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17 Ravishing Mediterranean Pool Designs

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1. Mediterranean Style

The characteristics of the Mediterranean design can be successfully used for creating some spectacular-looking swimming pools. Lots of elements can give the impression of this design style, but some of the defining characteristics of Mediterranean pools are specific textures like terracotta and colorful tiles. Aspects such as placement, surrounding trees, and cobblestones may all play a role as well.

An authentic Mediterranean pool has very eye-catching qualities and contains a certain essence that’s created from the mixing of distinctive elements together. As opposed to conventional pools, those with a Mediterranean design will stand out in terms of shape and attention to detail gets greater emphasis. Let’s take a look at some striking Mediterranean pool designs, some of them more visually appealing than others. Maybe you will find the right inspiration to design your own swimming pool with a Mediterranean flavor.

2. Round

Many conventional swimming pools are built with a rectangular shape whereas you will find round designs quite often for this style. This swimming pool looks simply stunning with round edges and a colorful mosaic pattern. When you also take into account the shining sun and luxurious surroundings, the overall impression is quite wonderful.

3. Trees

Having some surrounding trees isn’t necessarily a requirement to design a Mediterranean pool, but you will discover that their natural shade mixes well with the pool. While other pool styles make use of tropical trees such as palms, Mediterranean designs often incorporate olive or citrus trees for some fresh vibes.

4. Seating Area

If you’re interested in Mediterranean pool designs, you should strongly consider adding a seating area in the pool. It creates a more relaxing atmosphere allowing people to enjoy their cocktails in the pool more conveniently. It’s also useful to have a place to sit when you wish to take a break from swimming without exiting the pool completely.

5. Terra Cotta

One of the classic elements of a Mediterranean pool is represented by the rugged texture of terracotta. There’s just something about this material that makes any swimming pool feel more rustic. Add some potted plants nearby and you can complete the look of the terracotta pool.

6. Hot Tub

Mediterranean pools don’t usually have fancy extras such as hot tubs, but this is a nice example that takes a more different route. The beautiful patterns around the edges combine nicely with the orange cobblestones in this Mediterranean pool. Having a separate hot tub can be a welcoming addition to enjoy a secluded retreat where you can just sit and relax. The surrounding flowers add a pop of color to the scenery.

7. Cobblestones

You’ve probably noticed that many Mediterranean-styled pools feature cobblestones. This is another relevant characteristic which adds a bit of rustic flair to a swimming pool. If you want to step away from the ordinary, cobblestones provide visual interest and a more interesting texture.

8. Fountain

A fountain can be relaxing addition to any swimming pool, including a Mediterranean one. The feeling of water falling on you can rejuvenate the mind and create a calming effect on your body. Also, let’s face it, pool fountains are incredibly fun for children and adults alike. Even if it’s not a traditional element of Mediterranean design, it’s frequently found for this type of pool as it’s an ideal element to spice things up.

9. Stunning View

While the swimming pool itself needs to respect some design characteristics to be considered as part of the Mediterranean style, the view from the pool can also play a role. This minimalist swimming pool in Greece offers a stunning view of the sea as it’s built at a considerable height. A Mediterranean design needs to also take into account the placement of the pool, the overall context to achieve a satisfying swimming experience.

10. Pool with a Garden

A few trees can add a beautiful effect when placed near a swimming pool. This Mediterranean pool takes things to a new level as it’s almost completely surrounded by diverse greenery. From lavender to garden beds and other vegetation, the overall impression is an exquisitely lush one. The decomposed granite brings some rustic vibes to the scene.

11. Iron Accents and Earth Tones

Adding a matching pool is the best way to complement a home with Mediterranean influences. The architect behind this elegant project created a beautiful pool that can be accessed quickly from one of the home’s rooms. It’s placed in a generously-sized courtyard that makes use of an earth tone palette. The colors combine very elegantly with iron accents and stone details from the Mediterranean home.

12. Mediterranean Pool with Patio

Making a smooth transition from the home to the pool can be done with the help of a stylish patio. The fact that all the elements stay within a strict color scheme creates a very pleasant visual effect. The pool is the main highlight here considering the style and materials used such as the freeform design and stacked stones.

After a relaxing swimming session, you can unwind in the lounging area on the compact patio that follows the same design patterns. Even if it appears small at a first impression, this space is actually cozy and doesn’t feel overcrowded.

13. Clean White Pool

Most Mediterranean pools stand out due to the way their creative styles are designed to grab the attention. There are some exceptions to that rule as evidenced by this clean white pool that makes a striking contrast with the blue skies and exotic palms around it. Even if the pool has a strong modern vibe, the surroundings offer a Mediterranean touch considering the furnishings and accessories used.

14. Small Mediterranean Pool

Not all Mediterranean pool designs need to be fancy and elaborate. Sometimes a simple look works best and this small swimming pool is proof of that. It’s a fairly basic rectangular pool that comes with easy access from the sea through a ladder. What makes this a Mediterranean pool is the authentic vibe of its location as it’s situated on the island of Crete.

15. Firepit

To make a true Mediterranean pool, you should consider the design of the area as it plays an important role when it comes to the entire appeal of the pool. This elegant Mediterranean pool features various additions to the surrounding garden to elevate the area. The vibrant orange fire pit is one of the most noticeable elements. All kinds of subtle details enhance the look of the pool, including the fountains, urns, and terracotta-colored walls.

16. Painted Tile

Even if you don’t have a lot of space available when designing a pool, the Mediterranean style has some tricks that you can try. Hand-painted tiles can add visual interest and boost the illusion of space. The area seems larger thanks to small trees and shrubs that surround the pool. Extra seating in the pool also builds on that same idea – enhancing vertical space for a uniquely-designed pool.

17. Vine-Covered Wall

If the area doesn’t allow you to add as much greenery as you’d like, there are some creative solutions to incorporate. This Mediterranean pool design makes clever use of a vine-covered wall to bring some green life into the limited space.

You will also notice the smooth-looking strip of grass that’s placed very close to the pool. Together with the vines, these natural elements add a splash of color and interest to complement the beauty of the Mediterranean house and pool.

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