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14 Heartwarming Patio Paver Ideas

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Remodeling a patio requires some careful planning if you wish to obtain great results. One of the most stylish and convenient options for a patio makeover is to use pavers. There are lots of sizes and shapes available to enable anyone to bring their dream backyard to life. Quick installation is another great advantage of using patio pavers. It doesn’t matter if your patio is large or comes with a more limited surface area, you can find the right pavers to craft something attractive.

The material you choose for the patio remodel needs to be both aesthetically pleasant and durable. For best results, it’s strongly recommended to work with a landscape contractor. Unless you have some experience working solo, it will be much more difficult to figure out how to select and install pavers to suit the area and the surroundings. Availability is another factor that you should keep in mind when thinking about patio materials as rarer stuff can be more expensive while local stones might fit better with your environment.

If you need some good inspiration to try a patio remodeling project, the following paver ideas can provide it. We’ll explore lots of stone options, different textures as well as more creative finishes to craft a stunning look. Here are our best patio paver ideas.

1. Zen Style

If you were planning to set up a Zen garden in your backyard but lacked the funds or space for this kind of project, you can still get similar vibes with the help of a creative patio paver design. Check out the relaxing style of this patio which comes from the way the pavers have been laid and finished.

The circle pattern in the center of the backyard creates a nice focal point surrounded by plenty of greenery. This landscaping project required the excavation of 6 inches and the placement of a special rock subbase. Before adding the pavers, the builders integrated a sand setting bed.

2. Rug Design

Colorful paver ideas can often become garish in appearance. This is why most people prefer a more neutral or monochrome look for the patio pavers. There are some exceptions though, as evidenced by this patio. The regional architecture and surroundings can allow an extra dose of color for a unique look.

The pavers on this patio have been designed to mimic a rug thanks to the maroon bands that contrast with the warm tone pavers. It’s interesting how the pavers deliver a visual effect comparable to an indoor area rug. Notice how the color scheme maintains a great sense of cohesiveness due to repeating colors on the wall and pilasters.

3. Simple Garden Path

Do you lack the space needed to incorporate a creative patio paver design? There are still some landscaping solutions you can try in that case. It’s essential to avoid cluttering a tiny backyard so instead of filling it with various patio accessories, consider creating a simple garden path with pavers.

To pull off this kind of design, we recommend letting an adequate distance between each paver. You will be able to form a minimalist garden path with some modern flair. There’s also a great advantage in terms of aesthetics as the patio will appear larger, less cluttered and with some extra depth.

4. Bluestone Beauty

Here’s a very elegant patio that makes use of bluestone pavers to craft a modern design. The look offers a nice contrast with the pastoral view of the surrounding area. Thanks to the formed concrete water feature nearby, the patio provides an enhanced sense of relaxation.

5. Large Flagstones

Large flagstone pavers could be very suitable to create a brand new patio in your backyard. They’re easy to work with and offer a smooth surface to place a table and other patio accessories. The flagstone pavers design provides a nice transitional effect from the house to the backyard. This effect is enhanced by the way grass grows between a few flagstones.

6. Herringbone Pattern

If you want to make your patio stand out over the rest, the easiest way is to integrate a more creative pattern. Check out the way the pavers have been organized here. The herringbone pattern is a classic option that’s very stylish and can actually contribute to the durability of the paver design.

Originally from old English landscape designs, the zigzagging herringbone pattern adds a sense of intrigue to any patio. Make sure you choose an appropriate angle when laying the pavers to come up with a nice design for your patio. Some of the best options are 45 and 90 degrees.

7. Green Accents

There are lots of innovative patio paver designs out there but this one feels like it’s in a league all of its own. Contrasting bands of grass have been inserted when installing the patio pavers here to craft a stylish and dynamic look.

While the pavers used are simple square concrete ones, the diagonal application of greenery takes the basic design to a new level. The grass used is artificial as the shaded area doesn’t really allow for optimal growth conditions for the real thing. Some may see it as a disadvantage but the artificial turf provides a lush design for the pavers making the patio more welcoming.

8. Pool Patio Area

Those who plan on remodeling the pool area should check out these elegant grey pavers. They’re specifically designed to fit well in wet environments thanks to their superior anti-slip properties. You can try lots of patio paver styles for the pool but if you prefer a more modern aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with this blend of grey and cream pavers.

9. Stones between Pavers

There’s something about stone pebbles that makes them fitting choices for relaxation areas. If you want your patio to give off some spa-like vibes, then this kind of look might suit you. Pavers are offset with little stones in-between for a stunning look.

10. Bond Pattern

This patio shows off different-colored pavers arranged in a bond pattern designed to pair nicely with the look of the house and surrounding area. If you don’t like the idea of your patio attracting too much attention, a simple and timeless look such as this one would be ideal.

The designer here focused on immersing the patio area and blending it with all the elements of the backyard. There’s a fine balance between patterns and colors to achieve this kind of look. Sometimes simple details can have a greater visual impact.

11. Clean Style

In case you’re tired of the rustic and traditional patio paver styles, you need to focus on pavers with a clean surface and minimalist design. There’s a strong modern vibe coming from this patio considering how the clean-looking pavers have been so tightly laid.

To follow a more modern theme, you shouldn’t forget about other details like a black and grey color palette and essential patio accessories such as accent chairs and fire pits. Check out this all-weather patio chair and table set and this stunning fire pit from Amazon.

12. Curved Steps

A simple method for adding some visual interest to the patio is by incorporating some curved steps with the help of concrete pavers. Accentuate this stylish design with different color tones to delineate the steps. This patio makes use of dark bands of brick that conceal drain inlets.

For a more varied look, different paver styles mix together and create a captivating contrast. Notice how distinctive pavers with their own colors and shapes combine with the look of the rigid step masonry. This is an inspirational design that you should only consider if you have a large area to work with.

13. Random Patterns

Making your own unique patio paver design isn’t always easy as you’re usually faced with some predefined choices for the patterns and shapes. Even if you have to work with regular pavers, you can still unleash your creativity and create your own unique style.

This patio is a great example. It incorporates modern cobblestones with clean lines that have been arranged in random patterns. You don’t always have to follow some strict conventions or stick to symmetrical design rules. This style works best for modern settings.

14. Corner Patio

Planning on building an extra patio in your backyard? That could be an interesting idea as long as you have the available space. An empty corner of the yard can be easily transformed in a secondary patio with a fire pit.

With the help of flagstone pavers, you can not only provide this new area with a more distinctive look, but you can also use them for an easy connection to the main patio surface. When selecting the color of the pavers, make sure you go for a tone that matches the style of the fire pit.

By Stefan Bucur

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These are all wonderful patio paver designs. I particularly like the Bluestone and Green Accent. Really beautiful.

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