Elegant Living Room Decorated With Antiques

20 Ingenious Decorating With Antiques Ideas

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If you’re looking to add a sense of history and cultural character to your home, it’s a good idea to start decorating with antiques. These objects have the ability to connect people to the past and enhance any modern interior design style. Antique elements aren’t comparable to basic decorations you can buy in any store nowadays. These items seem to tell a story and boast greater depth compared to lots of commercial mass-produced items. It’s not surprising to see that antiques have enjoyed a considerable surge in interest lately.

Decorating your home with stylish antiques and vintage pieces represents a sure way to transform the space with a timeless visual effect. Choosing carefully how to incorporate these antiques into your favorite decor style will ensure that you obtain a superb look that won’t ever become outdated. If you’ve accumulated some hidden treasures from the flea market or antique store, it’s only natural that you feel the need to display these items properly. Blending the old world with modern elements can be quite daunting. Check out these ingenious ideas that provide some much-needed inspiration when it comes to integrating antiques in your living space.

1. Antique Accents

Small Bathroom With Antique Accents

The bathroom may not feel like the first room to consider for decorating with antiques. That being said, the proper vintage accents can bring a charming appeal to this area. Things like an old rug or chair and vintage brass fixtures will instantly upgrade the style of the bathroom. It might seem like a bold suggestion, but it’s actually recommended to build all the other elements of your bathroom around carefully curated vintage accents.

2. Re-Upholstering Antiques

Antique Chairs With Floral Patterns

How do you make antiques feel fresh in a contemporary space? The answer is quite complex, but a simple method is to change some important details about the piece to make it fit in. For example, an antique chair can be reupholstered with the help of a more interesting fabric style. Mix a touch of new to that vintage element and you’ll be surprised by the level of renewed depth you can achieve.

3. Vintage Corner

Antique Console Table With Vintage Decorations

Organizing your collection of antiques can be quite challenging, especially if your home lacks enough space. Instead of going all the way and displaying all your treasured vintage pieces, it could be a good idea to start small by focusing only on a particular corner of the room. Craft your own aesthetic in this dedicated spot of the room by adding antiques over time. For example, you could place a vintage chair and then build the space around it using other old objects to create a stylish vignette.

4. Changing the Lights

Blue Bedroom With Vintage Lights

Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. An antique lighting setup in a modern space can revitalize the room with vintage charm. Switching from modern lights to old-style ones represents an ingenious decor solution. You’re not just blending different aesthetics together but can also incorporate a functional element. Vintage lamps are highly recommended because they’re not difficult to re-wire. A bit more work is required compared to modern illumination solutions, but it’s worth the decor upgrade.

5. Vintage Trunk

Living Room With Antique Trunk Used as Coffee Table

When it comes to choosing suitable antique pieces to decorate your home, vintage trunks are some of the best to try. If you manage to spot a really old storage chest at a flea market, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your home decor. This kind of piece looks stunning when wear signs are clearly visible. They give the antique a charming historical appeal. Most vintage trunks are predominantly used just to decorate the space considering their abundance of ornate details and colorful patterns. However, these antiques can also come in handy as whimsical storage chests or repurposed as coffee tables.

6. Antique Bar

Antique Liquor Bar

Not sure about the best use for an old open-shelf cabinet? Consider transforming it into an antique bar to decorate an empty corner of the house. This provides a great opportunity because you can mix different periods and shapes together to create a unique look. Pair the vintage cabinet with other antiques such as a vintage lamp or accessories like rugs and curtains. By selecting some refined liquors and other classy alcoholic drinks to store on the shelves, you will be able to make your antique bar extremely sophisticated.

7. Complementing the Wall

Antique Console Table With Matching Vintage Wall

Many homeowners find empty walls bland and lacking in character. If you want to decorate a wall successfully, it’s worth considering the surroundings to create a balanced look. A traditional painting works beautifully to enliven the wall. Antiques can complement the appearance of the wall with an extra layer of character. This stylish bibliotheque is an excellent example. Together with the matching chairs, this vintage element adds a sense of fullness to the wall resulting in a much more satisfying aesthetic overall.

8. Bright Color Scheme

Bright Colored Living Room With Antique Accents

It’s not easy to decide on the right color scheme for spaces decorated with antiques. These old objects feature faded colors or neutral tones that don’t stand out. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t also find antiques boasting livelier colors. A bright color scheme shouldn’t be avoided when decorating with such vintage elements. Think of vibrant textiles, bold ceramics patterns, or various ornate details. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a fun punch of color in your antique decor. Just make sure you don’t combine too many colors that could make the space overwhelming to the eye.

9. Eclectic Combination

Modern Eclectic Bedroom With Antique Console Table

Most interior decorators suggest maintaining a cohesive look when you’re trying to integrate antique pieces into your home. Mixing them with contemporary decor can be a pretty bold approach that results in an eclectic combination of styles. This antique dresser might feel a little out of place in this modern bedroom. If you pay close attention, however, you will notice how the piece of furniture has been integrated so elegantly into this contemporary space. The gallery wall and striped bench contribute to a collected atmosphere.

10. Elegant Fireplace

Traditional Living Room With Elegant Antique Fireplace

Fans of vintage aesthetics are pretty adamant when it comes to retaining the original look of antiques. The worn look adds to the charm of an old piece, but that doesn’t mean you should always leave antiques untouched with their original finish. Freshening up a vintage item is actually highly recommended in some situations. For example, you can breathe new life into an antique fireplace by adding hand-painted ornamentations. The antique element can gain a new identity that helps it to fit in better when upgrading the style of existing furniture pieces.

11. Symmetrical Design

Symmetrical Design Living Room With Antique Elements

There are no strict design rules that you should follow when you’re bringing antiques into your home. That being said, curating the space and maintaining an orderly appearance can help to properly integrate these vintage items. Traditional concepts such as symmetrical layouts contribute to a more balanced appearance. It’s especially useful to try this design approach when combining new and old elements. This gorgeous room full of antique pieces shows off a very collected look. Items seem to have been arranged effortlessly without being immediately apparent which pieces are new and which are old.

12. Rustic Aesthetic

Rustic Antique Bedroom Design

Antiques are excellent choices to decorate a rustic interior. Bring some of your favorite vintage pieces and combine them with cozy textures in a warm neutral color palette. The result is simply fabulous. Worn doors that clearly show their age can appear stunningly beautiful when used to replace a headboard in a bedroom. Draw more attention to this unique element by choosing suitable vintage light fixtures. Complete this rustic bedroom look with antique accents such as distressed nightstands and candles.

13. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Featuring Antique Photographs

Instead of a gallery wall made up of modern artworks, you can bring some vintage flair to an empty wall by choosing old sepia or black-and-white family photos. Even if you don’t have such vintage family pictures to use, you can still get some from the flea market just for decorative purposes. Other elements can contribute to a more attractive vintage gallery wall. It’s recommended to integrate some antique frames or mirrors to form a cohesive look. If rustic aesthetics are more up your alley, consider items such as an old scale.

14. Antique Statement

Antique Furniture Piece With Painted Doors

A single antique piece can often be enough to make a gorgeous statement. There’s no need to dress up the entire room in vintage items if that’s not really your cup of tea. Consider adding a stylish furniture element such as this beautiful gold-painted cabinet. The worn texture and Renaissance-era paintings on its doors contribute to a charming visual effect. When paired with other antique decorations, the resulting look is incredibly attractive. The brass and ceramic textures here manage to elevate the antique vibe of the cabinet.

15. Huge Chandelier

Large Chandelier in Elegant Living Room

Few items in a home can bring stronger antique vibes than a large chandelier. Owning such a grandiose piece is sure to add a distinctive character to your living room. Although chandeliers work well in modern design styles, they usually fit better in traditional spaces where they can truly show their imposing elegance. Big enough chandeliers are capable of becoming the focal point of the living room without too much effort. Try making the overall atmosphere more luxurious by including matching elements such as a marble fireplace.

16. Neutral Tone Contrast

Neutral Toned Room With Antique Accents

Antiques seem to mix well with neutral tones. If you have some old decor pieces that appear a little too colorful, you need to consider neutral tones for a contrasting effect. Layered cream, white, and light tan colors can work to create the perfect backdrop to showcase your lively antiques. Vintage textiles with floral prints can look particularly stunning when framed together with neutral-toned elements. Decorating with antiques is similar to decorating with other items in the sense that you should always strive to maintain visual balance.

17. Displaying Collectibles

Orange Kitchen Wall Decorated With Antique Artworks

Some people love the idea of collecting antique decorations. This can provide a solid opportunity to make a visual statement through that collection. Put those valuable treasures on display to make the atmosphere in the room more pleasant and inviting. Instead of a single grand antique element that captures all the attention, you can make your collection the focal point of the room. A good example is this collection of old paintings and portraits that lends great character to this fun orange wall.

18. Combined Eras

Green Room With Antique Accents

When you think of an antique piece, there’s no specific point of time that’s associated with it. Some items can be really old and worn but others can be relatively recent yet all of them can fit under the umbrella term “antique”. Eclectic decorators can often incorporate antiques belonging to distinctive eras in the same space. This is an interesting way to combine different styles together and obtain a fresh look. If you look closely, this antique dresser feels much older than the vintage tufted chair. Despite this realization, the two pieces work together wonderfully.

19. Antiques in the Kitchen

Antique Distressed Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is a functional area where strictly decorative pieces feel hard to integrate properly. Although it’s a little more challenging compared to decorating a living room, you can also bring antiques to your cooking space. The secret is to focus on pieces that are useful to have in the kitchen as well as attractive to look at. For example, an old worn cabinet featuring glass doors could be a great choice. It may not be an ideal match for a modern kitchen, but it can look gorgeous in a traditional space while also offering excellent storage capabilities.

20. Beach Retreat

Coastal Dining Room With Antique Pieces

Antiques can bring a sense of rich character to any kind of aesthetic, including coastal design styles. A breezy beach-inspired retreat can look stunning if you choose the right antique decor pieces. You could try fusing together different vintage elements to create a romantic visual effect. This charming Italian console provides a Renaissance-era vibe to the area. It frames some elegant chinoiserie vases for an artful mix of different styles. Luxurious accents and attractive architectural features tie everything together to enliven this dining room.


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