15 Arched Bookcase and Bookshelf Ideas You Will Love

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Any book lover out there knows the pleasure of displaying their superb book collection. There are lots of bookcase designs out there that can help you show off your books properly in your living space. If traditional square bookcase styles seem a little too plain for your tastes, it could be worth considering an arched design.

Whether you plan to display your books lavishly in a big room or just want to store your modest collection in a small area, it’s safe to say that bookcases with arched tops work best. The extra visual interest provided by an arched bookcase is helpful if you wish to draw more attention to the books. Take a look at these inspirational ideas featuring arched bookcases that will make you fall in love with the aesthetic.

1. Elegant Display

Elegant Display Arched Bookcase

A set of multiple arched bookcases work flawlessly to bring together all your favorite books and small decorations. It’s a good idea to pick a neutral tone like white that forms an ideal backdrop to display your treasured items more elegantly. The arched top grabs some extra attention so it’s recommended to pick a statement piece for that shelf.

2. Arched Alcove

Arched Alcove Bookcase

Built-in bookcases are practical in terms of saving storage space but they can also bring aesthetic benefits. Check out this arched alcove situated close to a fireplace. It can become a focal point in the room with the help of your favorite books and decorations.

3. Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors Arched Bookcase

An arched bookcase does a pretty good job in terms of shifting attention toward your book collection. If the beautiful rounded shape of the top of the book doesn’t seem to stand out that much, consider painting the wall behind it in a contrasting color. This dark shade of green shown in this living room forms a great match with the creamy white tone of the bookcase.

4. Mediterranean Flair

Arched Bookcase With Mediterranean Flair

Although arched bookcases can be smoothly integrated into various home designs, it can be said that some decor styles work better than others. If you wish to add a Mediterranean flair to the room, it’s worth including multiple arched bookcases that can serve different displaying purposes.

5. Symmetrical Look

Arched Bookcase With Symmetrical Look

Using a set of arched bookcases to frame the fireplace can be considered an ingenious decor choice. You will be able to take advantage of the symmetrical look and maintain a sense of comfortable uniformity in the room. Opt for a diverse selection of items to display to draw attention to the bookcases.

6. Bathroom Design

Bathroom Designed Arched Bookcase

Who says arched bookcases need to be used only for living rooms? This bathroom decor idea is proof that an arched bookcase can also look stylish in more unexpected areas of the home. It can become a highlight of the bathroom if the arched alcove is used as a storage space for towels and other bathroom essentials.

7. Compact Style

Compact Style Arched Bookcase

Not all arched bookcases are designed for big book collections or a grand display of decorations. Some designs focus on maintaining a compact look that’s proportional to the size of the room. Check out this narrow bookcase that features an arched top. It takes advantage of vertical height due to its built-in design.

8. Sophisticated Home Office

Sophisticated Home Office

With the help of an arched bookcase, you can infuse your home office with an air of sophistication. Take a look at this dramatic set of bookcases that cover the entire wall behind the desk of this home office. Notice how the arched tops are not painted in the same shade of charcoal black to create a distinctive contrast.

9. Nursery Bookcases

Nursery Bookcases

The elegance of arched bookcases can contribute to a stylish visual effect in a nursery remodel. Take a look at this set of bookcases that feature traditional construction details and slight arches to bring a decorative punch to the white color scheme. It’s a great solution to store children’s books and display toys.

10. Art Nouveau Arch

Art Nouveau Arch

Anyone who wants to move away from traditional arched bookcase designs could try a different shape. This pair of bookcases in this living room incorporate Art Nouveau arch variations to spruce up the visual appeal of the walls. The corners are not curved and allow the arched bookcases to be integrated more easily into modern interiors.

11. Patterned Background

Patterned Home Office

An arched bookcase can already make a bold statement in the room but you can take the visual impact to a new level by choosing a patterned background texture. These stunning bookcases provide a great dose of contrast through the black inner design that appears striking against the predominantly white color scheme of the home office.

12. Charming Desk

Charming Desk With Arched Bookcase in the Back

Instead of building a full bookcase, you can take advantage of an arched space to incorporate a small computer desk as well. The top is packed with books and colorful decorations to make the rounded arch stand out while the desk underneath provides a new layer of functionality to this classy architectural feature.

13. Creative Storage

Creative Storage With Arched Bookcases

Not all arched bookcases need to be used for displaying books or various trinkets. Here’s a more unique idea that involves the use of arched alcoves to store firewood. It’s a creative way to emphasize the important role of the fireplace in the room. Aside from the practical aspects of keeping the firewood close at hand, this is also a stylish display to decorate the wall.

14. Traditional Aesthetic

Arched Bookcases With Traditional Aesthetic

Whereas arched bookcases look fairly attractive in modern settings, they seem to be perfectly suited for a traditional home aesthetic. It’s important to use natural materials such as wood and leather to maintain a classic style. However, it’s the rich details shown in this home office that truly elevate the space. The arched shape of the bookcase is definitely a standout feature.

15. Victorian Kids’ Bedroom

Victorian Kids Bedroom With Arched Bookcases

Like the idea of remodeling the kids’ bedroom in a Victorian style? Aside from a gorgeous bed skirt and ornate iron details, you should also include arched tops to the bookcases to match the vintage vibe of the room. Pick the same color tone for the interior of the bookcase as the window treatments to maintain visual balance.

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