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16 Colorful Pastel Kitchen Ideas You Will Love

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Pastel colors tend to be associated with nurseries or children’s rooms but recent trends manage to incorporate them in mature spaces quite effectively. The soothing qualities of pastel tones seem very fitting to a functional area bustling with activity such as the kitchen. There’s also the matter of great versatility considering how pastel colors are able to suit many different kitchen décor styles. The air of relaxation brought by pastel colors can easily make any kitchen stand out and impress your guests.

A colorful pastel design is a welcomed alternative to the conventional neutral-white kitchen style designed with a focus on practicality. With the help of a healthy dose of color, you can provide a sense of fresh personality to this functional space. The neutral feel of the area can also be left unaffected when choosing certain pastel color tones. As we’ll see in the following creative ideas, pastel kitchens can be designed in many styles with the right levels of warmth and boldness desired. The only thing all these kitchen styles have in common is the ability to bring happy vibes to your cooking routine.

1. Retro Pink

Retro Pink Pastel Kitchen

If you want to bring some solid retro vibes into your kitchen, there are few bolder options than pastel pink. This is a very direct color scheme that instantly grabs your attention. Pair it with black and white tones that fully allow the candid pink style to shine. This kind of kitchen color scheme seems to radiate pure energy while the checkerboard floor patterns complete the retro aesthetic. Another great detail shown here is the use of old-fashioned pulls for the cupboards and drawers.

2. Candy Colors

Candy Colors Pastel Kitchen

The pastel trend fits a wide range of interior design styles. Bubblegum pink and mint green tones work surprisingly well with a neutral color scheme reminiscent of cottage décor. This kitchen takes advantage of the open-space layout to incorporate small pastel accents that offer a considerable visual impact. The entire room feels like it’s bursting with character due to splashes of pastel color paint in all the right spots. The chairs, in particular, appear very exciting when contrasted against wood hues.

3. Chalky Pastels

Chalky Pastel Colors Kitchen

Designing the kitchen with pastel colors can be challenging if you wish to avoid an excessively colorful look that you’d expect to see in a teenage girl’s bedroom. Opt for chalky pastels that are less sweet and can bring a more mature air to the room. Stick to pale shades of blush pink and teal blue if you want your kitchen to evoke a sophisticated, grown-up edge. This kind of pastel color scheme works ideally when the kitchen is minimally furnished focused on modern Scandinavian-style design.

4. Pastel Patterns

Bright Pastel Kitchen

While solid pastel colors are fun to use in the color palette of the kitchen, it’s worth focusing on patterns if you wish to add a more potent decorative effect. The pastel green cabinets bring a lot of style to this small kitchen. However, the real highlight is the geometric design on the floor made up of colorful triangles. This is a great stylistic choice but also very practical to conceal worn-out materials. The pale pastel vibe of the kitchen is beautifully repeated in the geometric patterns on the floor to maintain visual harmony.

5. Pale Purple

Pale Purple Pastel Kitchen

Purple isn’t the most popular color for a kitchen but it’s ideal if you want to try a unique look. A pale pastel shade works better for this color because it transforms the vibe of purple from overwhelming to sophisticated. It’s recommended to try this aesthetic in a white or neutral color scheme that allows the pale purple to become the main visual focus. The color is really mellow but still very impactful compared to standard kitchen designs. Purple can be surprisingly soothing when choosing a pale pastel tone.

6. Mint Green

Mint Green Pastel Kitchen

Suitable for retro-inspired designs or any bold décor style, green pastel kitchens enjoy a resurgence in popularity nowadays. This particular shade of mint green offers a strong visual punch that seems to energize the space with a new level of dynamism. At the same time, the pastel tone softens the color to prevent it from becoming too overwhelming. If you manage to include some retro-designed appliances, it’s safe to say that your mint green kitchen can make a really bold statement.

7. Pastel Warmth

Brown Pastel Kitchen

While vibrant pastel tones seem to be very popular, they’re not always suitable for kitchen designs. If you’re going for a more traditional vibe, consider using soft buttercup hues that are able to create a soothing atmosphere. This neutral pastel color feels like a great option compared to bright neon shades that may look garish. The best part is the versatility considering that it’s a recommended color scheme for all types of kitchens, including those that don’t get a lot of natural light.

8. Dusky Blue

Dusky Blue Pastel Kitchen

If you’re searching for a way to bring serene vibes to the kitchen, the best solution is a blue color scheme. This cooking space relies on a dusky shade of pastel blue that’s incredibly calming. When paired with the proper materials and finishes, it’s safe to say that you can create an outstanding kitchen décor style. This pastel color palette is suitable for anyone who wants a great dose of character without making the atmosphere feel too saturated with color.

9. Mixed Pastels

Mixed Pastel Kitchen

Blending different pastel tones together can create a better visual balance compared to injecting a dominant hue throughout the entire space. This retro-style kitchen makes use of different shades of pink and blue contrasted more beautifully against pale yellow. It’s a great color palette for anyone afraid of committing to a single pastel color. The result is a kitchen that won’t stand out excessively while benefiting from a refreshing look. This color combo is sweet and fun considering how it can remind you of bubblegum ice cream flavor.

10. Gray and Yellow Beauty

Gray and Yellow Pastel Kitchen

An unlikely color combination, gray and yellow tones can work nicely for the color scheme of the kitchen. The key is to incorporate pastel yellow tones in balanced doses while allowing the neutral gray tones to dominate. One way to do this is by using yellow just for a certain design element of the kitchen such as the backsplash. Check out this stylish honeycomb pattern that breaks up the apparent monotony of gray. Another solid visual effect is added by the slight textural effect of the lower cabinets.

11. Greater Vibrancy

Vibrant Pastel Kitchen

Pastel tones are supposed to bring a considerable splash of color but without that bright neon aesthetic that can look garish. If you’re searching for a way to enhance the vibrancy in a balanced way, try pairing a pastel color with black. This is a bold and unexpected approach that often creates a more sophisticated atmosphere. Here’s a nice example of mixing pastel pink with dark cabinets. It’s a fun twist on the standard black and white color scheme. The pink also contributes to drawing more attention to the texture of the exposed brick wall.

12. Rich Textures

Rich Texture Pastel Kitchen

Pulling off the pastel kitchen look can be done more easily by incorporating rich textures in your décor style. This is a perfect solution if you enjoy the appearance of pastel tones but don’t want your kitchen to look very colorful. You can maintain a more neutral vibe by drawing attention to interesting textural elements in the room. Sensory appeal can be integrated through warm wood panels, a patterned backsplash, or rustic beams on the ceiling. Let your creativity run wild to discover the best pastel kitchen design.

13. Small Pastel Touch

White Pastel Kitchen Cabinets

If you find it difficult to give up on a classic monochromatic kitchen look, consider bringing in just a touch of pastel color. Even in small doses, this coat of mint green paint has a stunning visual impact in this crisp white kitchen. This approach proves that you don’t have to start painting all the cabinets in a pastel tone to enjoy a notable aesthetic upgrade. A simple splash of color added in the right place offers just enough interest to break up the monotony of a pure white color scheme.

14. Cozy Yellow

Yellow Pastel Kitchen

A pastel yellow shade works perfectly to keep the kitchen vibe cheerful and exciting without compromising on coziness. This kitchen combines tender blue with pale yellow to create the kind of look that’s reminiscent of the 1950s. It feels like a kitchen from an older era but it has its own charm that modern options can’t seem to match. Whether you’re a retro-style fan or just like this color palette, pastel tones can easily transport any kitchen through time.

15. Pastel Fridge

Pastel Fridge Kitchen

Replacing an old appliance with a new one can be quite challenging when you want to maintain visual balance. You can’t just use a modern fridge in a traditional space without making it feel out of place. The solution comes from using a fun retro-style model in a cheerful pastel tone that works wonderfully even in rustic kitchens. This mint-green refrigerator offers an eye-catching impression against the cottage interior of this kitchen.

16. Pastel Pantry

Pastel Pantry

Inject color in your kitchen without overwhelming the space with the help of a pastel pantry. You get to take advantage of a dedicated storage area for many kitchen essentials while enjoying a splash of color. It’s a good match for this kind of utilitarian furniture piece, especially if you want to create a stylish focal point in the kitchen. Make sure the rest of the room uses neutral tones to create a good contrast with the pastel shade of the pantry.

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