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24 Ways to Decorate with Empty Frames

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Decorating with empty frames might seem strange for some, but this is actually a creative idea to enable the viewer to use his imagination and fill in the gaps. That frame could provide a great opportunity to craft a dramatic display without a lot of effort. If you search around your home you can easily discover some old frames that may no longer have any use. Give them a new purpose by incorporating the empty frames into your décor style.

Some old frames could need a makeover to provide them with a fresh look. Lots of DIY designs can inspire you to give the frames a new life. Making the wall more attractive doesn’t always require bold artwork as just the frame itself is sufficient to create a specific aesthetic. As a bonus, consider focusing on the design of the frames more carefully and search flea markets for rare finds like antique pieces. You can also experiment with different frame sizes, colors, and styles to come up with something truly unique.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to decorate with empty frames. These ideas will make you think twice about throwing empty frames away as they are powerful decorative elements.

1. Colorful Display

The easiest way to make a bold statement with the help of empty frames is by incorporating color in creative ways. You can craft a stylish arrangement that gives off some strong gallery wall vibes. The only difference is that you don’t need artwork, just colorful frames of various sizes that add some welcomed visual interest to the wall.

2. Foyer Decoration

If you’re searching for a way to enhance the look of your hallway, check out this interesting empty frame décor idea. Beautifully ornate frames are used against a white wall near the entrance to the home. The elegant black effect takes your mind to the classic details of the Gothic Victorian style.

There’s no need to worry about choosing the right artwork for the best initial impression. Just stick to a stylish arrangement of black frames and you’ll obtain a focal point in the foyer in no time. Those interested in learning how to hang the frames and get a similar look should check out this guide.

3. Stairwell Decoration

Instead of the classic option of hanging artworks or family photos on the wall of the stairwell, you can break the usual conventions and design an arrangement of empty frames. Simple, white frames may not have a huge visual impact, but it can be useful to enhance the look of the wall in a subtle manner.

If you already use lots of decorative elements around the stairwell, it makes better sense to keep the style of the wall breezier. Empty frames in different shapes and sizes can have a charming effect without overwhelming the area.

4. Suspended Frames

Here’s an interesting take on the empty frames décor trend. Try to hang the frames in a more innovative way to keep them suspended in a noticeable manner. This technique works great for adding a bit of extra depth to any room.

This guest bedroom has a superb arrangement of simple white frames hanging in a unique manner, some of them overlapping for more visual interest. Pulling off this kind of look isn’t as hard as it may seem. You just need to find the right frames for the project and plan a bit ahead so the hanging process goes as smooth as possible.

5. Empty Frame with Butterflies

If you feel that just placing an empty frame on the wall is just too monotonous, perhaps you can make it interesting with other small details. The decorative butterflies used for this white frame take the delicate aesthetic a step further. While technically the frame is no longer empty, it still retains that minimalist vibe as opposed to using a normal artwork.

The sense of texture is greatly enhanced by the addition of butterflies. The frame makes an excellent pairing with the plush bench that exudes exquisite softness. Overall, the white empty frame contributes a lot to the delicate pink color scheme for a stylish look with feminine appeal.

6. Antique Empty Frames

Looking to add a bit of vintage flair to your home? Antique empty frames can provide a touch of the old times to decorate your home and enhance the overall elegance. These golden antique frames here have a great visual effect for this neutral color scheme. They draw the eye without overwhelming the space.

7. Frame in a Frame

When you’re trying to incorporate empty frames into your décor style, it’s important to learn how to combine frames to create a focal point. Merging two empty frames together represents a creative solution to bring in more visual interest to the wall.

The focus on the texture is attractive while the symmetrical look boasts strong modern appeal. Regardless of the place you choose to hang frames in frames, this idea has excellent decorative potential. Check out how beautifully it matches the apple display underneath.

8. Empty Frame as a Headboard

If you happen to have a large old frame laying around and don’t know what to do with it, you might be able to repurpose it as a headboard. The stylish empty frame here has been mounted in a creative way to add some drama to the bedroom.

Sometimes you don’t need to invest in bold artwork and wallpaper designs to craft a memorable look. A simple frame can act as a headboard adding some DIY vibes to the area. Just make sure you keep in mind the overall color scheme of the bedroom to integrate it well.

9. Empty Frame in the Ceiling

Here’s a truly unique idea if you wish to use empty frames in a very creative way. You can place a stylish frame on the ceiling to decorate a chandelier or another lighting fixture. The pink empty frame matches the delicate look of the room’s décor and provides an eye-catching point of interest.

10. Wedding Backdrop

Take some beautiful photos after the wedding with the help of suspended empty frames in the backyard. Don’t throw away old empty frames because you can never know when they’ll come in handy. There are lots of opportunities to use them as photo backdrops allowing you to capture some interesting photographs more easily.

11. Functional Empty Frames

While empty frames can accomplish various decorative purposes, sometimes they can also be all-around useful. This is a fine example as the assortment of empty frames creates a beautiful design without compromising on the functional purpose. Use the central frame as a hanger for towels if you place the frames in the bathroom.

12. Kids Playroom Decoration

Colorful empty frame designs seem very fitting for decorating the playroom of children. There’s no need to focus on complex artwork for this area as the walls will look great if you keep the frames empty. Just make sure you use a colorful arrangement to keep a lively atmosphere suitable for this fun place.

13. Empty Frames and Artwork Combination

Filling every little bit of the available wall space with artwork isn’t recommended. If you’re an artistic soul and want to unleash your creativity in this regard, it’s a good idea to find methods to leave out some empty space. That may sound counter-intuitive, but this approach can work nicely to avoid overwhelming the eye.

By alternating empty frames with interesting artworks or photographs, you can reach aesthetical balance and make the wall stand out more. The effect of empty frames added to the mix of artworks is quite unexpected. This living room takes advantage of an eclectic combination to create a snazzy décor style.

14. Bathroom Wall

One of the greatest advantages of empty frames décor is the amazing versatility. As these decorative elements have a simple nature, you can integrate them successfully in places where normal artworks may not fit in quite easily. The bathroom wall is a good example of an area where empty frames feel right at home.

15. Giant Empty Frame

If you’re a fan of eclectic interior design, you will probably like the idea of incorporating a giant empty frame. The hand-carved frame here matches the eye-catching elements in this bedroom well. Thanks to its considerable size, it adds visual height and extra depth to the room. It’s definitely a daring design style, but we think it can be pulled off when the room’s decorations follow the same approach.

16. A Mix of Shapes and Designs

Making empty frames stand out on their own is a bit more challenging because you need to draw attention using the frames themselves instead of relying on artwork. Create a mix of shapes and designs when planning for the right arrangement of empty frames. Notice how the distinctive qualities of the empty frames make a beautiful statement despite the simple overall décor.

17. Immaculate White

You don’t have to focus on contrasting colors to design something truly memorable with empty frames. Take some vintage frames and spray paint them with a crisp shade of white that matches the immaculate wall. This white-on-white design may seem strange at a first glance, but its unexpected effect can be considered very attractive.

18. Distressed Look

Fans of a distressed look will probably appreciate the style of this antique frame that can decorate lots of different areas. The empty frame adds great visual interest by itself but you can add an eye-catching spark with a picture that doesn’t fill the whole frame. Most of the frame is still empty and the use of string and clothespin crafts a truly rustic look.

19. Details Matter

Details play an important role when it comes to preventing empty frames from becoming monotonous. Try to craft a more attractive display with the help of various decorative elements. Some examples include hints of greenery and a gingham bow. Placing the empty frame close to other decorations that follow a matching theme also helps to make the display more cohesive.

20. Architectural Interest

Similar to wainscoting and crown molding, empty frames can be integrated into the design of the wall for a built-in look that adds architectural interest. The mix of color and texture in this living room is absolutely stunning and the wall can be easily considered the statement piece thanks to the spray-painted empty frames.

21. Small Table

We’re used to seeing empty frames as powerful decorative pieces for the walls in a room, but that’s not always the case. There are some creative instances when empty frames can be incorporated into other elements such as small furniture pieces. This little tea table uses an ornate empty frame to act as its top surface. A great mix of functionality and beauty.

22. Key Holder

Looking to create a more stylish key holder without spending the extra money? If you have an old picture frame, you can easily repurpose it in a functional manner. It’s very likely that you already have some empty frames lying around that are the perfect size to be converted in DIY key holders.

23. Fireplace Mantle Décor

The holiday season offers many opportunities to refresh the décor style of your home. The fireplace mantle is one area that can benefit from some interesting décor pieces. Place empty frames here if the surrounding walls already have normal framed artworks or photographs.

You’ll be able to achieve visual coherence by creating a linked design in terms of shapes and colors. The fireplace mantle will already draw some attention so it’s best to rely on empty frames in this area to act as a slight enhancement. Grouping empty frames together can often craft a similar visual impact as a full-fledged gallery wall.

24. Subtle Wall Décor

If the room already makes a bold statement through certain furniture elements, it often feels unnecessary to go all out on wall décor. This is why empty frames can be smartly integrated to act as subtle décor and complement the overall look of the room.

The blood red dining table and chairs here craft a strong focal point compared to the more neutral-toned decorations. A simple set of white empty frames on the wall seems very fitting to keep the room from appearing too bare while maintaining the focus on the red dining table.

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