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20 Stunning Walkway Ideas

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Looking for some walkways to take your breath away? Or maybe you’re just testing the waters for some good ideas? Well we put together some very practical and creative walkways. We’re pretty sure you’ll love at least some of them.

1. Interlocking Brick Walkways

Brick walkways are a cheap but classic landscaping option. They create a beautiful path across your front lawn and garden. The great thing about brick walkways is that anyone can install them provided they are willing to get their hands a little dirty.

2. Mortared Flagstone Walkways

This is the perfect pathway for gardens. It’s mortared to the ground making it ideal for watering your plants and vegetables. The raised curbs on the edges prevent garden water from running down the pathway. All you need to clean and maintain it is a pressure washer.

3. Saltillo Walkways

Saltillo offers a rich natural color that integrates well with green landscapes. It works well in hot climates and matches well with clay roof tiles.

4. Granite Walkways

Granite walkways look both modern and elegant, and rightly so as they are quite expensive to install. However, they are a great investment as they last a lifetime and are easy to maintain.

5. Paver Walkways

Paved walkways are impeccable routes in and out of the house. They provide a solid path and are attractive to the eye. But probably the most important advantage is that the pavement is divided in small units so you can create a symmetrical path that follows a certain area perfectly.

6. Gravel Walkways

This walkway provides stability and is visually pleasant for getaway cabins. It blends in with nature and aids with drainage at the same time. It is blend of recycled stone bricks and repurposed millstone making it a cheap option.

7. Cobblestone Walkways

Cobblestone is an affordable option for a garden walkway. It offers a firm platform to water your garden and visit the backyard without getting mud on your shoes.

8. Exposed Aggregate Walkways

Usually we recommend that you use this exposed aggregate walkway as long as it matches well with the house’s stone veneer. If not we would probably recommend other walkways because this one in particular is rather uncomfortable to walk on. The walkway in the picture is extra nice because it also blends in with the natural with the lawn.

9. Ceramic Tile Walkways

Ceramic tiles are a classic walkway option. They are affordable and offer a clean neat look. Ceramic tiles can be installed on the front lawn or backyard but they look more natural on a poolside.

10. Embedded Garden Stone Walkway

This arrangement of garden stones is unique and creative. It gives the garden an artistic look that will surely spark some conversations when hosting people over.

The only major problem with this type of walkway is that people can easily trip especially when on high heels. We recommend this walkway for more rural homes or ranches.

11. Colorful Mosaic Walkway

This is a beautiful garden pathway accentuated by the many contrasting colors. You’d think that the colorful mosaic would look busy; instead, the different colors blend in together well with the garden making it look all the more natural.

12. Bluestone Walkway

Above is a picture of a bluestone walkway leading to a bluestone patio. The white mortar joints compliment the bluestone and the surrounding open nature.

13. Interlocking Concrete Stone Walkway

This is perhaps one of the most common pathway options. The interlocking concrete stones look neat and organized. It is known to be super durable and easy to maintain. And obviously as far as we know it’s probably one of the cheapest options out there. Maybe that’s one of the things that contributed to it’s popularity?

14. Concrete Slab Walkway

Concrete slabs are ideal for long walkways. They provide a beautiful pathway yet they are affordable and easy to install. Different mortar, pebbles, grass and many other fillers can be used in the concrete slab joints to further accessorize the pathway.

15. Flower-lined Walkway

Found in Keukenhof Netherlands, this flower-lined pathway leads to a magnificent fountain in front of a building. It offers a unique style where the flowers are in the middle of the path and are portable in case you want to move them to create more space.

16. Segmented Walkway

This is an enchanting segmented stone and concrete walkway with natural grass joints. It offers a sophisticated look for the modern back yard.

17. Asphalt Walkway

Asphalt pathways provide more functionality over aesthetic quality. They are affordable, easy to maintain, offer good drainage and are super durable. Out of all the walkways that we covered this one is probably one of the most practical and no frills option. If you manage to get the asphalt in tone with your lawn then you can also create a fairly pleasing look.

18. Embedded Flagstone Walkway

Embedded flagstone works best in a large backyard. It is an ideal pathway to a gazebo, swimming pool or lake. If you’ve ever been to one of those fancy outdoor spas or resorts then you most likely saw this stone arrangement. You can create an expensive look by adding some exotic grass and flowers on both sides of the walkway.

19. Pebble Walkway

Pebble pathways are ideal for beach and lake houses. They form a natural walk path which blends in with the natural beauty of lakes and beaches.

20. Artificial Stone Walkway

This is natural-occurring stone found in places like hiking parks. As you can see, this artificial stone is firmly rooted to the ground. It is widely used in over hillsides for additional grip when hiking or near rivers for better drainage.

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