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8 Colors That Go Well With Teal

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Thanks to its blend of drama and sophistication, teal represents a great color choice for many interior spaces. It might seem like a complicated color to use in your home décor style. However, teal is surprisingly easy to work with if you combine it with the right colors. Considering its jewel-tone qualities, teal can look quite stunning when contrasted against neutrals or in the proper lighting environment. Keep in mind that teal comes in different shades and your chosen hue will also influence the final look.

As opposed to other bold color options, teal is versatile enough to be integrated easily into both warm and cool color schemes. It can add a pop of color in simple white spaces or enhance a room that’s already decorated in a colorful style. Teal evokes a sense of serenity while being able to energize various decorating color palettes. If you’re wondering which colors can be paired ideally with teal, this article will show you the best options for a striking yet harmonious visual appeal.

1. Teal and Gold

Teal and Gold Living Room

If you want to take advantage of the luxurious style of teal, consider incorporating some gold elements that bring out the vibrancy of the color. Whether you want to enrich a regular contemporary design or want to create an eclectic space, the addition of metallics can provide a superb color combination. Pops of gold can beautifully complement the teal-blue walls in this living room. Make sure you select a warm color tone for the lighting to accentuate the shiny appeal of gold elements against the teal backdrop.

2. Teal and White

Teal and White Living Room

Wish to play it safe? There’s absolutely no risk of creating a clashing design if you mix teal together with white. The usual decorating approach for this kind of color scheme involves the addition of a few teal accents in an all-white space. However, that’s not the only way to create a stylish teal-and-white combo. Another option is to mix the colors together in equal parts as shown in this guest bedroom example. The atmosphere of this space gives off some relaxing tranquil vibes thanks to the elegant balance between teal and white elements.

3. Teal and Pink

Teal and Pink Bedroom

Pink might not seem like the best partner for teal in an interior color palette. It’s true that bright pink tones can feel a little overwhelming against the dazzling jewel-like qualities of many teal shades. That being said, teal and pink can form a great match together if you opt for a softer pink hue that maintains visual balance. Muted blush pink represents a superb solution to subdue the lavish appeal of teal and bring out a distinctively sophisticated vibe.

4. Teal and Beige

Teal and Beige Living Room

Beige offers a comfortable neutral vibe that’s often important in the world of interior design. The biggest downside of this color is that it tends to feel outdated in many spaces by itself. You can make beige seem trendier with the help of some sophisticated touches of teal. It’s a good idea to focus on beige being the background color considering its neutral qualities. Whether you’re using beige furniture, walls, or other big elements, make sure you select some stylish teal accents to elevate the overall aesthetic.

5. Teal and Gray

Teal and Gray Living Room

Teal works like a charm together with a multitude of neutral colors. Gray is a solid example because it can amplify the classy elegance of teal and prevent it from becoming too overpowering. Whether you prefer a light gray style or a darker charcoal shade, it’s safe to say that teal has its place alongside it. Keep in mind that gray is a fairly cool color that might appear even chillier when you add teal elements into the mix. That’s why it’s recommended to maintain a balance with the help of cozy accents of wood tones or rusty brick shades.

6. Teal and Black

Teal and Black Dining Room

Looking to make a bold statement in your dining room? Consider the dramatic combination of teal and black. The teal accent wall here draws a considerable level of attention and this is all thanks to the stunning contrast obtained with the black cabinet and chair upholstery. Other luxurious elements contribute to the exotic visual effect of the wall that feels bold without compromising on sophistication. The rich brown of the furniture prevents the color scheme from appearing too cold.

7. Teal and Yellow

Teal and Yellow Living Room

Teal is a great color for introducing a bold vibe into your home design aesthetics. If you want this kind of atmosphere while maintaining a fun and cheerful appeal, consider pairing teal with yellow. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a muted pastel, dark mustard, or a bright yellow shade, you can easily incorporate teal to complement the color in an eye-catching way. Teal and yellow color palettes feel fresh and more inviting than other bold styles. Consider adding fuchsia or mauve tones if you want to take eclecticism to a new level.

8. Teal and Green

Teal and Green Bedroom

If you’re looking to decorate a kids’ bedroom with a trendy color mix, consider trying out teal and green. These are both cool colors that are ideally used to create an invigorating vibe. When used sparingly, teal and green work well for adult rooms. However, they look best in kids’ rooms where you can lean fully into this kind of fun color combination. The dynamic energy of teal elements is beautifully complemented by the rejuvenating style of green while neutral tones keep the visual balance.

By Stefan Bucur

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