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10 Amazing Upcycling Projects You Will Love

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There are countless ideas out there that can inspire you to dive into the world of upcycling. With the help of your imagination and the right materials and supplies, you can bring to life a cool eco-friendly project. Instead of throwing away old furniture pieces or other items that are no longer useful, you can transform them into eye-catching elements and bring a touch of character to any home.

People can have this misconception thinking that upcycled items need to have a different function but that’s not necessarily how the process works. You can simply take something old and spruce it up by giving it a fresh makeover. The object still accomplishes the same purpose but it’s now more attractive and interesting compared to before. Regardless of your stylistic choice, let’s explore some of the best upcycling projects you should try right now.

1. Painted Coffee Table

A timeless upcycling project involves taking old furniture pieces and giving them a new look with the help of a fresh coat of paint. Check out this simple coffee table that benefits from floral patterns to provide it with a new personality. The decorative paintwork is quite attractive on its own and it looks even more beautiful with the surrounding décor elements like the throw pillows and ottoman that have similar patterns. Go for oil-based paints to make sure the new finish will be able to face the passing of time.

2. Chandelier Planter

If you happen to have an old chandelier laying around, the best upcycling idea to try is to turn it into an eye-catching planter. It can add an unexpected effect when displaying it on the patio or in the garden. It gives off some Mad Hatter’s tea party vibes and the best aspect is that it’s quite an inexpensive transformation. You just need to prepare some small pots and saucers for the plants as well as a few materials to change the look of the old chandelier. Consider giving it a turquoise makeover to make a bold statement in the garden. Check out the full tutorial for this project.

3. Vintage Suitcase

Old suitcases have solid décor potential. If you’re a fan of the distressed coastal theme, you will be pleased with this project idea. Take the vintage suitcase and transform its look to match the style of the room. It can easily become an attractive décor piece that can be displayed next to distressed furniture. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the beach-inspired color scheme as you can just use the idea as an inspiration and reinvent the suitcase to fit your particular aesthetic. Follow the tutorial to get the vintage suitcase makeover right.

4. Empty Frame Shelf

Do you have a bunch of old empty frames that you wish to upcycle? One easy and practical solution is to transform the frame into a shelf you can mount in the bathroom. Any old picture frame can be easily repurposed if you just use your creativity. It’s recommended to give it a fresh coat of paint to match the style in the room and to let gorgeous details of the frame stand out. A bit of spray paint can take you a long way while some neatly arranged shelves can transform the empty frame in a functional piece. Look over the tutorial for this upcycling project here.

5. Truck Home Bar

Repurposing old car parts to use as furniture pieces in your industrial-styled apartment is a bit more challenging compared to the usual upcycling project. Even if that’s the case, it’s worth considering if you want to create a one-of-a-kind display for your home bar. Check out this wonderful project that relies on a weathered old truck to bring a nice vintage flavor for this drinks bar. You will probably need the help of a blacksmith to refine the look of the truck until you’re satisfied. Place a wooden counter on it and add some metal spray paint touches to finish off this stylish upcycled bar.

6. Blanket Ladder

Ladders can be upcycled with minimal effort. You can transform them into pieces that are both attractive and functional in no time. Take a look at this cozy display made up of a vintage ladder decorated with string lights and comfy blankets to create a solid hygge atmosphere in the room. You can maintain your collection of chunky knit throws more organized without taking up too much space as an older ladder can be easily leaned against the wall. This is also a nice project idea to decorate an empty corner of the living room.

7. Driftwood Necklace Holder

While it’s easy to find a store-bought necklace holder, it’s safe to say that none of the commercial options have the same charm compared to one built using driftwood. This is a nice DIY project idea for storing and displaying your elegant jewelry collection. Almost any bland-looking piece of reclaimed wood can quickly become an attractive necklace holder if you follow the instructions for the project. It’s simply a matter of drilling the holes and adding some stylish knobs for visual interest.

8. Wheeled Toy Crates

If you find it hard to organize the toys in the kids’ playroom, this upcycling project should be strongly considered. You just need to add casters to some old wooden crates that are roughly the right size to store all of your children’s toys. Add some colorful patterns to them to match the cheerful look of the playroom or paint a blackboard to let kids unleash their creativity. These lovely wheeled trunks are fun to use and they can help to reduce the mess in the playroom by becoming new homes for the toys.

9. Pallet Swing Bed

Pallets are often used in upcycling projects thanks to their impressive level of versatility. You can use them to make a swing bed that’s ideal for relaxing in the garden or on the patio. Making a float swing bed will take some effort but the good news is that you shouldn’t run into lots of issues when it comes to finding great pallets for the project as they’re inexpensive. There are different options you can try when it comes to size but if you want to recreate a bed large enough to hold a twin size mattress, check out this pallet swing bed tutorial.

10. Bathtub Sofa

Take a look at this creative upcycling idea that involves the repurposing of an old bathtub into a unique sofa. Once you decide to upgrade your bathroom with a new bathtub, it’s safe to say that the old one becomes pretty much useless. This creative idea gives the old bathtub a new creative purpose by cutting away one side and integrating some patterned upholstering. To finish off the look, the designer opted for a stylish touch of green paint.

By Stefan Bucur

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