Green and Red Heuchera Plant

The 19 Best Heuchera (Coral Bell) Varieties

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Gardeners looking for ornamental foliage should definitely consider a Heuchera plant variety. Aside from their beautiful and diverse looks, Heucheras can also be considered easy to grow. They prefer shade and you can rely on them if you wish to have ground cover plants in the garden. Heucheras have experienced a surge of popularity among many gardeners as they offer plant varieties suited for all kinds of needs and preferences.

There’s a Heuchera plant for those who want to brighten the garden bed with some stylish foliage. You can also make use of this plant’s potential if you prefer to improve the aesthetics of the entire area in a more subtle manner. There are countless patterns and leaf styles to choose from. Discovering the best Heuchera plant type for your garden can be simplified by checking out our selection. It contains plenty of variety to inspire the beginning of a new Heuchera collection.

1. Heuchera Electra

Heuchera Electra Plant

If you’re looking for a Heuchera variety that has great potential to beautify your garden, take a look at Electra. This type of Heuchera has an interesting color palette to make the characteristic veining of the plant stand out as much as possible. The red veins create a striking contrast against the light green foliage. Many gardeners prefer combining the Heuchera Electra with red flowers such as begonia varieties to create a cohesive look.

Heuchera Electra can really enhance the look of your landscape and the best part is that it’s not hard to grow. There’s limited maintenance required as the plant is very rarely affected by pests or diseases. It can handle full sun but performs best in slightly shaded areas. This Coral Bell tends to favor medium moisture environments but it can also thrive in dry zones if there’s enough shade. It’s recommended to plant the Electra in groups to take advantage of its full ornamental potential.

2. Heuchera Spellbound

Heuchera Spellbound Plant

The Heuchera Spellbound variety is characterized by its stylish silver leaves accented with splashes of purple. The amount of purple develops according to sunlight conditions. It’s usually best for this Heuchera to sit in areas that benefit from considerable shade. The plant has beautiful ornamental leaves but it can also improve the appearance of your garden with the help of white flowers produced in the summer.

This is a hardy plant that can be easily grown in multiple areas of your garden. It can handle containers but it works best for border displays. Make sure you avoid full sun exposure for the Heuchera Spellbound because leaves can quickly wither and die. Another advantage of this variety is that it doesn’t really have special requirements for soil. For best results, we recommend organic soil types with decent draining abilities.

3. Heuchera Caramel

Heuchera Caramel Plant

Anyone who wants to decorate their garden with a warm Heuchera variety should check out the Caramel cultivar. This plant shows off leaves with various shades of rusty orange to create a spectacular appearance. When it comes to foliage shape, this Caramel Coral Bell seems to stand out compared to other varieties. It features a unique lobed design with rounded leaves. While other Heucheras struggle with hot and humid weather conditions, it looks like the Caramel variety is much more tolerant.

You can grow this ornamental variety in full sun though it still performs ideally with a bit of shade. In fact, gardeners appreciate this Heuchera a lot for being capable to grow well in dry shade. It’s recommended to use this plant as groundcover or to enhance the beauty of rock gardens or borders. One nice advantage of the Heuchera Caramel is that it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

4. Heuchera Melting Fire

Heuchera Melting Fire Plant

As its name suggests, the Heuchera Melting Fire has a very colorful foliage that appears even more impressive thanks to the ruffled crimson style of the leaves. The color of this Coral Bell can vary quite a lot as the light exposure and season play some important roles. Some common hues that you can expect are brown, purple, and deep red. In late spring, the Heuchera can produce delicate white flowers but that’s usually only the case for taller stems.

The Heuchera Melting Fire can be a bit more difficult to grow compared to other Heucheras. It’s important to avoid full sun areas in the garden. Without sufficient shade, the plant’s foliage can become scorched. Aside from extra shade, you can avoid cosmetic damage and let the plant thrive by ensuring adequate levels of moisture during a very dry season. This is an important aspect if you live in areas with hot summers. The best use for Heuchera Melting Fire is to accent your woodland garden with its vibrant color and texture. It’s also recommended for walkways edging.

5. Heuchera Midnight Rose

Heuchera Midnight Rose Plant

The Heuchera Midnight Rose variety can make quite the visual impact in your garden. It boasts a dark purple coloration that’s particularly striking due to pink speckles. While other Coral Bell plants can work nicely to accentuate companion flowers, the Midnight Rose variety can easily take center stage through its mesmerizing appearance. It’s recommended to find a special spot for this ornamental plant to take advantage of its eye-catching look. Containers work best to highlight the vibrant coloration of the Heuchera’s foliage.

As opposed to other Coral Bell varieties, Midnight Rose can handle full sun exposure without too many problems. A combination of dry shade and rich soil can help the plant thrive. From late spring to midsummer, this Coral bell produces creamy-white flowers that rise higher than the foliage. Gardeners appreciate this variety for its good resistance to diseases, particularly powdery mildew.

6. Heuchera Mint Julep

Heuchera Mint Julep Plant

If you prefer a Heuchera variety that won’t stand out too much in the garden, maybe Mint Julep can fit the bill. It doesn’t have flashy foliage but it makes a nice impression in terms of texture to accentuate any zone in the garden. The lime-green leaves of the Heuchera Mint Julep can add a vibrant touch, especially when paired together with the white flowers that bloom in the summer season.

As the ornamental plant matures, it starts to develop more prominent veining that represents a typical feature of Heuchera plants. This is an ideal Heuchera to grow in fully shaded areas of your garden. The variety is versatile enough to be grown in dense clumps and be used for lots of ornamental purposes. It works nicely as a groundcover plant or a charming addition to beds and borders. Some good companion plants for Heuchera Mint Julep are Dahlia Kilburn Rose and Amaranthus Green Thumb.

7. Heuchera Venus

Heuchera Venus Plant

With very attractive silver foliage and dark veining, the Heuchera Venus variety shouldn’t be missed if you plan on creating a beautiful garden. This light-colored ornamental plant represents an excellent companion for dark-colored flowers. The contrast can become more impressive as the Heuchera blooms in late spring. It creates ivory flowers that mix nicely with the foliage and interesting pattern created by the darker veins.

The Venus Coral Bell grows in a compact style so it can be considered ideal for edging. It fits in multiple types of gardens but the silver-white foliage color matches rock gardens best. The plant can look fabulous when grown in containers as well. To keep the foliage healthy and attractive, it’s recommended to eliminate all the brown or wilted leaves in the spring. Mulching can help this plant resist the winter frost.

8. Heuchera Lime Marmalade

Heuchera Lime Marmalade Plant

The Lime Marmalade is one lush Heuchera variety to try. This is an excellent ornamental plant for brightening up any garden with some fresh energy. It can easily fulfill a decorative role for any landscape thanks to its vibrant green foliage. You can rely on this Heuchera to work as a mound for highlighting more colorful plants. It forms a great pairing with purple or pink flowers. The color may not seem that showy as other Heucheras but the Lime Marmalade makes up for it by injecting extra frilly texture.

The leaves of this ornamental plant create a pleasant ruffled look that will work well in mixed beds. It’s good to know that Heuchera Lime Marmalade performs great in both full shade or part shade. It can handle different types of soil while being tough enough to allow any gardener to grow it successfully. As long as it has good drainage, the Heuchera will remain super vigorous and dense. Spires of white flowers appear in the summer to complete its attractive look.

9. Heuchera Berry Smoothie

Heuchera Berry Smoothie Plant

Providing dense clumps of berry-red leaves, the Heuchera Berry Smoothie can create a dramatic impression in any garden. This ornamental plant has a tendency to prefer shade and can make a great combination together with other Heucheras. We recommend planting it in mixed borders together with the green Lime Marmalade variety. The color combination works exceptionally well as the Berry Smoothie variety’s leaves emerge rose-pink initially only to deepen to purple later.

Similar to other Heuchera varieties, this one shows off great heat tolerance. It grows quickly in the spring when little white flowers can start blooming. The Heuchera Berry Smoothie has good landscape value for mass planting or accenting shaded areas. The beautiful foliage can last through the winter season with proper care. It’s best to plant it in areas with mild weather during the cool months.

10. Heuchera Delta Dawn

Heuchera Delta Dawn Plant

If you want a one-of-a-kind Heuchera plant, check out the Delta Dawn variety. While other Heuchera types usually show off contrasting veining, this one has unique coloration. Its rose-pink foliage has a lime-green edging that creates a beautiful combination. To make sure the plant thrives, it’s recommended to let it absorb direct sunlight in the morning while getting adequate shade in the afternoon.

The name Delta Dawn comes from the deep red veining of the Heuchera. They start to become more intense in the summer to resemble running rivers. Gardeners that live in hotter and more humid areas enjoy planting this Heuchera variety as it has solid heat resistance. Similar to other Coral Bells, the Delta Dawn type tends to form basal mounds so it’s a great solution for containers and borders.

11. Heuchera Can Can

Heuchera Can Can Plant

If you’re still not sure which Heuchera plant is the right one for you, perhaps the Can Can variety will attract your attention. This one has a mystic look thanks to its dark purple foliage that brings a satisfying level of texture with the help of the ruffled leaves. The Heuchera Can Can works best for partially shaded areas in your garden. The leaves seem even more dazzling when exposed to the light but they still require protection from intense afternoon sunlight.

A nice aspect of this Heuchera it the way the coloration can be seen from different angles. This is thanks to the way the leaves’ underside looks just as vibrant as the rest of the foliage. While other Heuchera varieties can have troubles with full sun, the Can Can seems to be able to tolerate it as long as the area doesn’t have particularly hot summers. Whether in mixed containers, for edging, or to accent some borders, this is a solid Heuchera variety for enhancing the look of the garden.

12. Heuchera Midnight Bayou

Heuchera Midnight Bayou Plant

The Heuchera Midnight Bayou produces rounded purple leaves contrasted by black veins. This is a fast-growing plant that gives off a maple-like aesthetic. It works great to act as a groundcover in shaded parts of the garden. There’s a bit of contrast provided by the cream-colored flowers that bloom in June. The best companion plants for this Heuchera variety are those with silver or pink flowers. The Midnight Bayou can handle the strong heat of southern regions. It can thrive in shaded areas of the yard.

One of the most interesting aspects of this Heuchera is the way it changes colors depending on the current season. It can go from red to purple hues while developing silver accents later on. Compared to other Heucheras with purple foliage, this variety can hold the color all summer long. The Midnight Bayou can be an ideal ornamental plant for edging while its colorful look makes it suitable for mass planting as well.

13. Heuchera Color Dream

Heuchera Color Dream Plant

With very stylish silver foliage, the Heuchera Color Dream is another great variety to take into account. While its flowers don’t really stand out, the leaves will definitely draw the eye in any garden. Assuming it’s grown in ideal conditions preferred by Heucheras, this cultivar can perform very well. It produces full and lush foliage in a consistent manner. While the silver color dominates, there are some pleasant blue-green undertones that give the plant a unique touch.

As the season progresses, the leaf of the Heuchera Color Dream seems to become more eye-catching thanks to the contrast with the dark veining. The uniform mounding ability of this Heuchera is sure to be very appreciated by gardeners anywhere. Make sure you avoid full sunlight for this one as leaves can quickly get burnt with unsightly discolorations. It can’t really tolerate more than 4 hours of direct sunlight, particularly if we’re talking about hotter climates.

14. Heuchera Apple Crisp

Heuchera Apple Crisp Plant

There are some Heuchera dwarf varieties out there that can be considered worth the attention. One of them is called Apple Crisp and can make a striking visual impression for small urban gardens. It doesn’t have the usual showy leaves that you’d expect from Heuchera plants, but the small green foliage appears beautiful together with the multiple white flower wands. The green leaves are slightly accented with silver tones, a detail that resembles larger Heucheras.

With partial shade and decent soil moisture, the Heuchera Apple Crisp can stay green and vibrant for the entire duration of the season. It has the habit to form tight clumps of leaves that work nicely for adding a splash of color to shady parts of the garden. The ruffled leaves can bring a nice textural feeling in the mix. The ornamental plant has a great landscape value in terms of edging or front border decoration.

15. Heuchera Bronze Wave

Heuchera Bronze Wave Plant

As its name suggests, the Heuchera Bronze Wave can enhance the appearance of any shady garden area with its bronze-green foliage style. This variety offers a nice color mix when taking into account the purple-brown hues underneath the leaves. Compared to other Heucheras, this variety is particularly large. Once established in good thriving conditions, the Heuchera Bronze Wave can grow vigorously with thick and glossy leaves.

While the small white flowers produced by this ornamental plant can’t really be considered striking individually, they get a boost in terms of aesthetic appeal once a large number of them bloom. The entire floral display can act as a solid visual complement to the rigid architecture of the foliage. Bleaching and burning issues can appear if you keep this variety in full sun. Find a shaded planting spot for this Heuchera to enjoy the full beauty of its coppery leaves.

16. Heuchera Crimson Curls

Heuchera Crimson Curls Plant

If you’re a fan of frilly Heucheras, you won’t be disappointed by the Crimson Curls variety. The name comes from the style of the plant’s foliage. It’s characterized by a deep crimson color while the frilly leaves complete the visual display. This ornamental variety delivers in terms of toughness. It’s versatile enough to handle both partial shade and full sun exposure. There’s a low level of maintenance required to get the Heuchera Crimson Curls to thrive in your garden.

From May to July, this variety bears white flowers that look pretty alongside the curled foliage. This ornamental plant works well for planting in the border or mixed containers. Withered leaves should be removed in the spring instead of the fall. There are hardly any pests that can affect this Heuchera variety but a constant level of moisture is needed to maintain the stylish ruby-colored appearance of the plant.

17. Heuchera Plum Pudding

Heuchera Plum Pudding Plant

There are few Heuchera cultivars that can match the attractive veining of the Plum Pudding. This variety rarely grows over 12 inches but it can thrive in different light conditions. It has a tendency to form compact clumps of shiny silvery leaves beautifully decorated with dark-purple veins. The colorful underside of the foliage makes this Heuchera a great solution to adorn any area of your garden.

Creamy-white blooms can make the rounded, ruffled leaves look even more interesting. Gardeners prefer this Heuchera variety over others due to its superior drought and humidity resistance. It’s amazingly easy to grow. You just need to make sure the soil is sufficiently moist when growing the plant in full sun. The plant’s true ornamental potential is unleashed when growing multiple Coral Bells together in woodland or rock gardens.

18. Heuchera Ginger Ale

Heuchera Ginger Ale Plant

With lobed light yellow leaves, the Heuchera Ginger Ale represents an attractive choice when it comes to Heuchera varieties. It’s quite obvious how this cultivar got its name because the foliage resembles the color of ginger ale. Combined with the amber-coral underside of its leaves and intricate vein patterns, this is one visually striking plant. The soft yellow color is mirrored in the bell-shaped flowers that start appearing in late spring.

The Heuchera Ginger Ale has fairly average water needs without special soil requirements. It’s a breeze to grow even by inexperienced gardeners as it’s a sturdy performer in multiple sun exposure conditions. The neutral tones can be easily integrated into different garden styles to highlight other flowers. This Heuchera variety works well for containers but it feels more at home when planted in borders. It’s also fabulous as a groundcover.

19. Heuchera Amber Waves

Heuchera Amber Waves Plant

The Heuchera Amber Waves offers a captivating display of orange hues through its dense foliage. This variety has a strong autumn feel and works particularly well for creating mounds of amber leaves to match your other plants. Gardeners should be mindful of the selected garden zone for this Heuchera as it performs ideally in shady spots. The warm look of the Amber Waves variety makes it an excellent solution for borders or rock gardens. The golden neutral shades can be easily combined with other colorful flowers.


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