20 Glorious Kitchens With Shaker Cabinets

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Many modern kitchens make use of shaker cabinets. This is a style that has gained a lot of popularity ever since its inception in the 1770s. It’s surprisingly old as the architectural style can be traced back to a Protestant Christian sect known as the Shakers. Their furniture was guided by simple utilitarian principles with a particular focus on durability. Modern shaker cabinets retain that concept nowadays as the style combines simplicity with practical aesthetics without any extra flourishes.

A shaker cabinet is characterized by the use of five pieces of wood. The main door has four pieces on the top to create a recessed design. The result is a stylish frame that can work well with all kinds of kitchen looks. Whether you prefer a modern cooking space or favor a more traditional one, it’s safe to say that shaker cabinets can be easily incorporated. If you’re not sure how to mix shaker cabinets with different kitchen styles, check out the following inspirational ideas.

1. Small Modern Kitchen

Shaker cabinets can work amazingly well for smaller kitchens. Take a look at this modern cooking space that takes advantage of a simple yet impactful color scheme. The rich blue of the shaker style cabinets contrasts with the bright white of the countertop and backsplash. It’s interesting how this color contrast is mirrored when it comes to the design style. While the general impression is modern, elements such as the front sink offer some traditional accents.

If you like keeping your small kitchen minimalistic and uncluttered, it’s worth considering shaker cabinets. Their simple design can match the chic look of any modern cooking space, regardless of the size. A two-tone color palette can be a smart choice for combining both modern and traditional elements in a cohesive manner.

2. Simple White Shaker Cabinets

When it comes to shaker cabinets, you can’t go wrong with a simple white color scheme. This is a great solution to instantly brighten up the cooking space. Even if you contrast the cabinets with a patterned kitchen backsplash, the overall feel of the area remains much lighter thanks to using white shades.

With the help of the shaker cabinet style, you can keep the cabinets in your kitchen from appearing too contemporary. At the same time, you can successfully prevent an outdated look. This modern kitchen shown here proves that you can easily incorporate white shaker cabinets to craft a timeless aesthetic.

3. Dramatic Kitchen

When you use bolder colors, shaker cabinets can really turn up the drama in the kitchen. Check out this stylish kitchen that benefits from some extra depth and interest thanks to the elegant style of the pewter green shaker cabinets. It creates a mesmerizing effect that immediately draws the eye considering the rest of the simple white elements. The use of modern stainless steel hardware and gold accents contributes to the overall dramatic look.

4. Retro Style Cabinetry

Adding a retro style effect can be done effectively by incorporating shaker style cabinetry. This kitchen seems to have been infused with a few elements that give off a retro feel. The most impressive is the use of light turquoise shaker cabinets. It’s a very inspired paint shade to be used together with chrome hardware from the vintage oven nearby. The color and style of the cabinetry add a fun element to this bright kitchen to make it stand out at a first impression.

5. Natural Wood Style

Given the utilitarian nature of the shaker cabinet style, it makes sense for some kitchen designs to favor function over form. This is probably what the stylist of this natural wood kitchen had in mind. If you have a cozy country home, the cooking area can make use of a remodeling using a sturdy maple wood aesthetic with dominating neutral colors. The use of simple wood shaker cabinets can create a warm feel that delivers contemporary cabin vibes. Try sticking to cherry wood or mahogany if you prefer an increased level of elegance.

6. Scandinavian Inspiration

Shaker cabinets can work well together with Scandinavian Design elements. The functional look with clean lines and cool color palettes will blend elegantly with the practical style of shaker cabinetry. Get inspired by this generously-sized Scandinavian-style cooking space that incorporates dark gray shaker cabinets. The understated look mixes nicely with the minimalistic hardware and elegant decorations. We also like the large windows that bathe the entire kitchen in bright light.

7. Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen

The classic farmhouse kitchen seems like an ideal match for shaker cabinetry. The simple style of the cabinets can also work surprisingly well if you favor a more modern farmhouse design like it’s shown in this cozy kitchen. Traditional elements like the shiplap walls and farmhouse sink have been rejuvenated with the help of clean lines and bold colors. The modern infusion is nicely complemented by the shaker cabinets that have been painted in a vibrant jade green shade.

8. Earthy Aesthetic

Rustic kitchens that come with a focus on functionality with an earthy aesthetic can certainly look great with shaker cabinets. Take a look at this beautiful cooking space that’s full of rustic elements. One of the most impressive aspects involves the use of wooden beams that add a lot of character to the room. The utilitarian-looking beige shaker cabinets belong nicely in this kitchen as they add to the natural vibes. The result is the kind of timeless look that makes you feel content at home.

9. Uniform Shaker Style Cabinetry

If you love the look of shaker cabinets in your kitchen, it’s important to maintain a harmonious look with all the other elements. Due to space constraints, you can’t always fit in the cabinets well together with major appliances. An interesting idea is to get inspiration from the enduring style of shaker cabinetry and create a front that hides away the dishwasher. This kitchen achieves a uniform look by continuing the clean lines and recessed design of the cabinets when incorporating an essential appliance.

10. Ample Cooking Space

While there are many important elements that play a role in the overall look of your kitchen, it’s safe to say that the cabinetry can often make or break the general appearance. This is especially the case when you’re dealing with a large area. Check out this kitchen that provides ample cooking space. The shaker style of the cabinets has great potential to make the most out of such a large area. The classic design of shaker cabinetry is captured more effectively by using kitchen islands and complementary décor pieces.

11. Monochrome Style

Focusing on a single color in the kitchen can be considered a bold choice, especially if you select a captivating ocean blue hue like this kitchen shown here. The idea of a monochrome style is to let the architectural elements and textural feel to capture all the attention without extra distractions. You will be able to notice the interesting look of shaker cabinets more easily when surrounding items and other details are painted in the same color.

Even the ladder in this kitchen matches the same style of the cabinetry for a flawless monochrome aesthetic. The rustic table is the only thing that stands out against the large blue shaker cabinets. It adds a vintage vibe to the area to bring some extra character to the cooking space.

12. Shaker Cabinets With Glass Fronts

Instead of sticking to the classic look of shaker cabinets, you can add some visual interest with the help of glass fronts. Mixed together with the style of the shaker cabinetry, the glass-front has great decorative potential to create a fresh-looking white kitchen area. The minimalist white design can definitely take advantage of some eye-catching patterns on glass panels to make the shaker cabinets stand out even more. There are other styles besides the simple “X” pattern you see here.

13. Shaker Cabinets With Wallpaper

If you wish to take a more artful approach when designing your kitchen, it’s recommended to use creative patterns through stylish wallpapers. This is also a solid solution for contrasting against the functional appearance of shaker cabinets. The steel gray look of the cabinetry creates a visual impact when combined with the breezy design of the wallpaper. The result is an elegant and modern display when you also take into account the sleek floating shelf.

14. Beadboard Panel Design

Here’s a great idea for spicing up the look of simple white shaker cabinets in any kitchen style. You can try beadboard panels to add some extra texture to the classic shaker aesthetic. These inserts work particularly well in small kitchens where you wish to add some extra cozy vibes. The resulting look seems to inspire comfort for any modern farmhouse kitchen like the one shown here.

15. Smooth Brass Style

Obtaining a more polished look for your shaker cabinets can be achieved by introducing brass hardware. Check out the elegant effect produced by incorporating smooth brass elements in this modern farmhouse kitchen. They offer just the right dose of antiquity thanks to the bin pull shape inspiration.

You can obtain a fabulous look by focusing more closely on textural details such as curved shapes. Notice how the round knobs on the cabinets mix so nicely with the half-moon silhouettes from the drawers next to them. The uniform brass aesthetic serves as a powerful accent to the overall bright white color palette.

16. Bold Kitchen Backsplash

A bold kitchen backsplash represents a great complement to the simple white aesthetic of shaker cabinets. Check out this nautical-inspired kitchen where the attention quickly focuses on the vibrant sea-blue backsplash. It creates an impressive contrast against the flawless white shaker cabinetry.

The dramatic look of the backsplash can almost feel out of place but there’s careful color coordination achieved between the stylish wood floor and brass drawer pulls. Together with the shiplap design of the ceiling, all the elements here craft a superb nautical vibe for a one-of-a-kind kitchen style.

17. Warm Shaker Cabinets

It’s no secret that shaker cabinets have a tendency to create an austere look. This is more noticeable when using a plain white color palette. If that classic white aesthetic feels too cold for you, it’s recommended to opt for a cozy shade of buttery yellow. Pick a neutral hue that’s not too bold to keep a warm feel for the kitchen. The shaker cabinetry here appears to exude a warm sensation regardless of the lighting conditions in the room.

18. Fun-colored Kitchen

A fresh take on the shaker style cabinetry involves the use of a vibrant color mix. Take a look at this fun-colored cooking space where the blue cabinets combine with the yellow oven for a visually striking impression. While neutral-toned kitchens can feel more refined, it’s safe to say that splashes of color can bring some extra character to this kind of functional space. If you’re looking to personalize your kitchen, it’s worth integrating some colorful elements that break the monotony of minimal kitchen designs.

19. Classy City Kitchen

Many apartment dwellers that long for the beauty of a garden view can get creative with a fancy fern tile design. It can spice things up for a classy city kitchen design that relies on shaker cabinets. The unique backsplash makes a stunning visual display together with the golden accents from the sink hardware and drawer pulls. It’s a solid alternative to keep things fresh when you’re dealing with windows overlooking a bland neighborhood building.

20. Upscale Shaker Cabinetry

A glossy black kitchen can deliver some high-class vibes. It’s another great proof of the versatility of shaker style cabinets. You can craft an upscale aesthetic while retaining a traditional core through the functional look of shaker cabinetry. To boost the luxury, you can accent with brass details while making a certain element stand out, such as the black oven hood trimmed in gold.


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