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10 Wonderful BoHo Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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1. How to Add a Boho Vibe in the Bedroom

If you plan on redesigning your bedroom in a more eclectic style, it’s worth giving the bohemian style a shot. Also called boho, this interior design style is characterized by the use of a varied range of textures and worldly elements sprinkled with beautiful colors and patterns. Because the bohemian aesthetic is fairly complex, it may seem difficult to outfit the room with the right items to match the desired theme.

There are lots of ideas to consider when it comes to integrating some solid boho vibes in the bedroom. In this article, we’ll provide you with the most inspirational ideas to give any bedroom that distinct bohemian feel. Some people really identify with this style so it’s important to use your creativity as well to introduce a personal touch when adorning any area with the boho aesthetic.

2. String Lights

Creating a boho bedroom requires lots of various elements that together form a harmonious look. Some essential items to include are string lights. They can contribute to the relaxing atmosphere that’s characteristic of this style. Mixing shiny strings of lights with patterned bedding represents a quick and effective idea to infuse this area with a boho touch. The idea is to bring in some magical vibes and to focus on whimsical features. Anyone wandering inside this kind of bedroom will be mesmerized by twinkle or string lights decorations.

3. Plants

Having just one or two houseplants around the bedroom won’t necessarily bring strong bohemian vibes to the area. But adding lots of them can make a difference. The natural beauty of plants works wonders together with other décor pieces in the boho style. It’s not unheard of to see bedrooms overwhelmed by a jungle of houseplants when it comes to this aesthetic. If you don’t really have a green thumb, we recommend sticking to plant options that are easy to grow such as many tropical indoor trees.

4. Macramé

Any stylish boho bedroom should be full of interesting textures that can add some much-needed warmth to the area. Macramé elements are very commonly found in this style as they match the aesthetic so nicely. The macramé knotting technique has great textural potential to enhance the look of various elements in the room offering you great décor opportunities. Try hanging some wall tapestries or creating unique plant holders for your favorite succulent plants. Walls covered with macramé hangings will easily draw the eye and transform a plain bedroom in a much more stylish one.

5. Neutral Colors

Although there are no strict décor rules when it comes to the bohemian décor style, most designers prefer a neutral color palette. This is because this kind of color scheme works well with the multiple textures and prints commonly used in this style. Earthly tones and subtle warm hues are highly recommended when designing a boho bedroom that captures a cozy ambiance. With the help of neutral colors, you can style any room in an effortless manner, and the bohemian aesthetic relies on various nature-inspired colors to reflect the organic inspiration of the materials.

6. Books

While you don’t really have to create an imposing home library, it’s highly recommended to show off your books in creative styles to fit a boho theme. The bedroom may not seem like the first option to install some bookshelves but it’s actually a great idea if you’re a fan of reading in bed. Towering bookcases or vertical book arrangements will take the look of your bohemian bedroom to a new level.

Stacks of books deliver a personal flair to any area so it makes sense to include them in the bedroom. Select some of your favorite books and place them strategically to act as decorative accents. Don’t worry about not having a perfectly polished look. It’s actually better to place books in a more carefree manner as it contributes to that lived-in style which works well for the bohemian aesthetic.

7. Mixed Patterns

The bohemian style has a tendency to stray from the usual design conventions. Many designers consider mixing different patterns in the same area to be a sin. This classic rule is often broken by fans of the boho look. Mismatching Aztec zig-zag patterns from the rug with floral prints on the bedding or the pillow could be a sure way to add powerful bohemian flair to the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add an eclectic vibe through exciting patterns that breathe new life into the area.

8. Hanging Chair

One great element that you’ll usually see in various bohemian-styled rooms, the hanging chair is an excellent furniture piece to consider for the bedroom. It can occupy an empty corner of the room where a conventional seating solution doesn’t seem to fit well or takes up too much space. The hanging chair idea is strongly recommended for people who aren’t afraid to try a bolder design approach, even for the bohemian style. Keep the rest of the area minimalistic to let this furniture piece stand out some more.

9. Moroccan Influence

If you want to focus more on the worldly design aspects of the bohemian style, it’s worth integrating some Moroccan elements. This kind of Oriental influence matches perfectly with certain boho looks that are more focused on traditionalism or vibrant colors.

The easiest way to introduce some Moroccan vibes is to include some elegant light fixtures or traditional patterns. Consider incorporating a unique furniture piece like it has been done in this bedroom with the vintage suitcase replacing the conventional coffee table.

10. Upcycled Wood

The use of upcycled items is welcomed for any boho-styled room, including the bedroom. With the help of a stylish upcycled wood headboard, for example, you can bring a healthy dose of rusticism to your bohemian bedroom. Pair the rough textures and darker colors with softer elements like the neutral-toned bedding and pillows. Enhance the rustic look of the wooden piece with some macramé hangings or decorative accents made from wicker.

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