink, coral represents a stunning color to paint the front door. It gives off some breezy coastal vibes when paired with a house exterior dressed up in a cool shade of mint green. To avoid the coral door from appearing out of place, it’s recommended to decorate the entryway with other colorful accents with similar undertones. Aside from beach-inspired house designs, this color combination could be more difficult to pull off unless you enjoy a modern eclectic style.

6. Wood

A Green House With A Wood Front Door

The natural earthy appeal of wood complements the green exterior of the house amazingly well. Instead of worrying about finding the right paint color, you can simply focus on choosing the right wood stain finish to obtain an ideal wood tone for the front door. Thanks to its natural wood grain detail, this is also a recommended choice to enhance the textural appeal of the door. Craftsman-style houses can often make use of this rustic yet elegant color palette based on a cozy shade of light green for the siding and warm wood for the door and other architectural details.

7. White

A Green House With a White Front Door

If you don’t want to commit to a bolder color combination, white remains a safe front door choice. You don’t necessarily have to opt for crisp white that may feel too bright against the green exterior. Ivory and off-white shades can bring subtle warmth to the entryway if your home is designed with a brown-tinged olive-green color. Delicate tones of neutral white can help to emphasize the beauty of a modern khaki green exterior while still maintaining a sense of tradition.

8. Pink

A Green House With a Pink Front Door

Pink and green can form a modern combination that feels fresh and eclectic. An intense hot pink shade could be used for the front door if you want to add a unique personality to a green house. This vibrant look might not be suitable for traditional homes because the maximalist color scheme can look out of place together with elegant architectural features. It’s safe to say that coastal-themed houses or more casual-style residences work best with these bold colors.

9. Earthy Red

A Green House With an Earthy Red Front Door

As previously shown, red can be a great front door color for a green house but you need to pick the correct shade. Bright red might look a little cliche against the green siding. Strong contrasts should be avoided to prevent the door from standing out too much or creating a Christmas-y atmosphere. A muted red tone with sophisticated earthy vibes works ideally to elevate the look of sage green siding. It makes any traditional exterior house feel refreshed as the modern color scheme is attractive without overwhelming the eye.

10. Light Brown

A Green House With a Light Brown Front Door

Anyone who enjoys a natural look should consider the cozy combination of green and brown. Using a light shade of brown against sage green could be a smart decision if you prefer a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere. Whereas dark brown maximizes the earthiness, light brown adds a more neutral touch to keep a balanced design. This kind of color scheme looks best when the home is surrounded by lots of trees and verdant elements. Pick a light brown shade with reddish undertones if you prefer some extra color saturation.


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