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You’ll Fall in Love With These 20 Regencycore Design Ideas

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Regencycore is one of the hottest interior decor trends in recent times. Inspired by the Bridgerton TV show, this elegant aesthetic offers a fashionable look inspired by the Regency era. If you’re interested in bringing the vibe of London’s high-society into your home, perhaps you’d like to try regencycore. It’s based on the idea of creating an opulent interior showcasing various sophisticated decor elements that provide a touch of regal extravagance.

Some interior designers associate regencycore with cottagecore as there are some similarities. While there’s no whimsical countryside vibe when it comes to regencycore, the style has a charming vintage appeal that can often be reminiscent of cottagecore’s coziness. The Regency era had a very specific design style focused on dramatic furnishings and colorful accessories.

If you’re willing to embrace regencycore in your home design, your best bet would be to check out the homes of the aristocracy as shown in the Bridgerton show. This affluent aesthetic can be quite costly if you want a complete regencycore makeover. That being said, you can focus on small steps to incorporate the style through inspired choices in terms of furniture, accessories, and architectural details.

Take a look at the following design ideas that will allow you to get a taste of regencycore in your own home.

1. Elegant Sofa

Elegant Couch in Regencycore Living Room

No regencycore living room is complete without a suitable sofa that brings timeless vintage appeal to the space. Thanks to its elegantly curved arms and soft, velvety cushions, this sofa represents an excellent choice to add some regal drama. It looks absolutely stunning when combined with sophisticated gold accents. The addition of colorful patterns on the throw pillows can help to elevate its look and integrate the sofa better into the room.

2. Ornate Florals

Blue Floral Patterns in Regencycore Bathroom

Floral patterns and Damask fabrics go hand in hand when it comes to regencycore interior styles. This is something that can be easily observed in Bridgerton because boldly patterned fabrics manage to stand out quite effectively. Opulence is key when you’re trying to design a regencycore space. There’s no need to shy away from applying floral patterns in large doses. It’s highly recommended to opt for ornate repeating patterns from the walls to the draperies and furniture pieces.

3. Grand Artworks

Large Renaissance Artwork in Regencycore Entryway

It’s rare to see any plain walls in a regencycore interior because this style has a strong maximalist bias. If you’re looking for a way to decorate the wall, consider some majestic art pieces. Old paintings featuring gorgeous golden frames can bring a strong regencycore vibe to the room. If you’re lucky enough to have a big home with an elegant staircase, it could be an inspired choice to decorate the walls using multiple portraits from a regal ancestral lineage.

4. Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling in Regencycore Living Room

Walls seem to get special treatment in any authentic regencycore room. Take a look at this stunning living room that features neutral gray walls beautifully enhanced through Georgian-design paneling. The simple lines of the paneling make a superb pairing with the pale tone of the walls to form an ideal backdrop for the bold furnishings in the room. A most impressive contrast is achieved through the use of golden light sconces and the matching chandelier.

5. French-Style Dressing Table

White Vintage French Dressing Table

Looking for a great furniture piece to add to your boudoir? A French-style dressing table could be an ideal choice to infuse the space with regencycore vibes. The classy appeal of the table makes it feel straight out of Bridgerton. Notice the sumptuous curves of the table and armchair which form a stylish pairing with the ornate mirror. The delicate white color scheme allows the dressing table to make a statement through its shape and textural details.

6. New Seating

Blue Chairs in Regencycore Living Room

There’s nothing like new seating options to bring some regencycore charm to your space. Take a look at these lovely French settees that replace the standard loveseat and introduce a new layer of sophistication to the area. The chairs can work nicely even if you favor a modernized Regency-inspired aesthetic. Consider selecting a different pattern style to match your desired vibe. A more traditional feel can be achieved through the use of linen upholstery.

7. Arches

Arched Wall Decoration

An arched panel is a sure way to incorporate regencycore into your home decor. This vintage design is often encountered in the residences of wealthy families from Bridgerton. For an authentic vibe, it would be ideal to integrate bold archways and elevate the architectural appeal of the space. However, that’s not feasible for most homeowners. It’s best to stick to arch-like decor motifs to bring a welcoming touch of regencycore design anywhere.

8. Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot Tub in Regencycore Bathroom

Regencycore bathrooms follow the same extravagant decor principles seen in less functional rooms of the house. The freestanding bathtub featuring a clawfoot base represents a great vintage choice. It will immediately take your mind to the regencycore trend considering the opulent appeal of the tub. The combination of ornate feet and majestic curves conjure up a truly regal style. Don’t forget to add plenty of colors and patterns to create a nice contrast with the white clawfoot tub.

9. Orangery Brilliance

Mint Green Regencycore Orangery Dining Room

Having an orangery is not something that would be expected of most people. This vintage room or building acted like a greenhouse for orange trees during the Regency period. It’s a spectacular place when it comes to showing off the opulence of aristocracy. Take a look at this example of a mint green orangery featuring a massive marble dining table and a brilliant chandelier decorated with crystals. It looks like an ideal area for Bridgerton characters to dine.

10. Ambient Lighting

Vintage Candles With Regencycore Vibe

While a big fireplace works perfectly for a regencycore home, it’s safe to say that not everyone has the available space for it. A good alternative is to create a pleasant atmosphere with the help of candles. They provide delicate lighting to increase the sense of ambiance found in older times. Choose a delicately scented candle if you want more than just illumination on your bedside table.

11. Timeless Bedroom

Regencycore Bedroom With Striped Wallpaper

It’s not easy pulling off a modern Regency interior style, especially when it comes to bedrooms. Try focusing on a more muted color scheme for a subdued contemporary effect that elegantly accentuates the antique furnishings. This regencycore bedroom offers timeless qualities through its rich decorative elements that enhance the appearance of the classy bed. The subtly striped wallpaper forms a great balance with the gold accents throughout the space.

12. Decadent Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier in Regencycore Interior

When it comes to light fixtures, the general rule of regencycore is that you shouldn’t be afraid of over-the-top pieces. This decadent chandelier is a prime example of the aesthetic considering its elaborate design that packs some serious Regency glamor no matter where it’s placed. If you’re bringing guests over, it’s important to have a great element in the room that acts as the focal point. A luxurious chandelier could be exactly the right kind of eye-catching piece.

13. Symmetrical Arrangements

Symmetrical Design in Regencycore Living Room

Decorating an interior space using regencycore is more than just choosing the right antique furnishings and vintage accessories. The way you’re arranging the furniture, for example, matters as well. You can capture the vibe of that era by paying close attention to symmetry. Regency-inspired rooms look more authentic when you follow a more traditional design layout based on mirroring seating areas to stimulate conversation.

14. Floral Display

Flower Bouquet in Glass Pedestal Vase

Floral motifs aren’t just spread out through textile patterns in a regencycore space. The design style tends to incorporate actual floral arrangements as well for a refreshing decorative effect. If you don’t always have the time to get your hands on a stylish bouquet of fresh cut flowers, it’s recommended to opt for faux blossoms as an alternative. There’s no maintenance required while they can contribute to a Regency-inspired ambiance.

15. Decorative Mirror

Ornate Gold Framed Mirror

Mirrors are essential accessories to have in any home. The regencycore style sees these objects as powerful decorative elements. It’s safe to say that a large gold mirror is a must-have addition that matches the vintage vibe of this design trend. Make sure you select a mirror frame as ornate as possible because elaborate details enhance that sense of regality that’s always found in regencycore spaces.

16. Statement Bed

Elegant Bed With Velvet Red Curtains

A boudoir-style bed is perfect to illustrate the beauty of regencycore. This style seems to demand impressive bed designs, large in size and rich in luxurious details. The bed frame should be made from a sturdy type of oak to create a traditional appearance. Consider elements such as an elegant velvet curtain instead of a classic headboard style. This black bed shows off a modern side of regencycore that’s more accessible compared to the typical grandiose bed design often featured in Bridgerton.

17. Pastel Tones

Regencycore Dining Room With Painted Ceiling and Floral Wallpaper

Regencycore color palettes will usually include a selection of vibrant and pale tones that elegantly blend together. Soft pastel shades are often encountered in this interior design trend. They’re able to evoke an airy look and a sense of increased depth to balance out the overall style of the room. Notice how the pastel pink tone used for the painted ceiling in this dining room draws attention to the gorgeous golden chandelier. The blue walls provide good contrast to properly display the vintage floral wallpaper.

18. Long Curtains

Long Regal Style Curtains

Dramatic drapes are able to create a more formal vibe that’s fitting for a regal regencycore interior area. Opt for thick fabrics that are long enough to brush the floor and you will be able to add the finishing touch to any Regency-inspired room. Emphasize the heavy and luxurious style of the flowing drapes by using tasseled tiebacks. Extra-long curtains are highly recommended because they also produce the illusion of a grander space.

19. Relaxing Corner

Elegant Chaise Lounge in Regencycore Living Room

Some modern regencycore designs focus on toning down the formal feel and introducing some relaxing vibes. Having a place to unwind is important regardless of the chosen interior design style. An elegant chaise longue could be the perfect solution to bring to life your vision of a relaxing corner. Here you can enjoy your favorite novel in regal comfort. Luxurious accessories like this antique gold tray can complete the regencycore mood.

20. Four-Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed Featuring Regencycore Design Inspiration

A staple of regencycore, the four-poster bed brings unique charm to the bedroom. While traditional bed frames are crafted using ornate and curved wood designs, you can also find modernized versions if you prefer a more contemporary feel. Check out this alluring four-poster bed that features a more streamlined style that’s pretty bold without appearing over the top. The tufted headboard and abundant throw pillows add the finishing touches to the bed.

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