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You Will Fall in Love With These 28 Blue Kitchens

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The calming power of blue works like a charm for a high-traffic room such as the kitchen. Whether you prefer dark teal, turquoise, or pale blue, this color offers many stunning shades to try for a kitchen makeover. No matter the design style, blue can be effortlessly integrated using small or large doses. It’s not surprising to find out that blue is among the most popular colors for a kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at the most inspiring decor ideas you can try to incorporate the serene vibes of blue in your own cooking space.

1. Blue Kitchen Island

Blue Kitchen With Orange Bar Stools

Remodeling your entire kitchen in a blue style can be a daunting task. You can start small by including the tone in the right dose to suit your existing design. A great solution is painting just the kitchen island to add a reliable touch of blue. Take this opportunity to integrate some contrasting accents such as fiery orange bar stools. The best part of blue is that it’s flawlessly paired with white cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances that are typically found in modern kitchens.

2. Pastel Beauty

Pastel Blue and White Kitchen

Pastel tones are having a huge comeback when it comes to kitchen color palettes. A delicate shade of pastel blue used for the cabinets can easily make your cooking space stand out without overwhelming the overall color scheme. The airy style of this pale blue tone is nicely accentuated by the balanced addition of white elements. It results in an elegant look and a relaxing atmosphere for this traditional kitchen thanks to the subtle color contrast.

3. Tropical Wallpaper

Blue Kitchen With Tropical Wallpaper

Blue paint seems like the obvious choice if you’re looking to redesign your kitchen using this trendy color. However, this isn’t the only way to create a solid blue kitchen atmosphere. Another great solution involves the use of removable wallpaper that has strong decorative power in any classic or modern cooking space. Check out this tropical blue wallpaper that makes this kitchen wall look much more interesting. By opting for blue-tinged tropical leaves, you can more easily integrate the eye-catching design with blue kitchen elements.

4. Blue Wainscoting

Blue Kitchen With Blue Wainscoting

Wainscoting can be a charming addition to the style of any room. This feature isn’t typically used in the kitchen, but it can work very well when you want to maintain a more consistent color scheme. The navy blue cabinets here create a seamless transition to the wall thanks to the use of wainscoting in a matching color tone. Use neutral-toned decorative accents to emphasize the calmness of blue more effectively.

5. A Solid Blue Base

Dark Blue and Cream Kitchen

If you love the sophisticated appeal of a dark blue shade, it’s a good idea to use it as a solid base in a small kitchen. This way, you’ll be able to create the illusion of a bigger space because the lighter-toned upper elements keep the area from feeling too cramped. The intense blue color is properly balanced in the overall color scheme. Some items, such as the window trim, can still benefit from a touch of blue to blend the contrasting shades more effectively.

6. Rustic Turquoise

Rustic Turquoise Kitchen

When it comes to vibrant blue tones, turquoise represents one of the best options to consider. It can bring some cheerful vibes when used to enhance the look of a rustic kitchen. The intense blue color harmonizes with wooden tones to provide just the right amount of coolness and warmth. Turquoise is used for the southwestern-style cabinets in this kitchen helping to make the rustic construction details stand out. Despite being a traditional cooking space, the blue makeover maintains a sense of fresh style.

7. Minimalist Drama

Minimalist Dark Blue and White Kitchen

Looking for a way to add a dramatic punch to your minimalist kitchen through color? Try rich navy blue paired with metallic accents. This modern kitchen shows off a distinctive character thanks to the sophisticated blend of dark blue and crisp white colors. The matte effect of the blue kitchen island and cabinets contrasts elegantly with the glossy white used for the subway tile backsplash. The lack of ornamentation helps to emphasize the dramatic color palette and geometric architecture of this kitchen.

8. Blue Barstools

Blue Bar Stools in a Modern Kitchen

Many homeowners like the idea of including blue shades in the kitchen but still have a hard time letting go of the classic white design. There’s nothing wrong with using a timeless color scheme based on neutrals. You can use white as a reliable base and introduce colorful accents to make the cooking space more distinctive. This generously-sized kitchen area makes use of cool-toned blue bar stools that seem to pop against the clean white space. Maintain visual cohesiveness by pairing the chairs with other small blue accents throughout the room.

9. Blue and Yellow Kitchen

Yellow Open Shelves in Pastel Kitchen

Lots of color tones can be combined with blue. The boldness of bright yellow seems like a great match against a pale shade of blue. Check out this stylish kitchen where the cheerful yellow floating shelves stand out against the calm baby blue cabinets. Using a great splash of vibrant color against soft blue could be a smart design approach. You can accentuate the serenity of a blue kitchen while adding some welcomed visual interest.

10. Blue Ceiling

Blue Painted Ceiling in White Kitchen

Painting the ceiling represents a great solution for giving the kitchen a fresh look. Sky blue seems like the most fitting color shade to consider for this kind of makeover. It simulates the natural appeal of a real sky making this classic white kitchen feel cozier and calmer. The pale blue tone is fairly subtle, but it’s enough to draw attention to the architectural design of the kitchen. It’s particularly recommended if you wish to emphasize a tall ceiling and crown molding.

11. Complete Blue Makeover

Blue Kitchen With Blue Fridge

Homeowners who want to enjoy the maximum color potency of blue in the kitchen should attempt a complete makeover that includes the appliances as well. Take a look at this soothing cooking space where the elegance of navy blue dominates. The incorporated appliances create a cohesive look considering that all cabinetry is designed with the same shade of blue. Even the refrigerator makes use of matching panels to maintain a uniform aesthetic.

12. Pastel Blue and Blush Pink

Modern Pastel Blue and Pink Kitchen

If you wish to maximize the airy vibe of a kitchen, it’s worth trying to mix two delicate color shades together. The pale effect of pastel blue is paired very well with the feminine touch of blush pink. It results in a subtle contrast that contributes to a light and cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the solid base of white, the kitchen manages to appear incredibly bright and inviting. Combining two trending kitchen tones in a creative way is a superb modern design approach.

13. Layered Blue Tones

Kitchen With Dark Blue Island and Pale Blue Backsplash

Not sure which color works best with blue in your kitchen? Consider combining a moody tone like dark teal or navy with a lighter one such as pale sky blue. Layering multiple blue shades together could be an innovative solution to make your blue kitchen stand out from the rest. Instead of sticking to only one specific color tone, you can enhance the sense of depth through the addition of multiple blue hues. Try playing around with various blues for the backsplash, cabinetry, and kitchen island to obtain a layered effect.

14. Cool Cerulean

Cerulean Blue Kitchen

Gray and blue in the right doses can result in a stylish color mix. Check out this cool cerulean blue kitchen that appears highly reminiscent of a breezy coast. Despite its notable elegance, this color doesn’t feel as formal or cold as simple gray. The blue tinge contributes to a renewed sense of tranquility that revitalizes the gray. Whereas other blue shades can feel too overwhelming in high doses, this cool cerulean tone can easily be used for a total makeover without feeling a strong visual impact.

15. Distressed Blue Cabinets

Vintage Kitchen With Blue Distressed Cabinets

Fans of vintage kitchen aesthetics should definitely consider the French design approach of using a distressed texture for the blue cabinets. It’s a simple yet effective trick to create a country-style visual effect. The cabinets appear more charming with the distressed look as they seem bursting with aged character. Stainless steel appliances infuse the space with some modernity while the rich hardwood floor brings some warmth to balance out the cool blue cabinetry.

16. Industrial Edge

Industrial Blue and Gray Kitchen

Blue color schemes are very popular in modern kitchens. The sleek tones of blue enhance any cooking space with some refreshing coolness. If you want to take this aesthetic one step further, it’s recommended to draw inspiration from industrial design style. Elements such as the unfinished concrete kitchen island and vintage Edison light bulbs can provide an industrial edge to a modern blue kitchen. Another great solution is to use a unique terrazzo effect for the design of the floor.

17. Blue Cupboard Backing

Kitchen Cabinet With Blue Backing

Open designs for cupboards are highly appreciated by those who want to display their beautiful collections of kitchen accessories. It’s a great design approach compared to lots of modern cabinetry styles. If you want to make your elegant plates and hand-painted glassware stand out properly, it’s a good idea to use a colorful backing for the cupboard. A light blue shade works amazingly well here to highlight the statement items through a serene backdrop.

18. Matching Backsplash

Pale Blue Kitchen With Matching Cabinets and Backsplash

The backsplash in a kitchen can be considered an important transient space between lower and upper cabinets. If you want to make a smooth visual transition in a blue kitchen, try using a matching tone for the backsplash. Maybe go for a slightly paler shade of blue compared to the cabinets to prevent the backsplash from attracting too much attention. The result is a cohesive space where the delicate pastel blue paint color takes the spotlight.

19. Pop of Blue

Cobalt Blue Kitchen Island in Modern Kitchen

While navy blue and sky blue enjoy great levels of popularity, you should also look towards more underrated tones of blue if you wish to remodel the kitchen using this color. Cobalt blue is a solid pick if you prefer a vibrant pop of blue that energizes any neutral color palette. This predominantly white kitchen incorporates a fabulous kitchen island that shows off a bright and vibrant cobalt blue tone. To ensure that such a colorful element doesn’t look out of place, the kitchen also features coordinating accents in similar shades of blue.

20. Cottage-Style Blue Kitchen

Cottage Style Blue Kitchen

Blue may not seem like the first choice to decorate a cottage-style kitchen. However, you’ll be surprised to discover that cool shades of blue can actually work nicely for this aesthetic. The secret lies in subduing the coolness effect of blue with the help of stylish wooden elements and cozy textures. This design approach allows the relaxing character of blue to get into the spotlight. The rich cherry wood and milky white tones in this kitchen form a gorgeous combination with the vivid cobalt blue shade.

21. Midnight Blue Style

Elegant Dark Midnight Blue Kitchen

Choosing a very dark shade like midnight blue for the kitchen represents an exciting way to add drama to your cooking space. This bold color appears to be very close to black, but there’s a sophisticated blue tinge to it that enhances the overall look. Dressing up the walls and cabinets in midnight blue can result in a classier and more elegant appearance compared to straight black kitchens. Add brass hardware or other metallic accents for extra style.

22. Patterned Blue Tiles

Blue Decorative Tiles in Neutral Kitchen

You don’t need to give up on your neutral cabinetry if you’re considering a blue kitchen makeover. There are lots of creative ways to integrate this color into your cooking space. Take a look at these stylish blue tiles showing off fun patterns to improve the look of this cozy kitchen. Although patterned tiles are seen as outdated by some designers, the trend is having a comeback in many modern kitchens. It’s a simple and attractive way to add interest and color to the space.

23. Teal and Stone Tones

Teal Kitchen With Marble Countertop and Gray Subway Tile Backsplash

Jewel tones like this vibrant teal can bring a luxurious vibe to the kitchen. The intensity of the color can be emphasized properly with the help of good contrast. That’s why the bold teal cabinets here appear even more stunning against the gray and white stone tones. The marble countertop and gray brick backsplash help to maintain a balanced visual appeal. Thanks to the tile texture and natural marble veining, the kitchen takes advantage of a more natural feel compared to flat color.

24. Red and Blue Kitchen

Blue and Red Kitchen

The coolness of blue forms a brilliant combination together with the fierceness of red. Mixing these two tones when remodeling the kitchen can feel like a dramatic approach. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if you manage to keep these two different colors harmoniously balanced. A nice solution involves the use of blue upper cabinets while keeping the lower ones in a contrasting red shade. Both colors feature a beautiful matte texture while the rest of the space is neutral.

25. Sea Inspiration

Coastal Blue Gray Kitchen With Fish Scale Patterned Backsplash

Depending on the shade of blue used, this color can usually remind us of the sky or the sea. If you prefer a coastal theme for the kitchen, consider picking a light aqua such as the tone used for this patterned backsplash. It’s instantly reminiscent of seafoam and the ocean inspiration is more pronounced thanks to the use of a fish-scale pattern. The serene visual effect of the backsplash is beautifully complemented by a metallic lantern hanging from the ceiling. It features a similar blue shade to achieve solid color coordination.

26. Moody Flair

Moody Blue Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

If you want to put a fresh spin on a modern farmhouse kitchen design, your best bet is to choose a dark color tone to create a moody atmosphere. Navy blue represents an excellent choice considering its dark intensity that appears very elegant against butcher-block and marble countertops. The blue cabinets are highlighted with shiny brass hardware while the rest of the room contains a balanced mix of vintage and modern elements to emphasize the attractive duality of distinctive styles.

27. Black Accents

Blue Kitchen With Black Accents

Classic blue-and-white kitchens look very attractive, but some homeowners feel that this color combination is too safe or not elegant enough. The solution comes from incorporating some black accents that bring an extra punch of drama to a blue kitchen. The vibrant blue cabinetry in this cooking space seems more luxurious thanks to the black touches from the pendant lights and barstools. It only takes a few dark hues to obtain a chic visual appeal.

28. Muted Blue Aesthetic

Muted Blue Kitchen With Brass Accents

Light blue tones work flawlessly for understated kitchen color palettes. Check out the way this muted teal hue is integrated so naturally in this cooking space dominated by neutral colors. You can think of the blue kitchen island as a pop of color that doesn’t overwhelm the space. It’s an ideal design approach if you’re afraid of going for a bold blue makeover in this area. A muted tone allows for some interesting color experimentation while keeping the atmosphere light and fresh.

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