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6 Smart Ways to Cool Down a Garage With No Windows

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Not having windows in the garage can be considered an issue when it comes to keeping the temperature inside comfortable during hot weather. Without sufficient airflow, it’s safe to say that you won’t be able to work on your projects in the garage. Keeping the garage door open seems like an obvious solution to reduce the level of hotness inside but this will only work if the air outside isn’t extremely warm.

If your windowless garage sits in the scorching summer sun all day, you need to come up with some more reliable ways to cool it down. It’s essential to reduce the temperature in this place and maintain a comfortable atmosphere if your garage is often used as a workspace or living area. This article will show you some of the smartest ways to consider if you’re dealing with the problem of keeping out the heat in windowless garages. Check out the best cooling methods worth trying down below.

1. Don’t Park Your Car Inside Immediately

Open Garage With Parked Car

Parking inside a car that spent a good portion of the day under the strong summer sun represents a bad idea if you wish to bring down the temperature of the garage. It may not seem ideal to leave the car outside either but it’s all a balancing act. It’s recommended to wait some time in a shaded location until the hot engine of the vehicle cools down properly before you park the car in your garage.

Giving the engine some time to rest can help to reduce some of that accumulated heat that can quickly radiate outside and fill the garage space otherwise. Any enclosed space will get warmed by a car that has been recently running, especially if it spent a lot of time in full sunlight. Homeowners will often make the mistake of parking the car immediately into the garage, likely because they forget how hot the exterior of the vehicle gets despite using AC inside.

2. Add Better Insulation

Insulated Garage Interior

Insulating the garage from the harsh heat outside represents a smart way to keep it cool. It’s a great solution if the garage lacks windows or other good ventilation methods. Improving the insulation might sound challenging but the multiple benefits make it worth the effort. You might think that insulation is only useful in the winter to protect the space from the cold. However, if you think of insulation as an outside barrier, you will quickly be able to see how effective it becomes in the summer as well.

The idea is to make it more difficult for the environmental conditions outdoors to influence the temperature indoors. Most homeowners are aware of the advantages of proper insulation and don’t need a lot of convincing to consider it. The main issue is the hassle of hiring a contractor and all the associated costs. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t always need to get an expensive insulation treatment for a garage. The space can be cooled down effectively even if you try a more DIY-friendly route and do a rougher job with basic types of insulation.

3. Repaint the Garage

Garage That Needs Repainting

When it comes to affordable ways to cool down a windowless garage, repainting the space can be a reliable solution. Given how dark colors tend to absorb more heat, you need to deal with extra heat affecting the enclosed area. It’s recommended to repaint the walls and ceiling of the garage with lighter colors to counteract this effect and enjoy a cooler atmosphere.

Keep in mind that changing the paint color from dark tones to light ones will also have the opposite effect in the winter. The garage won’t be able to trap as much heat if you repaint the area in white or another light shade. It’s all about figuring out whether it’s more important to fight against the heat of the summer or protect the space against the chill of the winter.

4. Use a Portable Fan

Portable Fan in a Garage

If you don’t spend a lot of time in the garage or have lower requirements in terms of cooling, a portable fan should be more than enough to dissipate some of that stuffy hot air. There are lots of portable fan styles out there. Make sure you pick a unit that matches the size of the garage to ensure adequate cooling. It’s worth noting that portable fans work best if the air outside isn’t particularly warm. Check out this industrial-grade fan on Amazon that’s ideal for cooling down the garage.

5. Try a Swamp Cooler

Swamp Cooler in a Garage

Before you go ahead with a more permanent solution such as installing an AC unit, consider using a swamp cooler. It’s more affordable and quite reliable when you set it up correctly. Pair the swamp cooler with ice to make the most out of its evaporative effect that brings down the surrounding temperature. If you don’t tackle garage projects very often, having a swamp cooler could be more practical than a costly air conditioner. Consider this reliable indoor model from Amazon.

6. Install a Garage Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner in a Garage

Installing an air conditioner in the garage is probably the most effective solution when it comes to getting rid of all that excess heat. However, it’s an expensive option that might not seem worth it for many homeowners unless the garage is frequently used during hot summers. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a permanent AC installation, it’s recommended to choose a portable unit that can be set up in a DIY fashion. Consider this portable air conditioner.


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