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15 Ingenious Zip Tie Hacks and Uses

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Zip ties are incredibly versatile and practical to have around your home. With their help, you can fix small problems, get rid of clutter, and tackle all kinds of odd jobs. Zip ties are comparable to duct tape in the sense that they appear to have countless uses. There are many ingenious methods to use zip ties and the best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot. Plastic zip ties are inexpensive and simply indispensable for anyone who’s into household DIY projects. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the most useful zip tie hacks that will convince you of the importance to have a nice stash on hand.

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1. Flower Bouquet Holder

Despite their flimsy look, zip ties are very strong when it comes to holding things. Flower arrangements can be kept secure more effectively with the help of these practical little accessories. Use zip ties to prevent a flower bouquet from unraveling in the vase and hold the desired look.

2. Cable Management

Zip ties work ideally for reducing cable clutter behind your PC or television. Connecting various devices to the TV can result in lots of scattered cables that create an unsightly look for your media center. Make smart use of zip ties to get that tangled mess of cords under control. To go a step further, consider integrating more zip ties to separate individual cables and obtain a clean, organized look.

3. Zip Repair

A missing zipper pull can be conveniently replaced by a zip tie. It’s not the most elegant solution but it’s a quick fix for a common garment malfunction. The zip tie can also work to substitute a broken strap for backpacks.

4. Pegboard Support

If you’re looking to keep various supplies more organized, pegboards can be considered excellent solutions. You can take advantage of the full potential of this kind of item by using zip ties to hold containers. Whether you have a crafting station or just wish to minimize tool clutter, the versatility of zip ties can form a great combination together with pegboards. Just make sure you pick some heavy-duty zip ties.

5. Bottle Attachment

Are you looking to grab a water bottle on your trip but don’t have any available space inside the backpack? Check out this ingenious method of using zip ties to attach the bottle to the backpack involving a carabiner. It’s a quick and easy fix while providing more convenient access to your drink during traveling. This zip tie hack requires a bit of DIY work but should be manageable without too much effort.

6. Improved Traction

Attaching zip ties to your shoes can improve the traction if they’re not particularly suitable for icy areas. Combine them with hardware nuts for an extra powerful effect to prevent slipping. This is a practical DIY fix that takes only a few minutes of your time while boosting the level of traction significantly.

7. Mobile Phone Rest

Whether you want to watch videos or follow recipes more comfortably on your mobile phone, it can be tough without maintaining the device propped up. This is where zip ties come into play. They can secure the phone at a more comfortable viewing angle when installed with the heads facing down to ensure proper stability on the countertop.

8. Hanging Garlands

Hanging garlands on various fixtures such as drape railings can be done more easily with the help of zip ties. It’s a practical solution when setting up decorations for all kinds of events such as birthdays or holidays. The flexibility of zip ties makes it easy to find the right location for hanging your garlands and ensuring the most festive look possible.

9. Garden Support

Like hanging garlands in your house, zip ties can also be used outdoors for similar purposes. They can offer good support for some plants that require it such as cucumbers or roses. Many trailing plants in your garden may need to be properly attached to gardening supports like stakes or trellises. They will grow more healthy while maintaining a neat garden look.

10. Lamp Décor

Although we’re used to zip ties being functional accessories, they also have some decorative potential. By choosing a set of colorful zip ties, you can create unique decorative pieces such as a lampshade. It takes a bit of patience to create multiple layers of zip ties like this but it could be worth the effort to showcase a creative DIY lamp.

11. Key Ring

Without better alternatives at hand, zip ties can successfully replace the need for a key ring to keep some keys together. It’s a helpful solution for those times when you quickly need to separate a set of keys and give spare units to someone. The chances of losing a key can be greatly reduced by this simple zip tie hack.

12. Bubble Wand

If you lose the bubble wand, you can try replacing it with a makeshift one from a single zip tie. Just create a simple loop at the end and dip it into the bubble solution to start enjoying floating bubbles again. It’s a simple and convenient fix for kids who love making bubbles. Make sure you pick a fairly large zip tie for a comfortable feel.

13. Childproofing Cabinets

Keeping the curiosity of children at bay can be difficult, especially in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a quick childproofing hack for cabinets, consider using zip ties. The handles can be easily locked together to deter children from snooping around in the cupboard. It only works if you have two adjacent knobs but it’s still a pretty ingenious solution.

14. Secured Moving Bins

Moving is a frustrating experience if your containers don’t stay properly closed. This can often happen when relying on big plastic boxes with cheap lids. To secure the containers and maintain them closed at all times, you should try zip ties. Just a small hole needs to be drilled to run the zip ties and attach them securely to the plastic bins.

15. Drain Snake

Not everyone has a drain snake lying around their house so zip ties can be used to improvise one with minimal effort. This is a great zip tie hack for those times when the sink in the bathroom becomes clogged. You can forget about pouring harsh chemicals down the drain. Just take a long zip tie and cut some notches on its end to grab whatever is clogging the sink.

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