20 Brilliant Decor Ideas to Make Your Cubicle Feel Homey

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Having your own workspace can provide lots of advantages compared to open office layouts. The cubicle can be decorated to your liking or enhanced with key items to improve your productivity. Instead of drab walls and plain colors, the cubicle can feel more welcoming and enjoyable by including the right decorations. You are spending several hours of your workday in the cubicle so why not transform this bland space into a fun area that you’re actually excited to be in?

Whether you’re looking to make your cubicle stand out compared to the rest or simply wish for a refreshing change of scenery, check out the following inspirational decor ideas.

1. Removable Wallpaper

If the walls feel a little too plain for your tastes, consider getting removable wallpaper. It’s the most practical solution to decorate them with a fresh design and completely change the entire look of the cubicle. You can finally stop staring at boring gray walls and admire instead some interesting patterns that fit your creative style.

2. Mood-Boosting Lighting

Even if your cubicle is sufficiently illuminated, it can still benefit from some extra lighting to boost your mood and enhance overall productivity. Choose a light therapy lamp that’s suitable for this purpose while also contributing to the decor style of the cubicle. This model from Amazon is a great example. Some extra brightness in the right area of your workspace can make a difference in terms of adding a joyful feeling to your work routine.

3. Decorative Sculpture

When the workload becomes particularly stressful, it’s essential to maintain solid serenity vibes in the cubicle. It may seem surprising but even small decorations and accessories can have a notable effect on your overall mood. To keep your mind relaxed, in a Zen state, consider opting for a decorative sculpture that prevents that overwhelming feeling of approaching deadlines. Check out this praying Buddha figurine on Amazon.

4. Wall Clock

Being aware of the time is obviously important in a work environment. Your cubicle can benefit from the addition of a practical accessory such as a wall clock. This can also serve as a decorative item. It doesn’t have to be any plain wall clock out there. Try finding a stylish option that matches the overall vibe of your workspace and fits your personal preferences. This pearl mosaic wall clock on Amazon seems to fit the bill.

5. Desk Calendar

The desk calendar is a beautiful decoration that doubles as a practical cubicle addition as well. If you’re not satisfied with the options available to buy, it’s worth trying out the DIY route like this vintage journal-style calendar. This is an interesting DIY project based on a classic calendar and postcards. It could be a fun idea if you enjoy crafting and adding your own personal touch to decorations.

6. Greenery

Staying in touch with the natural world is pretty hard when you’re stuck at your work cubicle. A good solution to consider is bringing a touch of greenery to the workspace by including potted plants. There are some solid tabletop plant options on the market that don’t have fussy care requirements. Succulents or Pothos plants come easily to mind. Alternatively, consider purchasing a very realistic artificial plant to add an easy splash of green to the cubicle.

7. Picture Frames

Great cubicle decor doesn’t always have to focus on elegant aesthetics and attention to cohesive design. Sometimes it’s all about what matters to you personally. This is why it’s a good idea to bring memorable photographs of your family and friends using some handsome picture frames. By surrounding yourself with treasured moments from your life, you can easily find more enjoyment when working in the cubicle and power through the most difficult workloads.

8. String Lights

Additional lighting is always welcomed in the work cubicle. While not intended as the primary illumination source, the glow of string lights is very effective in terms of making the whole area feel cozier and more inviting. It’s fun to decorate your desk and walls with strings of LED lights while taking advantage of a solid mood-boosting effect.

9. Pegboard

Implementing some practical solutions to stay more organized at your work cubicle doesn’t mean you should compromise on aesthetics. Pegboards have great potential when it comes to organizing various accessories efficiently by making smart use of vertical space. They also give you the opportunity to display all the little tools and items more elegantly. This results in a clean desk and neatly decorated cubicle. Here’s a great pegboard organizer on Amazon.

10. Bookends

If you have some books lying around in your cubicle, you can keep them properly organized with bookends. Some models offer a stylish look that can match the look of the books and help to display them. Bookends are relatively easy to DIY in case you prefer a more personalized item. A nice idea involves taking heavy rocks and spray painting them to create a more glamorous appearance.

11. Trays

Having quick access to your essential accessories at work can be accomplished easily with the help of an organizing tray. This isn’t just a useful addition to your cubicle but can also provide some solid customization opportunities. You can choose a bolder look to make the tray stand out against the plain look of the cubicle. Gold modern trays or vintage ornate models might look too out of place if you don’t make some decor transformations as well. Check out this stylish multi-tiered tray on Amazon.

12. Office Supplies

Although it’s important to have practical office supplies, the look of your cubicle can also benefit from a more cohesive color scheme. This is why it’s recommended to opt for color-coordinated sets of pens, staplers, tape dispensers, and other essential supplies needed at work. It’s the kind of small change that can have a considerable visual impact and enhance the overall decor of the cubicle. Take a look at this rose gold desk accessory kit from Amazon.

13. Wall Art

A nice selection of artworks can come in handy to cover those drab walls in the cubicle. It’s not just for your viewing pleasure because splashes of color from wall art will also have a great effect on your creativity. It’s safe to say that you can get easily depressed when looking only at basic gray and white walls. Emphasize art pieces with mood-boosting colors such as blue and green.

14. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Hanging out at your cubicle for extended periods of time can negatively affect your mood. It can be hard to relax when the workload gets particularly overwhelming. Consider a decorative aromatherapy diffuser that offers a delightful olfactory experience like this colorful one found on Amazon. You can choose your own scents to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the cubicle. Any space can benefit from this kind of accessory but it can make wonders for a stressful environment in particular.

15. Mousepad

The computer’s mouse is used every day quite intensely in your cubicle. With a minimal investment in a more stylish mousepad, you can quickly and easily improve the decor style in your workspace. If you don’t have a mousepad already, you can also appreciate the ergonomic benefits provided by a smooth surface that lets the mouse glide effortlessly. This personalized mousepad on Amazon looks like a great choice to add some style to your cubicle.

16. Office Chair

Another element of the work cubicle that can use an aesthetic upgrade is the chair. It could be a great opportunity to ditch the old office chair and pick a more colorful option that adds more character to your desk. It’s recommended to find an office chair that’s stylish while matching the overall theme of the cubicle to maximize your enjoyment. Consider your options carefully because the chair is a large item that will have a great visual impact.

17. Action Figures

There’s no specific rule that says you need to have only work-related items in your cubicle. Add a touch of whimsy with some fun decorations such as figures that match your preferences or desired theme. If you have a hobby collecting various action figures, the work cubicle could bring a good opportunity to display it proudly. In case it feels like too much clutter on the desk, perhaps only including a couple of standout pieces should suffice. Model kits are also worth considering.

18. Coffee Mug

Coffee could be considered a must-have for many cubicle workers. If you want to savor your favorite caffeinated drink in style, why not get a decorative mug? It’s a simple yet effective accessory when it comes to complementing the look of your desk with a touch of extra character. We recommend large ceramic coffee mugs such as this decorative model on Amazon.

19. Throw Pillow

Many comfortable office chairs can make some compromises in the aesthetics department. If you’re happy with the feel of your chair but want to improve its appearance, small accessories such as throw pillows can be very useful. Selecting a patterned pillow or one featuring a colorful design will certainly provide the much-needed visual upgrade. It will also contribute to superior back support in some cases.

20. Planner Notebook

Dealing with your everyday tasks efficiently requires proper organization. This job can be easily accomplished with a daily planner notebook. It lets you organize your schedule and set up to-do lists for each day of the year. It’s certainly a valuable tool to accomplish all your work goals and track your progress. This kind of planner notebook doesn’t have to look boring though. Choose one with a pretty cover and more unconventional designs to suit the style of your cubicle. Here’s the planner notebook in the picture on Amazon.


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