8 Awe-Inspiring Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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Painting the cabinets represents an easy and inexpensive solution to add some fresh style to the kitchen. There are lots of ideas out there to rejuvenate the look of your kitchen’s cabinets. You’ll be surprised by the power of color to make dull or dated furniture shine as new. While going for a full renovation is usually the recommended approach, just painting the kitchen cabinets has many benefits by itself.

In this article, we’ll explore some inspirational ideas to remodel your kitchen in a hassle-free manner using just a coat of paint. It will take a bit of preparation before you can correctly paint the cabinets. There’s a bit of work involved with removing and storing various items including doors and drawers. When it comes to choosing the right paint color, it’s safe to say that you have limitless options. It’s all about figuring out the right mood for this functional area of your home and obtaining a satisfying look that matches your aesthetic.

1. Crisp White

The best method to brighten up the kitchen is to use crisp white paint for the cabinets. This is one of the safest design approaches as white works nicely with pretty much any kitchen style. You can take advantage of the bright white look of the cabinets to showcase other elements in the room. Check out the way this blue stove stands out in this crisp white kitchen. The immaculate style of the cabinets helps to create a remarkable contrast that many people appreciate.

2. Turquoise

There’s something about turquoise that allows you to create a more energizing atmosphere. Those who favor a bolder look should consider painting the cabinets in the kitchen with a flashy color like turquoise, teal, or cobalt blue. It’s a bit more difficult to incorporate such a bold shade in the kitchen but you can simply remember to stick to a more neutral-toned style for the rest of the kitchen’s elements. Notice the way wood elements have been beautifully integrated with turquoise cabinets in this kitchen.

3. Two-Toned Cabinets

If you like the farmhouse aesthetic, you should consider mixing different tones when painting the cabinets. It’s easy to just paint them all in a bright white, but adding a bit of contrast can create an unexpected effect. There’s no specific design rule that forbids using two tones for a cabinet makeover. It’s all about keeping a harmonious look as you can pair the classic white with a moody shade. To finish off this kind of look, we recommend using stylish brass accents for a touch of elegance.

4. Neutrals

While some people want to try something new and bold, others still prefer a traditional look when painting the kitchen cabinets. Going for neutral color shades will usually contribute to a welcoming atmosphere offering a design approach that’s easy on the eye. There’s also some potential for this idea if you want a modern touch. Instead of the classic neutrals, consider opting for an understated gray like it’s been used for the cabinets in this kitchen. You can notice a subtle yet pleasant contrast made with the white backsplash and countertop.

5. Rich Style

Modern kitchen cabinets can be painted with an elegant and vibrant color to add some extra depth and richness to the area. Here’s an industrial-styled kitchen with exposed beams and a brick wall. Despite the initial rustic impression, the rich emerald cabinets will instantly highlight the modern design tendencies of the room. This paint choice brings a powerful punch in terms of color to create a luxurious and memorable contrast. The home bar matches the look to maintain the visual balance.

6. Antique Vibes

While you need the right kind of antique furniture to pull off this kind of look, it’s safe to say that the color of the cabinets plays a role as well. Check out these stylish green cabinets in this farmhouse-style kitchen. Notice how they’ve been intentionally painted with slightly different shades. This contributes to the vintage vibe of the place giving off the impression that things have changed with the passing of time. The distressed effect is also a nice touch to reinforce the antique feel.

7. Pastel Tones

Using pastel tones can help you recreate a relaxing atmosphere and to add some cottage-style vibes. Purple is a fairly unpopular color to see in a kitchen and that offers you the right opportunity for crafting an unexpected look that’s eye-catching and unique. Check out this kitchen that makes use of a light purple that’s very close to a gray shade. The cabinets have a fairly neutral look thanks to the pastel color. There’s just the right dose of punchiness amplified by the use of gold hardware.

8. Glossy Black

Creating a black kitchen represents the best solution if you want to craft a modern and luxurious look. It isn’t necessary to cover all the elements of the room in black tones. Simply focusing on the kitchen cabinets can have the desired visual effect. Take a look at this stylish kitchen with cabinets painted in a dark and glossy color. It exudes a great level of elegance to match the style of the marble-top island.


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