33 Crown Molding Ideas For Your Home

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Crown molding is a term used to define the embellishment of nearly any space. You have complete freedom, whether you want to add a lush touch to your windows or your kitchen cabinets. It is an exquisite, thoughtful design element with plenty of versatility. If you want to install a crown molding, check out the following crown molding ideas for your home!

1. Modern Living Room

Cornice or crown molding may bring a vintage feel to most homeowners. Despite this, there are numerous choices nowadays ideal for contemporary designs. This model is clean and smooth, keeping everything simple and bringing together all the other design elements.

2. Rustic Wainscoting

Wainscoting was traditionally used to protect the wall against accidents and damage. This model does not only serve the same purpose but also provides a rustic vibe. The wall paneling is a timeless traditional design choice using solid eucalyptus planks, providing plenty of functionality and sophisticated beauty.

3. Floating Mantel

Unleash your imagination and add this decorative shelf to your wall. It is traditionally associated with fireplaces, but this choice is a highly creative one. It comes with a touch of formality and delicate detail that will improve any plain wall.

4. Crown Molding for Windows

There are numerous crown molding ideas for windows. Frame them if you want to make them seem bigger, while improving the brightness of your room. This decorative touch is often added to living rooms or dining rooms, where you want to be inspired, relaxed, and feel welcome.

5. Cohesive Look

Kitchens are no exception either when it comes to crown molding. This model, for instance, has a modern vibe with plenty of detail without feeling overcrowded. In fact, the built-in cabinets, low lighting, and sophisticated decorative elements make it feel warmer.

6. Cabinet Crown Molding

Crown molding between the ceiling and the wall is a traditional choice. In this case, the owner decided to decorate the upper side of the kitchen cabinets. This provides a sleek, uniform look and can be a highly interesting DIY project for your next weekend.

7. Decorating High Ceilings

Houses with very high ceilings often have a formal, cold atmosphere. You can add crown molding to achieve a welcoming effect. Another benefit is that you can choose a broad range of trim ideas if your ceiling is high.

8. Bedroom Moldings

If you want to have a peaceful sleep at night and relax your eyes, consider adding such same color moldings to your bedroom. It makes the room seem larger and brighter. The same-color crown molding is also elegant without bulking up the appearance of your bedroom.

9. Dress Up Your Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are not placed next to the ceiling, you can opt for dressing them up with crown molding to add some liveliness to this unused space. In this case, the owner decided to decorate the cabinet soffits by framing each cabinet’s top edge. You may also notice that a part of the molding is sticking outside of the edge, which is a popular design choice to mask any rough cabinet edges.

10. Partial Walls

Some houses have partial or half-walls that do not meet the ceiling. This is a popular choice if you want some well-placed decorations or a fireplace. You can decorate these partial walls with crown molding, turning the design into a cohesive one.

11. Around the Ceiling

Another idea to decorate your rooms is to frame them with crown molding, right where the ceiling meets the walls. It has a formal, more rigid appearance. This design has clean, straight lines and is a popular choice for living rooms or bedrooms.

12. Luxury Living Room

If you want a royal living, this crown molding idea might be exactly what you need. This room has a French flair, resembling a true masterpiece, rather than a standard living room. You can use this accessory to add depth and beauty to any room in your home.

13. Classic Crown Molding

This is another example of clean, straight, and classic crown molding. It is often used in bedrooms as a slight decorative accent that does not take our attention away from the centerpiece of your room: the bed. It is also used to hide cracks or other imperfections.

14. Modern Kitchen

If you have a classic, plain kitchen, you can use crown molding to elevate it to completely another level. You can opt for PVC as the material for your molding because of its affordability. Crown molding is often a must-have accent when you are on a budget because it does not require much spending.

15. Adorning a Built-In

Built-in storage or bookshelf is not only practical but also serves as a beautiful decoration in your room. This example looks seamless and highly personalized. Crown molding may help you, in this case, to create a cohesive, united look between the ceiling and your cabinets or bookshelf.

16. Finish Headers on Entry Doors

Entry doors are also popular options when considering where we can add crown molding. If you have a large entryway, you can easily dress it up by framing it with crown molding. One of the main drawbacks of this design is that the crown molding can collect lots of dust in time, especially since it is quite difficult to reach and clean. You can solve this problem by using a vacuum with a longer hose and attachments.

17. Rustic Dining Room

With a rustic yet fresh vibe, this dining room has a welcoming, appetite-inducing flair. The dark wood elements can darken your room if it is not spacious enough, so make sure you do not add too many details. The door trim is an excellent choice to add oomph to this style, along with lots of light beams on the ceiling and large windows to brighten it up.

18. On Top of a Door

You can accentuate any elements in your home using crown molding. In this case, the owner decorated not only the doors but also the staircase. The design appears highly symmetric and pleasant to the eye thanks to the fact that there are not too many decorative items to bulk it up.

19. Bold Crown Molding Ideas

If your home is the center of opulence and luxury, gold accents are the best way of highlight that and making a truly lavish statement. This model is reminiscent of old, extravagant mansions worth of fortune. The combination of contrasting colors, gold, and green, turn any home into a formal, luxurious masterpiece.

20. Classic Mantel Molding

Fireplaces are often the main elements inside a home decorated with crown molding. This is because it highlights the hearth with maximum elegance, following a traditional style. This model is not too strong and combines well with the modern style. The owner also decided to go for a dark, bold color, turning this element into real artwork.

21. Traditional and Simple

Simplicity is key if you do not want to make any design mistakes. It is always classy, traditional, and has a warm, welcoming effect. This decorative crown molding offers charm without making the room seem tacky.

22. Casual Moldings

Many moderns home now feature black walls as it is one of the main trends nowadays. However, simple black does not add much to your home, apart from making it seem darker and more serious. This owner decided to brighten up the design by adding elegant and casual panel moldings.

23. Bordering a Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings are an excellent design choice, but they can make the room seem smaller. You can cancel this effect by adding crown molding to the lower edge of your coffered ceiling. This will bring all the elements together, providing a seamless view.

24. Modern Bedroom

Wood comes with plenty of warmth, so it is a common choice for many homes, especially bedrooms. There are different choices in terms of style and color, but most of them achieve the same rustic yet elegant effect. Whether you want to make your own custom wood crown molding or you go for the natural color, this idea is clean and crisp, ideal for a fresh bedroom design.

25. Gracing an Archway

Archways are excellent choices for crown moldings. You can easily accentuate the transition between different rooms. Entryways can often seem plain and casual, so you can use crown molding to elevate it to a more elegant design. This is often used to highlight the entry to a formal room, such as the living or the dining room.

26. Country Style

For a breath-taking view, consider more complex crown molding ideas, such as this one. This master bedroom would never have the same vibe without the beautiful crown molding. Even better, this is real proof that crown molding is not only for the usual rectangular rooms – it can match any shape and space!

27. Bright and Spacious

Similar to the example above, this is even more evidence that crown molding goes well with any type of room. This design comes with grace and elegance, highlighting the baby blue color of the walls. In addition to this, it also makes the room seem more spacious and brighter.

28. Modern Bathroom

Crown molding is ideal for any room in your home! This modern bathroom uses classy crown molding to add a sophisticated touch. It may even be quite easy to miss this design element for an untrained eye, but this is only because it blends so well with the rest of the design. This is strong evidence that crown moldings do not have to be overly complicated to elevate your room.

29. Light Gray Crown Moldings

White crown molding is quite a popular option, but it is not the only one. This owner decided to choose light grey moldings to complement the green and brown colors of this cozy, charming dining room. The design is beautifully clean and fresh.

30. Mediterranean Style

Any fancy, opulent home must come with intricate crown molding to match the luxurious feeling. For instance, this foyer is extremely impressive and follows a Mediterranean style surrounded by thick crown moldings.

31. Traditional Design

For a clean and sharp look, traditional and simple crown molding can instantly lift the design of your home. It does not have to break the bank or be overly detailed. This model has a classic, smooth trim that highlights the entryway and makes the hallway seem more spacious and brighter.

32. Dramatic Touches

If you have simply designed rooms, you can opt for a bold, dramatic look by adding more detailed crown moldings. This design has an aristocratic, wealthy feeling while connecting the cabinets to the ceiling. As briefly mentioned above, this can also be used to hide cracks or gaps, creating a uniform look.

33. Luxury Bathroom

Any luxurious home must have a high-end master bathroom. In this case, the owner framed each element with stunning crown molding. The design is quite simple, so you have plenty of time to focus on each element inside, matching all colors and creating a relaxing atmosphere.


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