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20 Gorgeous Spring Container Garden Ideas

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Spring is perhaps the best season as nature is reborn. It’s also the perfect moment to focus on our gardens and decorate them beautifully. If you want to add some color and bright elements to your outdoors, the next sections will help you choose the perfect potted plants and where you should place them. Here are the most gorgeous spring container garden ideas!

1. Mixing Pansies, Lobelia, and Other Colorful Plants

One of the best garden ideas is to go for colorful mixes. The image above has a breath-taking combo of pansies with violas to create a beautiful variety. You may also add anything else that matches your home décor – such as kale or lobelia. These flowers are also placed in three different sizes of the same container, which adds a bit of much-needed symmetry.

2. Gillyflowers

Gillyflowers are also known as stock flowers, and they are exquisitely fragrant. Apart from purple, you may also find them in pink, yellow, white, and a few other varieties. The best feature is that they thrive in cooler conditions. For some added versatility, this homeowner decided to plant them in a woven basket with handles for easy relocation. Gillyflowers are also a popular choice for freshly cut blooms.

3. Hydrangea

Hortensia or hydrangea is the must-have flower if you love large, prominent blooms in your garden. It comes in different purple nuances, so you can mix it with other flowers for a bit of versatility. For instance, you can add rosy daisies for a softer tone, while some dark red hyacinths can add more depth to your container. Do not forget the softer, lighter nuances, such as white gillyflowers, to balance it out.

4. Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Calibrachoa can be added to ever-green winter pots to add some vividness. Also known as a million bells due to the abundance of blooms, this beautiful flower comes in a myriad of colors. You can choose pale blue like above, pink, or even yellow if you want a colorful container. It helps to brighten up your winter plants. You may also go for violas or pansies, annuals that thrive during the cooler months, or petunias to light up your summers.

5. The Delicate Combo

The delicate blooms above are known as viola and pansies. These flowers are related to each other and are suitable for both spring and fall because they do not mind lower temperatures. In other words, keep in mind that you will need to replace them once summer comes. You will need a wider container for these beautiful plants, but it does not have to be too deep.

6. Tulips

Another spring staple is the delicate tulip. As in the case of other spring plants, you will have to replace them once the weather gets warmer. In the picture above, these tulips were combined with a beautiful bacopa, a plant used for its medicinal properties. The bacopa enjoys summer, so the combination with tulips should be kept in a protected area, such as a patio.

7. African Daisies and Sweet Alyssum

This is one of the most creative options if you love trailing plants. The container is beautifully decorated with a combination of creeping Jenny and sweet alyssum. Not many people know, but these trailing plants on your container also come with a hidden benefit – you do not need to water the flower as often as without them since it keeps the content cool.

8. Diascia

We all know pink is the color of spring. This beautiful ceramic container has a fresh combination of pink Diascia and tulips. One main drawback is the relatively short life of this combination – if you buy closed buds, it can last for a minimum of two weeks. Otherwise, you may want to get other flowers that you can enjoy for longer.

9. Angelonia

This type of snapdragon flower is also known as Angelonia. It has a very delicate appearance; fortunately, unlike many other plants on this list, Angelonia does not mind a hotter temperature, either. The most common color is a deep purple as above, but you may also find it in white, bluish-purple, or pink.

10. Florist’s Cineraria

Resembling a tinier version of the sunflower, the florist’s cineraria has a very interesting bloom. You can choose from a broad array of colors and loves cooler weather. If you live in a colder climate, you can even enjoy cineraria for nearly half a year. Make sure you provide great drainage so it can thrive in partially shaded areas or in full sun. Keep it slightly moist and fertilize it frequently.

11. Prepping Terracotta Containers

With a focus on container ideas, this image says it all: creativity. Use clay pots like these to decorate your patios and add bright blooms to liven up the creamy clay. Some of the flowers above are violas, tulips, and even boxwoods. Choose any of them and add some personality to your outdoors by growing some moss.

12. Complementary Colors

Heucheras are quite versatile and mostly suited for spring, but they can also thrive during the rest of the year. These are typically known for their beautiful leaves, although they flower, too. You can add them in a duller green container for an extra touch of vibrancy and place them to rocky structures, such as the picture above. They are great if you want to brighten up walls or pavements.

13. Decorate Your Veggie Lot

A novelty idea is to add edibles to your spring collection – you can even place them in boldly colored containers and place them in your garden. This adds a welcoming accent to your landscape, apart from allowing you to harvest the edibles, such as kale, spinach, or lettuce.

14. Fragrance and Beauty

If you have a tiled patio, you can easily embellish it with this beautiful combination of wallflowers and smaller blooms. The wallflower is known for its delicate fragrance, so you can decorate the front of your garden or around the gate for a touch of color. If you add some Stipa grass or another similar plant that can withstand the summer, you can enjoy this combination once again during the fall.

15. Decorate Your Front Door

There’s nothing more welcoming than a decorated home – especially when you surround your front door with bright and vivid flowers. In this image, the owner decided to go with the same blue container, but in different sizes. This helps to create symmetry and is well-balanced. Also, the green door, green foliage, and combinations with blue, yellow, and purple are aesthetically pleasant.

16. Standing Container

You do not need to use the traditional pots – this vintage freestanding container is reused and embellished with vivid, pink colors. Depending on your preferences, you can paint or decorate the cast-metal urn. In this case, the urn is white, matching the walls and the windows.

17. Nemesia on the Rocks

Nemesia has an abundance of small colors that can range from yellow to white and pink. You can place nemesia in a container by itself or combine it with other plants. In this photo, the owner chose to add the bright nemesia on a paved walk and also added a few pebbles and larger rocks for a better effect.

18. Rich and Beautiful

This is a great container idea if you want to plant it in the garden later on. You can place it anywhere near your patio or your garden, adding bulk to your view. The witch hazel may be available at your local garden center – you can add its rich texture anywhere near your home.

19.Flowering Shrubs in Containers

There’s no need to invest in a mind-blowing container to beautifully decorate your garden. Take this example – a plain, black container is filled with a flowering shrub that looks just like an explosion of color! You can also dry these beautiful blooms and save them as indoor decorations.

20. Herbs in Your Patio

If you have a sheltered patio, you can consider decorating it with delicious herbs. Parsley, for instance, is a beautiful sight due to its special leaves. Lettuce, kale, and other spring greens can add some variety to your patio and your diet at the same time.

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