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20 Inspiring Scandinavian Nurseries You Will Love

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Thanks to its neutral-tone color scheme, elegant lines, and calm atmosphere, the Scandinavian design seems like a perfect match for a nursery. Nordic elements are able to bring lovely patterns and textures to make this baby-friendly space more welcoming. Subtle pops of color enhance the gentle warmth created by a neutral backdrop often based on natural materials such as wood. If you’re planning to make your baby’s nursery incredibly cozy while focusing on pure simplicity, it’s safe to say that Scandinavian design works best.

Decorating the nursery in this style is a sure way to create a relaxing sanctuary for your baby. Although the Scandinavian design has some characteristic features, you can come up with a wide range of distinctive nursery styles if you try some of the following creative ideas. These nurseries take heavy inspiration from Scandinavian décor concepts to create a soothing and stylish space. Check out our amazing Nordic-inspired nursery ideas that allow your little one to enjoy a bright, clean, and decidedly modern room.

1. Generous Lighting

Nursery With Generous Lighting

Having plenty of natural lighting is pretty much essential to any kind of Scandinavian-inspired room. Make sure you set up your nursery design to feature large windows to bring in a healthy dose of sunshine. If that’s not always possible, consider integrating lots of artificial sources of light. This provides some solid décor opportunities because you can choose some bold light fixtures to create a stylish focal point in the room. Recessed bulbs are also quite popular in Nordic-themed nurseries.

2. Creative Storage Solutions

Scandinavian Nursery With Creative Storage

Babies don’t have lots of things aside from toys and books. Scandinavian-inspired nurseries tend to feature minimalist designs without excess clutter. The child’s possessions require some dedicated storage solutions. It’s recommended to get creative in this regard and focus on blending function and style more effectively. Quirky pieces like this bookshelf provide generous storage space while allowing for the simple display of cute decorations or favorite toys. Instead of a basic storage corner, use your creativity to make these objects stand out in the room.

3. Bohemian Vibe

Bohemian Vibe Scandinavian Nursery

Boho décor works wonders for crafting a memorable Scandinavian-style nursery. This aesthetic brings a sense of effortless design. It takes a minimalist approach while making things more fun and exciting with the help of stylish patterns and textures. The result is an interesting baby’s room with a soothing atmosphere without feeling bland. The quirky wallpaper makes a subtle statement on the wall while the neutral-tone color scheme maintains a warm and inviting ambiance. The simple crib completes the Bohemian flair of this nursery.

4. Cozy Textures

Cozy Texture Scandinavian Nursery

Whether you prefer neutral tones or fun colors for your Scandinavian nursery, it’s important to remember the importance of texture. If you want a successful Nordic-style design, make sure you pay close attention to the coziness of the room. This is where soft textiles play an important role because they enhance the sense of comfort. It’s essential for a nursery to feel comfortable and pleasant to use by the baby. This can be achieved with the help of multiple textural elements such as soft blankets, plush throw pillows, and comfy rugs.

5. Splash of Color

Nursery With Colorful Furniture

A subdued color scheme focused on neutrals is typically the standard style you can expect from Scandinavian interiors. This kind of design works very well for a nursery because it creates a soothing atmosphere for the baby. Bright colors might not be very relaxing to use here. However, splashes of color can have a pleasant visual effect when paired with a neutral backdrop. You can infuse the space with some fresh personality while still maintaining an air of simplicity. Integrate some kid-friendly colorful accents to make your Scandinavian-style nursery stand out from the rest.

6. Artistic Touch

Scandinavian Nursery With an Artistic Touch

The walls in a Scandinavian-inspired nursery can be left blank if you want to focus on the minimalist side of this design style. If that seems a little too monotonous for a baby’s room, consider putting an artistic touch through a beautiful framed print. Make a small wall statement with the help of an art piece that draws the eye towards the crib of the baby. You can also complement it by featuring other decorative elements such as a garland or some cozy night lights.

7. Black and White Style

Black and White Style Scandinavian Nursery

There’s something about the combination of black and white tones that instantly feels Nordic. These two contrasting tones can form an attractive appearance for any Scandinavian-style nursery. The black-and-white contrast adds a sense of drama that doesn’t appear too overwhelming to the eye if you keep the design minimalistic. Consider setting up a small play corner with an activity table and some well-chosen toys. This kind of space is incredibly helpful to inspire creativity in your child.

8. Embracing Practicality

Scandinavian Nursery With Gym

Scandinavian design has a tendency to embrace practicality. You won’t see excessive ornamentation as being part of many Nordic-style nurseries. When you choose toys to incorporate in the baby’s room, it’s recommended to avoid brightly-colored options designed from plastic and focus instead on beautiful toys made from natural materials such as wood. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics considering how wooden playthings are also way more durable compared to cheap common toys. This baby gym on Amazon represents a great solution to finish off your Scandinavian-inspired nursery.

9. Nordic Personality

Nordic Personality Scandinavian Nursery

One thing that sets apart Scandinavian nurseries from other designs is the lack of conventional kid-friendly decorations. While this is the baby’s room, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be full of cars and dolls or other typical childish elements. Add some Nordic personality to the nursery by focusing on the essential principles of Scandinavian design used throughout all interior spaces. By using classy prints, stylish colors, simple lines, and other Nordic elements, you will be able to conjure a distinctive atmosphere while maintaining cohesiveness with the rest of the home.

10. Touch of Whimsy

Nursery With a Touch of Whimsical

If you wish to inspire a sense of wonder in your child, it’s a good idea to search for ways to add a touch of whimsy to the nursery. Lively patterns and fun plush toys work wonders to conjure a fun atmosphere full of Nordic character. It can take some imagination to figure out the best elements to include to complete your Scandinavian-style nursery. A good example is making the ambiance magical with the help of fairy lights. Even simple things like a mushroom-shaped pillow can be enough to encourage a rich imaginative experience for the baby.

11. Gender-Neutral Style

Gender Neutral Scandinavian Nursery

The main advantage of deciding on a neutral-toned environment for the nursery is that you can make it just as suitable for either a baby girl or a baby boy. The Scandinavian-inspired design takes a more neutral approach to gender. You can safely give up on traditional blue or pink room makeovers if you choose this aesthetic. Neutral wood tones together with shades of brown and white blend together to keep the space serene and fresh. Try a similar look for your own nursery to create a memorable modern design.

12. Mix of Textures

Mix of Textures Scandinavian Nursery

Similar to the way you can create a stylish look by combining different neutral tones, the Scandinavian nursery can appear cozier by layering distinctive textures together. Pay attention to the floor where an extra-soft rug is able to provide a more pleasant tactile feel underfoot. The plush rug sits on a carpeted floor with an overall rougher texture. This is a great idea to encourage the baby’s sensorial development. A greater diversity of textures is always welcomed in Scandinavian design.

13. Statement Wall

Scandinavian Nursery With Statement Wall

Many Scandinavian-inspired nurseries feature a statement wall. This is a solid design trick if you want to add some personality to the room, but without overwhelming the entire space with a full makeover. Statement walls are particularly recommended for a nursery because you need to take a subtler approach when decorating this kind of room. Ideally, you want to maintain a soothing atmosphere. The statement wall can make use of colorful wallpapers or prints. It looks best when you match the tonal intensity of the rest of the room’s color palette.

14. Toy Décor

Scandinavian Nursery With Toys

Cluttered designs are frowned upon when it comes to Scandinavian aesthetics. Toys and other possessions of your baby should be neatly stored in their proper space. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to always tuck away all the child’s toys and keep them hidden from view. The right toys can sometimes work as decorative pieces that contribute to the charm of a Scandinavian-inspired nursery. Take a special plaything and put it on display if it matches the style of the room. This vintage car toy looks like a solid example.

15. Lavender Purple Look

Lavender Purple Scandinavian Nursery

Some people may not be too excited about a classic Scandinavian design focused on neutral tones for the nursery. It’s possible to maintain a Nordic vibe in the room while opting for a more distinctive color scheme. Select a pale shade of lavender purple if you’re looking to make a girl’s nursery stand out. This lovely color tone has some amazing soothing properties. It brings a vibe of serenity to the baby’s room that’s similar to neutrals. Pair the pale purple walls with crisp white elements and plenty of natural light to brighten up the area.

16. Beautiful Mobile

Mobile Scandinavian Nursery

Although Scandinavian designs pride themselves on minimal ornamentation, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with some well-chosen decorations. A stylish mobile represents a great solution to complement the beauty of a minimalist crib in a Nordic-inspired nursery. Pick a model featuring pastel colors and cute animals if you want to integrate the mobile easily into a kid-friendly space. This item isn’t just a superb décor piece, but also an entertaining toy for babies and toddlers.

17. White Canvas

Scandinavian Nursery With White Canvas

Looking to inject a healthy dose of color into your Scandinavian nursery? This is a little unusual for this design style. However, you can bring a colorful touch to the room without ruining the Nordic vibe. The secret is to use a crisp white canvas to make various colorful elements stand out. Immaculate white walls, windows, and furnishings can be energized with the help of bold accent colors. You can still maintain a gender-neutral style by focusing on a multitude of different colors, not just the classic blue or pink shades.

18. Cool Tones

Cool Tones Scandinavian Nursery

If you wish to make your nursery clearly reminiscent of northern Scandinavian regions, it’s probably a better idea to opt for a cool-toned color palette instead of a warm one. You might be surprised to discover how shades of blue and gray can appear very cozy. To pull off this kind of Scandinavian-inspired design, it’s recommended to provide the nursery with plenty of natural light. Using a bright white backdrop is also helpful to balance out the cold effect of blue-gray elements.

19. Nordic-Style Crib

Nordic Style Crib Scandinavian Nursery

There’s a reason why most Scandinavian nurseries feature very similar crib styles. The wood-and-white Nordic design boasts amazing versatility while its pure simplicity offers timeless qualities thanks to its natural materials. The Scandinavian crib works well for classic neutral-toned color schemes, but it fits just as nicely in a cool color palette. Whether you have a big or small nursery, this type of crib appears light and breezy due to its minimalist style. Take a look at this Scandinavian-inspired baby crib on Amazon.

20. Gorgeous Canopy

Canopy in Bedroom

Empty corners of Scandinavian nurseries are often occupied by a gorgeous canopy where babies and toddlers can play. This is a great feature if you want to add a whimsical touch to your Nordic-style nursery. The flowy texture of the canopy offers a pleasant tactile experience aside from its majestic looks. The little tent contributes to the coziness of the room and has solid potential to become the favorite spot of the child. It makes for a great reading nook as well.

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