The 25 Best Exterior House Colors

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When it comes to designing the exterior of a house, choosing the color scheme can be one of the most stressful processes. It can be easy to find yourself undecided because there are lots of directions and approaches to take. Picking the best exterior house color needs to take into account some important aspects. It’s safe to say that it’s a more difficult task compared to selecting the interior paint. You need to analyze your project carefully to consider all the details before making the big decision on a particular color.

Designers recommend getting a nice list of some of your favorite exterior colors to paint samples on your home. It’s a smart idea to check the look of the color on various sides of the house and in different lighting conditions. That might sound like a time-consuming process but it could be necessary if you really wish to be more certain of your color choice. It can be quite difficult to change the exterior paint to another color so it’s critical that you’ll be happy with this important decision. If you’re in need of some color inspiration for bringing to life your vision of the ideal house, check out these colorful exterior designs that work very well for many home styles.

1. Classic Gray

Homeowners that don’t want to attract unnecessary attention through flashy exterior colors can’t go wrong with solid gray paint. This is a classic choice that won’t go out of style anytime soon. It may not make a particularly bold statement but it can give off some refined vibes depending on the exact shade of gray used. This sensible hue of gray makes a ‘safe statement’ that’s undoubtedly attractive.

2. Light Green

When deciding on the right exterior house color, the home’s surroundings need to be carefully considered for the best results. This beautiful home in the woods seems to be more cohesively integrated with its natural surroundings thanks to the use of light green paint. It’s a fairly subtle yet stylish effect that gives the house a more sustainable look. It’s recommended to opt for a similar approach if your home is close to dense vegetation and lush trees.

3. Farmhouse White

There are few house designs that can be considered as timeless as the iconic American white farmhouse style. This is a simple yet very impactful exterior paint color that can work nicely together with pretty much any details of the home or nearby surroundings. It depends on your particular aesthetic direction, but we recommend sticking to a fluffy shade of white with slight yellow undertones for this look. It’s more effective at capturing this classic appearance compared to stark white.

4. Pale Pink

Pulling off a pale pink exterior look for your house can be more difficult compared to other classic shades. This style is recommended if you live in a sunny region close to the ocean where this soft type of pink seems to shine more beautifully. It can make your house stand out compared to the neighboring homes, especially when choosing to mix pale pink with contrasting marine blue or navy.

5. Charcoal Black

Here’s an interesting choice if you favor a bold approach when selecting an exterior house color. It’s definitely not very common to see a house painted in a dark shade such as charcoal black but it can pay off if you wish to draw attention. This kind of look isn’t really achievable for everyone because you need to take into account your location and neighboring homes in the area to create a harmonious appearance. If painting your house black seems excessive, you can at least use a similarly dark shade for the trim or just the front door.

6. Brick Red

How do you paint your house in such a way to mix traditional and modern aesthetics at the same time? Consider a shade of red like the one shown in this example. Despite the traditional look of the home, the exterior brick red color adds a fresh vibe that makes it stand out beautifully against the clean landscape. Red is usually a bold choice for the exterior of a house but picking the right shade can make it look harmonious and balanced with its surroundings.

7. Desert Tan

If you live in a hot and dry climate, there are hardly better choices for the exterior of the house than a suitable shade of tan. Check out the look of this home that provides some strong desert heat vibes together with the abundance of cacti and succulent plants. Although this shade of tan isn’t particularly intense, it seems to make the entire area come to life and act as the perfect background for the surrounding elements, including the brilliant blue sky.

8. Cheery Yellow

Making the house brighter using color is a simple solution that works great especially with certain types of homes such as craftsman styles. Take a look at the use of yellow paint here that’s elegantly combined with bright white to create a welcoming and cheerful look. Choosing a fun shade of yellow like this one is recommended if you wish to make the house stand out in a more conventional manner. Go for a buttery tone instead of pure yellow shades that can be too flashy even for designers focused on creating optimistic feelings through exterior colors.

9. Deep Blue

Blue is a popular color for the exterior paint of homes everywhere. It’s not hard to see why considering the relaxing ambiance it creates. While typical choices include very light or very dark shades, here’s an interesting blue hue that stands out some more. This deep blue shade brings some unique cottage charm to the exterior look of the house. Pulling off this type of look can require having certain types of homes and carefully balancing the appearance of the trim so the blue color doesn’t feel out of place.

10. Slate Gray

Making your house exude pure elegance isn’t very hard when you pick the right shade of gray. Check out the very subtle green undertones found in this neutral shade of slate gray that looks wonderful together with earthy red tones that highlight its visual impact. This is a classic color that can be used for the exterior paint of the house. There’s a danger of making it appear dated unless it’s properly paired with suitable accent pieces or complementary colors.

11. Off-white

Some people enjoy the idea of a classic white house but wish to avoid a look that seems too conventional. Playing around with different shades of white can help you identify a great look that matches your specific vision. Check out this off-white paint that’s more versatile and goes well together with dark accents that transform it from outdated to modern and fresh. If you don’t want a very strong contrast, you can swap black accents for more neutral tones such as light brown and tan.

12. Cozy Brown

Brown isn’t the first choice of many homeowners looking for an exterior makeover. However, there are lots of attractive shades of brown that can create a classic and cozy visual effect. When you think of brown you shouldn’t necessarily think of dark hues that are hard to pair with the trim or surrounding elements. With a bit of designing work, you can pull off a balanced shade of brown that’s not too harsh on the eyes. Check out this beautiful house that works as a solid example in that regard.

13. Cedar Orange

Wood tones can feel at home for lots of exterior home designs. Whether you wish to keep a classic yet fresh look or plan to revive the exterior style and make it cozier, this cedar orange paint can add a lot of beauty. As with other great house colors, you can’t go wrong if you choose white as the accent color. It can brighten up the natural wood tone and give it that traditional vibe that’s not lacking in sophistication.

14. Taupe

If you’re a fan of the neutral trend, taupe could be an innovative solution as an exterior house color. It’s a simple color that won’t draw too much attention yet still manage to stand out compared to more popular neutral tones that can feel overused. Taupe is also a recommended paint color if you ever plan on selling the house because there’s no risk of diminishing its value. It’s stylish yet never straying too far from the comfort zone so it’s a safe choice for many homeowners.

15. Sage Green

A superb mixture between shades of green and gray, this is a very trendy color for decorating the exterior of your home. It’s a favorite for many homeowners that like earthy tones and a more natural aesthetic. Sage green is cozy and elegant at the same time and represents one of the best green hues to try. Aside from beige or other neutrals, green could be considered the safest exterior house color, especially if you stick to calming shades that mix well with the surroundings.

16. Pastel Blue

Great for all kinds of homes, ranch styles included, pastel blue can be a delicate choice that gives off serenity vibes. It’s the ideal canvas for natural surroundings although some homeowners can find this shade of blue a little too sappy. This color used to be restricted only to nurseries or kids’ rooms but the pastel shade is charming enough for a full exterior makeover. Light blue colors are popular for homes and the right pastel shade will definitely ensure excellent resale value.

17. Wine Red

A vibrant color that immediately catches the eye, wine red could be a solid option for the exterior of the house. You can pick some specific shades that lean towards maroon or burgundy if you prefer extra boldness. However, it’s safe to say that any red hue will bring a solid visual impact to the exterior of the home adding a renewed sense of vitality. Mixing similar shades such as the dusty rose on the roof creates a more harmonious look. The complementary shades of light tan and white also contribute to keeping the strong red more subdued.

18. Navy Blue

Some people think that navy blue should be reserved for coastal houses but that’s not a strict rule. You can enhance any home’s exterior with a nautical vibe by choosing this dark and rich shade of blue. Crisp accents and bright trim can make it stand out more effectively regardless of the location of the home. Even those afraid of color who want to play it safe can achieve a satisfying look with navy blue thanks to its timeless characteristics.

19. Mustard Yellow

Great for modern or mid-century styled homes, mustard yellow is an excellent choice as exterior paint. Designing the exterior of your home using this color can take some effort but the results will craft a rich visual effect. Those who prefer a one-of-a-kind look should consider the bold approach of mixing the retro feel of mustard yellow with the clean lines of modern design and rigid neutral shades of gray. The unexpected contrast will definitely impress any guests.

20. Warm Brown

Brown shouldn’t be seen as a boring color. Check out this brilliant house design that relies on warm cinnamon tones that bring a homely feel to the overall structure. It’s certainly a great choice for making the outside of the home seem cozier, especially if there’s plenty of greenery surrounding it. Playing around with shades of brown allows you to customize your home with different aesthetics. It’s highly recommended if you wish to embrace traditional, old-world vibes through an earthy color palette.

21. Light Gray

Gray is among the first choices if you plan on creating a stylish exterior for your modern home. That being said, you can also incorporate a light shade of gray as the main color for painting a cottage-styled home. Even houses with a rustic theme can work nicely together with this simple yet elegant color. It lets the surrounding beauty of the bushes and flowers take center stage so it’s a nice solution to create a good contrast with ornate landscaping. If gray appears too cold for your tastes, consider mixing it with warmer accents such as a yellow front door.

22. Classy Beige

Going for an all-neutral palette is a safe bet if you want to enjoy a house aesthetic that will always be trendy. There are many different shades to choose but we think that a beige tone can be a classy option that appeals to many homeowners. This paint color incorporates a gray hue that makes the exterior of the home seem more refined and sophisticated. It’s not the usual warm and cozy beige that you’d normally expect. The elegance of the home here is further enhanced by the choice of black paint for the shutters.

23. Dark Green

What better color to use for showing off your cozy retreat in the woods? Dark greens or blues are the best choices for the exterior look of the home if you want to take the coziness to a new level. If you’re not sure about the specific shade, the simplest solution is to check the surroundings for inspiration. The natural beauty of the trees and shrubs can offer the ideal background for a tiny house. Focus on a paint color that elegantly complements the woods and makes the structure feel like a part of nature.

24. Blue-Gray

In case you can’t decide between gray and blue for the exterior of your home, perhaps you could try a compromise. A blend of blue and gray hues with the right muted texture can provide an elegant look that’s anything but boring. A dark blue-gray shade can work even better if your home is located in direct sunlight where the cool tones appear brighter yet balanced enough to prevent an exterior look that’s too flashy.

25. Ashy Purple

Homeowners that like the idea of a gray exterior color scheme will be pleased to find out that you don’t need to restrict yourself to the typical modern, steely tones. Check out this stylish home that makes use of gray siding with blue undertones that gives it an ashy purple look. It’s just the right amount of color to create a unique house design without standing out too much. Gray is one of the most versatile choices for the exterior of your house and this is an excellent example to inspire you.

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