Lemons Used to Decorate Coffee Table

20 Genius Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Lemons

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With their bright yellow color and characteristic shape, lemons can work as a powerful decorative motif. You can bring some style to your home by opting for faux lemons or fun patterns that show off the fruit. There’s also the option to use real lemons in case you prefer the idea of natural home decor. Although lemons can be used for decorative purposes throughout the year, it’s safe to say that the summer period is ideal to bring this motif into the spotlight.

Lemon decor provides cheerful vibes to any room, whether you prefer small accents or a full thematic makeover. Even just a simple bowl of lemons can bring a pop of color to beautify your interior design style. Let’s explore the most creative solutions to incorporate real or faux lemons in your home decor. Get inspired by the following ideas that will bring some vibrant excitement with the help of adorable lemons.

1. Lemon Table Runner

Lemon Patterned Table Runner

If you’re looking to enhance your tablescape design, check out this beautiful table runner featuring a lemon pattern. It can bring some sunny vibes to your indoor or outdoor dining table. Combine it with matching napkins for a more cohesive lemon theme. Take a look at this lemon table runner from Amazon if you’re interested in this kind of aesthetic.

2. Simple Lemon Basket

Decorative Basket of Lemons

Why bother with complicated makeovers when a simple decor touch can make a great visual difference? Consider the minimalist approach of using just a basket of real or faux lemons to make your tablescape more inviting. It’s a recommended idea to try if your dining room or kitchen relies on a monochromatic color scheme. The pop of color from the lemons will bring a sense of freshness to the area.

3. Throw Pillow Covers

Lemon Patterned Throw Pillow

A set of fun pillow covers can easily change the vibe of the room. Try using lemon-themed covers to bring some fresh style to the living room. This is a fairly simple decor idea that anyone can use to make the house more welcoming during the summer period. Take a look at this lemon-styled set of covers for your throw pillows found on Amazon. It’s a simple yet effective aesthetic upgrade.

4. Lemon Wreath

Decorative Wreath Featuring Lemons

Festive wreaths aren’t used only in the winter. You can celebrate the sunny atmosphere of the summer season by opting for a lemon-themed wreath. It can be hung indoors or outdoors to make any space feel bright and cheerful. Although you might be able to create a DIY lemon wreath, there’s also the option of skipping the hard work and purchasing a great decor piece online. Here’s a solid pick from Amazon if you’re searching for a well-crafted festive wreath packed with faux lemons and leaves.

5. Lemon Fairy Lights

Lemon Shaped LED Fairy Lights

Looking to add a cozy touch to your summer party? This set of fairy lights can be a great option considering the lemon style used. They’re powered by batteries and each light comes encased in a decorative lemon slice to add a unique visual effect. It’s safe to say that you can create a memorable atmosphere with these fairy lights for any special occasion or simply as beautiful home decor.

6. Lemon Wallpaper

Lemon Patterned Wallpaper in Breakfast Nook

If the walls appear a little too plain, you can dress them up with a stunning wallpaper showing off a lemon pattern. This is a fun decor solution that’s highly recommended because the wallpaper is removable. It can be put up only when you want to bring some festive summer vibes to the room. Check out this vintage-inspired lemon-style wallpaper that’s easy to install and remove without leftover residue.

7. Lemon Scented Candle

Lemon Scented Candle on Coffee Table

A lemon-scented candle could be the finishing touch to add after you’re done dressing up the room with various lemon patterns and accents. You need to focus on other senses if you’re planning to go all out on a lemon decor theme. The whole atmosphere in the room can be energized by the fresh smell of zesty lemons. We recommend this long-lasting scented candle that offers a delightful olfactory experience through its lemon fragrance.

8. Lemon Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Cabinet Decorated With Lemons

A pack of faux lemons can come in very handy when you’re decorating your kitchen cabinet. Lemon motifs work amazingly well together with farmhouse or other vintage elements. An open cabinet provides many decor possibilities. Get inspired by this beautiful way of integrating faux lemon as bright accents contrasting against neutral-toned kitchen accessories. The area is used as a functional coffee bar that takes advantage of charming farmhouse elements sprinkled with decorative lemons.

9. Lemon Flower Vase

Flower Vase With Lemons Inside

Lemons can be used to accentuate the beauty of other decor pieces. For example, you can enhance the style of a vase with fresh flowers by putting some lemons inside it. Use real lemons to create a stunning natural arrangement. If that’s not always practical, faux lemons can work well instead. In any case, the addition of a lemon accent can improve the elegant visual effect of the flowers.

10. Lemon Curtains

Lemon Patterned Curtains

Instead of dull solid colors, why not make your curtains stand out with a gorgeous design? Botanical themes are particularly popular when it comes to drape patterns. Check out this stylish lemon print that can become a superb window treatment for your windows. The lemon-patterned curtains are available on Amazon and can provide different levels of sun-blocking power.

11. Faux Lemon Branches

Lemon Branches in Decorative Bottle

Taking care of a real lemon tree could be too difficult for lots of busy homeowners. A great alternative is using a faux lemon plant that offers all the decorative benefits with none of the responsibilities involved in caring for a real plant. The market is full of interesting options for faux lemon trees, but these elegant branches can be considered ideal for most applications. They remain vibrant and fresh-looking to brighten up any decor style.

12. Lemonade Bar

Vintage Lemon Bar Design

When you’re having guests over, a bar area can be a superb addition to enliven the party. Instead of traditional bar styles, you should consider a more thematic approach by focusing exclusively on lemonade. Bring decorative touches based on lemons while allowing guests to customize their lemonade drinks to their liking. Don’t forget about dressing up the wall with a decorative sign to make the lemonade bar as authentic as possible.

13. Lemon Welcome Doormat

Lemon Patterned Doormat

First impressions are very important. If you want to make guests feel welcomed inside your house, consider using a more stylish doormat. This model found features a joyful lemon design to make the entrance to your home stand out. It’s a simple decorative idea that can be ideal for high-traffic areas. The cheerful style of this lemon doormat seems to radiate good vibes to make a solid impression on any guests.

14. Lemon Dish Towels

Lemon Patterned Dish Towel

The kitchen is one functional area of the home that can benefit from some stylish lemon decor. Check out this dish towel set that can infuse the room with an attractive pop of color. Thanks to its lemon all-over print, the dish towel can become a lovely addition to various kitchen styles. There are different options on the market when it comes to lemon-patterned dish towels. This set from Amazon is particularly recommended for its high-quality 100% cotton construction.

15. Lemon Wall Art

Lemon Patterned Wall Art

Lemon artwork has the ability to beautify any living space. This design motif works best in the farmhouse or shabby chic decor styles. Take a look at this lemon wall art painting. The vintage and distressed appeal of the artwork’s wooden frame can suit all kinds of rustic interiors. If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll certainly find it easy to integrate a bright and vibrant lemon art print on your walls.

16. Lemon Garland

 Decorative Garland Featuring Lemons

When it comes to lemon decor pieces, few options can match the versatility of a stylish garland. It can be used to enhance your tablescape or for decorating the front door. A beautiful handmade lemon garland could be the finishing touch for the area above the fireplace or a nice accent for a kitchen wall. Take a look at this decorative garland featuring faux lemons and other plants available on Amazon.

17. Lemons on Trays

Multi Tiered Trays Decorated With Lemons

Creating a picturesque home doesn’t require a lot of fancy decor pieces. Some of the best decorations are also the simplest you can try. For example, you can incorporate real or faux lemons on multi-tiered trays along with other farmhouse accents for a distinctive decor touch. It’s all about using your creativity to figure out the best arrangement that matches your personal aesthetic. Lemons look stunning together with ceramic mugs and wooden plaques.

18. Lemon Sign

Vintage Lemon Sign

Anyone who wants to add some country flair to their home should consider decorating with a vintage sign featuring lemons. This is a charming way to include the stylish fruit motif into your decor. Pick a sign with a worn finish to take advantage of vintage visual appeal. Here’s a fun bar sign that works as a country-style accent for any wall. It includes vibrant lemons and a funny quote.

19. Lemon Gnomes

Decorative Lemon Themed Gnomes

If you want to decorate your home with a good luck charm, consider using lemon gnomes that work perfectly for a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Check out these Swedish gnomes that offer a handmade design with a lemon theme. You can find a good spot on a shelf for them in the kitchen or the living room among other summertime decorations.

20. Lemon Dinnerware Set

Lemon Patterned Dinnerware Set

Using a specific theme for a dinner party can make the event more memorable. A lemon theme could work nicely for a breezy summer evening. Take a look at this lovely dinnerware set that includes everything needed to allow four people to dine in style. All the plates, mugs, and bowls included here feature the same vividly-colored lemon pattern that brings a whimsical touch to everyday dining or special occasions.


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