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15 Things You Can Clean Using Bar Keepers Friend

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When it comes to versatile cleaning products, few can match the abilities of Bar Keepers Friend. This is a highly performant all-purpose cleaner whose applications go beyond basic cleaning and polishing tasks. The Bar Keepers Friend brand has a long history considering that it was established in 1882. You may have heard many people mentioning its miraculous cleaning power, but is it really that better compared to other cleaners?

In this article, we’ll explore some common and uncommon ways to clean with the help of Bar Keepers Friend. The uses of this product can appear confusing if you’re not familiar with it. The brand offers some variations of the original product available in both powder and liquid forms. If you’re interested in unlocking the true potential of Bar Keepers Friend, check out the things that can be cleaned using its magic formula.

1. Sneakers


Instead of attempting to put dirty sneakers into the washing machine, consider cleaning them more efficiently with the help of Bar Keepers Friend. The risk of damaging them is minimized compared to other options because of the gentle cleaning powers of this product. Use the powdered version of Bar Keepers Friend blended with water to result in a reliable cleaning paste. Then it’s simply a matter of getting rid of dirt spots from the sneakers by wiping the surface with a brush or sponge.

2. Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

Do you have some trouble cleaning golf clubs, skates, or other dingy sports equipment? The solution comes from using Bar Keepers Friend. This product is able to get rid of pesky rust spots and tough grime that seem unaffected by regular cleaners. Use a cotton bud to make contact between the skates or golf clubs and the Bar Keepers Friend powder. With just a bit of concentrated effort, you can easily renew the look of any old sports equipment.

3. Car Interior and Exterior

Car Interior

Using Bar Keepers Friend to clean your vehicle can provide some great results. This product is effective when it comes to removing dirt from both the interior and exterior parts of the car. Put the cleaner to work when you wish to get rid of carbon buildup on the exhaust pipes. It can also be efficient to eliminate the cloudiness of headlights or to make superficial body scratches less prominent. The dashboard of the vehicle can also make use of a nice dose of Bar Keepers Friend to look brand new.

4. Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Lots of brass instruments such as drum cymbals or trombones can be properly clean by using powdered Bar Keepers Friend. The product must be applied with the help of a wet cloth and allowed to sit for some time to do its job. Wipe the musical instruments clean and restore their original shine. Make sure you follow the direction of the brass grain with the cloth for obtaining the best cleaning results. Use Bar Keepers Friend periodically to maintain the polished look of your instruments.

5. Sticky Labels

Sticky Labels

Due to using poor-quality glue, many sticky labels leave messy residues behind after peeling them off. This is an easy job for Bar Keepers Friend. Try the spray foam version that will easily melt off the unsightly sticker from your item. You won’t have to waste too much effort on this task. It’s particularly useful to put this cleaner to work when you have lots of annoying adhesive-backed labels to get rid of.

6. Tools


Whether it’s a saw or wrench, Bar Keepers Friend can be a lifesaver for any workshop. It’s extremely dependable when it comes to cleaning rust from a wide variety of tools. The product is capable of bringing out the original shine of your old tool with minimal effort. Sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend on the metal tool and work it out through all the nooks and crannies of the tool. A damp cloth or brush would be necessary for this purpose. Don’t forget to rinse off the cleaner and make all your wrenches and screwdrivers rust-free.

7. Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Fixture

Bar Keepers Friend can be useful in terms of refreshing the look of bathroom fixtures. Its powerful ingredients cut through mineral deposits, stains, and water spots in record time. Various surfaces in the bathroom can be cleaned with the help of this product. Aside from faucets, you will also be able to remove those tough spots on glass shower doors. Bar Keepers Friend packs a lot of cleaning power when it comes to materials such as glass and porcelain.

8. Bicycles


Various parts on your bicycle can be cleaned by applying Bar Keepers Friend. It’s an excellent product to consider when preparing the bicycle for the season. Tackle the pesky dust and grime found on the chain, pedals, rims, handlebars, and other components with this versatile cleaner. This task can make use of either the soft cleanser or the powder. The spray version of Bar Keepers Friend is also recommended for the final polishing.

9. Dishes


Noticed some unsightly marks on dishes such as plates or bowls? Cleaning them can be done with Bar Keepers Friend. This is an unexpected use of the famous cleaner that can provide amazingly solid results. All kinds of scuffs can be eliminated from dinnerware. Simply apply Bar Keepers Friend powder to the surface and form a paste with a wet sponge. Those light scratches or lines should start disappearing after a bit of scrubbing. Repeat the process as many times as needed while rinsing the dishes thoroughly.

10. Antique Items

Antique Items

If you have brass or copper antique items that look very dingy, it’s worth using some Bar Keepers Friend to restore their original beauty. Thanks to being a gentle abrasive cleaner, it can remove the grime accumulated through the years by these vintage things without the risk of damaging them. It’s recommended to sprinkle some cleaning spray on it and scrub away any dirt or stains with a damp cloth. Although some people like the worn patina, it’s safe to say that some brass antiques look very ugly unless they’re properly cleaned.

11. Grills


Is your grill full of caked-on food bits that are too stubborn to remove? This is another job where Bar Keepers Friend can become very handy. Spray the cleaning solution on the dirty grilling racks and let it sit for a while. Although some scrubbing is still required, it’s safe to say that you can clean any grill rapidly with the help of Bar Keepers Friend. Rinse the surface of the grill using cold water and enjoy the newly restored appearance of your favorite barbecue equipment.

12. Dishwasher


Cleaning the dishwasher is often neglected because it’s assumed that it stays clean by washing the dishes. However, the surfaces of your dishwasher can easily accumulate residues that can’t be removed through conventional washing cycles. In that case, your best bet is to use a powerful cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend. Check the inside of the dishwashing machine more closely to see which areas need to be properly cleaned. Search all the crevices for grime buildup to remove.

13. Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans

Regular dishwashing liquid may fail to get rid of burnt residues that accumulate over time on pans and pots. It’s recommended to use Bar Keepers Friend for cleaning them. You can have a bad cooking experience if you keep using pans showing clear signs of wear. Apply Bar Keepers Friend cleaner to the underside of all your cooking pots to refresh the surface. They will perform better at their job while also looking brand new. The cleaner is recommended for various metal surfaces such as aluminum and stainless steel.

14. Fireplace


The door of the fireplace can’t be easily cleaned considering the stubborn buildup of grime and soot stains. Bar Keepers Friend is highly recommended to get rid of all the dirty layers from the fireplace door. Sprinkle the cleaning product on the glass insert of the fireplace and give it some time to work on the dirty surface. If you’re dealing with particularly tough stains, a wet sponge can be used for scrubbing. Don’t forget to rinse properly after the job is finished.

15. Tile Grout


Whether it’s the tile grout in the kitchen or the bathroom, you’ve probably seen some nasty dirt buildup there. Cleaning the grout is a very time-consuming process unless you’re using Bar Keepers Friend. This is a solid cleaning solution that will get rid of the grime on the grout in record time. Make use of a narrow brush that can reach the grout between the tiles more effectively. Although there’s still some scrubbing work needed, Bar Keepers Friend makes the job pretty effortless overall.

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