12 Colorful Dining Room Table Ideas

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1. Colorful Centerpiece

Dining room décor doesn’t necessarily have to maintain a traditional look. A burst of color can create a memorable impression for guests and add a bit of character. While most people focus on chairs, going for a more colorful table represents a great choice to add an unexpected effect. A dining room table that has an eye-catching color will easily become a stunning centerpiece.

Instead of sticking to neutrals and bland variations of black and brown, consider some vibrant shades of green, blue, or fiery orange. Dining rooms that steer away from the usual conventions are becoming more popular than ever. If you’re ready to embrace the trend of colorful dining room tables, check out the following ideas to get some inspiration.

2. Radiant Purple

The color purple is not as popular as others when it comes to dining room décor. This can offer you an opportunity to make a bold statement by choosing a brilliant purple tone for the dining table. Whether it’s a deep purple such as eggplant or a brighter shade like fuchsia, purple is really underrated when it comes to decorating the table in the dining room.

Radiant Orchid, the tone used for the table here, has been selected as the Color of the Year 2014 by Pantone. This is a solid purple shade to be combined with warm neutrals. We like how the rest of the room’s décor stays balanced through white walls and wooden chairs. There’s a casual sophistication vibe coming from the purple table.

3. Sunny Yellow

If you want to craft a very cheerful look for the dining room, one quick solution is to incorporate a bright shade of yellow for the table. The vibrant lemon yellow used for this table makes quite the bold statement, but the room’s décor blends nicely with it. The walls are painted with a pleasant yellow tone as well and the colorful patterns on the couch contribute to a harmonious design.

4. Emerald Green

In case you feel that your kitchenette lacks a splash of color, look to the centerpiece of the room for help. By going for an exotic color like emerald green, the table draws a lot of attention turning it into a focal point of the room.

The shiny lacquer finish contributes to the stunning impression made by the jewel tone of green. The table seems to be glowing making it feel more inviting. It’s the perfect gathering spot for friends and family.

5. Navy Blue

Blue is the favorite color of many people and it often feels that we don’t see enough of its brilliant shades in the world of home décor. That can be changed if you choose to integrate a colorful dining room set like this one with a navy blue table and chairs. We like how the chairs match the powerful splash of blue of the table for a greater visual impact.

The cool and calming presence of blue makes quite the impression in this room. While the design of the furniture pieces leans more towards a traditional style, the colorful makeover takes them to a modern aesthetic. Just a simple coat of paint is enough to transform your dining room and make it a welcoming sight for your guests.

6. Vintage Red

Those searching for the right color to paint their vintage-styled dining room table will be delighted by this red tone. The deep cherry red used here gives off some retro vibes. It represents a good match considering the surrounding furniture pieces and the overall décor of the room.

7. Yellow and Gray Combination

If you wish to make your dining room table more personalized but feel that a bright and vibrant color by itself would be too overwhelming, consider going for an innovative combination. The strong visual impact of the yellow tone can accidentally create a childish look when used by itself.

This is why the bright color has been combined with some classy gray tones for a more grown-up look. It could be a good compromise if you don’t feel ready to commit to a full colorful makeover for the table in the dining room.

8. Vibrant Orange

The simplest way to make your dining room less boring and predictable is by selecting a bold contrast. A vivid shade of orange looks quite amazing for the table and the chairs, but the visual impact is amplified by the contrast with the black flooring. The walls are also painted in the same elegant black to enable the dining room set to take center stage in the room.

9. Mauve

Some purple shades, like the Radiant Orchid tone we’ve previously seen, can feel too bright and bold. If you like purple, but need a subtler way to incorporate it into the dining room, go for a mauve table. This purple shade maintains a nice balance between gray and violet offering a subdued modern impression. It’s the perfect backdrop for elegant chairs and stylish decorations like the chandelier here.

10. Turquoise

Many people like the idea of integrating more color into their lives through home decorations. Turquoise is a very pleasant tone of blue that can match well the look of a colorful dining room. The turquoise table here has a rough finish that’s fitting for its vintage style.

While turquoise can be considered a bold color in most cases, it doesn’t stand out that much in this dining room. That’s because the entire room’s décor follows the same colorful trend through various elements such as the gallery wall or the throw pillows. The turquoise table is just another component that blends together with all the other colorful items.

11. Fancy Pink

The INGO table from IKEA is cheap and easy to modify to suit your particular style. Take a look at the stylish visual effect when you paint the dining table in a fancy shade of pink. It’s truly a creative approach to add a burst of color into the dining room. With the right primer and spray paint, you can design the table to your liking and achieve a similar aesthetic.

12. Playful Coral

Coral and blue make a timeless combination that will look amazing for any dining room. The main element in this room that captures the attention is the coral table and its bold look is beautifully accentuated by the blue upholstering on the chairs.

The patterned rug follows the same color scheme and the blue wall contributes as well to the welcoming vibes of this dining room. The coral table is proof that there is no rule set in stone regarding the “proper” color of a dining table.


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