The 10 Best Pothos Plant Varieties

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If you’re looking for an ideal beginner-friendly houseplant to start with, there are hardly better options than Pothos plants. They’re really low-maintenance while providing a lot of visual appeal through their vibrant green foliage. Thanks to its high tolerance for different growing conditions, Pothos is considered a versatile plant to grow at home. It can manage even if your watering schedule isn’t consistent or if you place it in low light or humidity.

Pothos plants can be grown in different ways as you can let them climb or trail instead of the classic tabletop form. If you want to expand your Pothos plant or share clippings, this is an ideal choice because it’s not difficult to propagate. Anyone who’s interested in this easy-care houseplant should be aware of the most interesting Pothos plant varieties to try. Check out the following selection that includes our favorite Pothos plant styles.

1. Golden Pothos

A highly popular variety, the golden Pothos offers rich visual appeal through its vibrant leaves sprinkled with golden accents. This is a plant whose foliage represents its strongest asset in terms of looks. The golden Pothos can be found in many local garden centers and boasts excellent resilience even when compared to other Pothos varieties.

This is a trailing plant that can be appreciated for its heart-shaped leaves adorned in dazzling patterns. The color tone of the foliage can vary sometimes from shades of dark green to lighter hues such as chartreuse. Although golden Pothos plants are easy to grow, they will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight where they can fully produce the most striking foliage colors.

2. Glacier Pothos

A more compact Pothos plant variety, this one features crisp white variegation sprinkled with silver tones. The leaves of the glacier Pothos can also show more distinctive visual characteristics such as the asymmetrical shape. While the variegation of this Pothos plant is more intense compared to others, this variety tends to grow slower. It could be an optimal choice as a tabletop houseplant.

3. Neon Pothos

Whereas other Pothos varieties seem to feature subtle heart-shaped leaves, it seems the Neon Pothos takes this suggestion to a new level. This type of Pothos plant shows off a perfect heart shape for its leaves that makes a striking combination together with its neon green foliage color. The neon Pothos is a monochromatic variety that offers just a shiny tone of green but the variegations aren’t missed when considering the elegant leaf shape.

4. Marble Queen Pothos

With a similar look to the golden variety, the marble queen Pothos could be an excellent choice for fans of variegations on the leaves. This plant offers lighter-toned variegations that resemble the look of marble, hence the name. It’s easy to grow just like any other Pothos plant but it’s recommended to pay attention to light exposure with this one. Marble Queen Pothos plants should get some extra light to fully develop the contrasting variegation on the leaves.

5. Jade Pothos

The jade Pothos looks attractive with its dark green leaves without any kind of variegation. It’s a simple but effective choice for anyone who wants to grow this low-maintenance plant. You can identify this Pothos variety easier by checking the shape of the leaves. It doesn’t appear to resemble a heart because the leaves are narrower. Jade Pothos plants can be safely maintained in low light conditions because they don’t have variegations.

6. Satin Pothos

Also known as silver Pothos, this variety is known for its dark green foliage splashed with silver splotches. Compared to other types of Pothos plants, the satin variety doesn’t appear as majestic due to its more compact foliage. This plant has vine-like qualities that make it fit well in your home if you want to create an indoor jungle theme. Satin or silver Pothos plants grow ideally in hanging pots.

7. N-Joy Pothos

A more recent Pothos cultivar, the N-Joy variety offers some interesting foliage characteristics. Leaves show off eye-catching variegated patterns typically in white tones. The contrast appears more intense depending on the light conditions as the color of the leaves ranges from shades of pale green to dark green. N-Joy Pothos plants work nicely as decorative plants but are not as easy to find as the more popular varieties.

8. Manjula Pothos

Manjula is another beautiful Pothos plant variety that resembles the look of the marble queen variety. If you have trouble recognizing it, the simplest solution is to check the style of the leaves that feature curvy edges. It’s a fairly distinctive element for the Manjula variety. Another interesting aspect is the larger diversity in terms of variegation colors considering how this Pothos has splashes or various freckles in white, silver, and cream tones.

9. Jessenia Pothos

The Jessenia Pothos variety has a delicate appearance with foliage that blends two shades of green. It usually shows off a mix of lighter and darker green tones that set it apart from other Pothos varieties. The plant offers interesting variegation but without a particularly strong contrast. Its main visual appeal is provided by the unique leaf patterns. Jessenia Pothos plants tend to grow quite slowly compared to others.

10. Hawaiian Pothos

Another exotic Pothos variety, the Hawaiian cultivar stands out thanks to its large leaves primarily adorned in rich emerald green colors. There’s some complex variegation shown by this plant that quickly draws the eye. The golden patterns create a beautiful foliage contrast. Coupled with the fact that this variety grows aerial roots on its stems, it’s safe to say that Hawaiian Pothos plants look fantastic if you enjoy tropical forest vibes.


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