The 10 Most Fragrant Flowers to Grow in Your Home and Garden

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No garden or home out there should lack fragrant flowers. Being surrounded by lovely scents during your garden walks makes the whole experience more enjoyable. There’s also something magical when you’re at home and you have fragrant blooms refreshing the air inside with their pleasant aromas. While lots of flowers smell great, it’s safe to say that some of them are more fragrant compared to others.

If you’re interested in transforming the atmosphere in the garden or home with a new layer of enjoyment, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the most fragrant flowers you can choose for engulfing the entire yard or home with their exquisite fragrance. Having visually-pleasant flowers with lush foliage and elegant blooms is great but you can gain a new dimension by also selecting plants known for their distinctive perfume.

1. Carnation

Anyone who wants to add a spicy flavor to their garden or home should include carnation flowers. Also known as Dianthus, this flower boasts large blooms that offer pleasant vanilla scents so they can satisfy both your visual and olfactive senses. Make sure you choose a fragrant variety because some types of carnation flowers can be completely scent-free. These fragrant flowers are ideally positioned along the edges of the garden so they can surround the rest of the plants with their perfume.

2. Chamomile

One excellent fragrant flower to place in your garden is chamomile. This is a herbal plant with an easily recognizable scent that can remind you of hot chamomile tea. Chamomile looks like a small daisy and has been traditionally used to make herbal infusions. Many people appreciate the calming effect of chamomile tea so this is a great plant to have. It can contribute to a relaxing atmosphere through its scent.

3. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a highly recommended plant for any garden out there as it can envelop its surroundings with the sweet-smelling aroma of its flowers. This is a popular option for anyone who wishes to add a fragrant touch in any environment. It’s also a great solution considering how the plant can easily thrive in a wide variety of conditions. Honeysuckle provides a unique fragrance reminiscent of a mix of vanilla and honey. The multiple clusters of small flowers create a showy display that’s also a favorite for pollinators.

4. Phlox

Available in lots of vibrant colors, phlox is an excellent flower to grow at home or in the garden because of its fragrance. It’s often associated with the summer season and it can make a great visual impression. The sweet smell of the flowers is most powerful on sunny and warm days. It’s good to know that most phlox varieties self-seed so you can enjoy their lovely scent next year too. We recommend going for large swaths when planting this flower for the best sensory punch.

5. Peony

If you’re more old-fashioned, peonies represent a very satisfying option when it comes to growing fragrant flowers. Not all varieties are scented, so you need to be careful to choose the right peony if you want to experience their amazing perfume. These flowers are prized for their easy maintenance and petal-packed blooms as well. Together with the glossy dark green foliage, peonies can be lush additions to any home or garden. They can definitely become standout attractions of any garden because of their stylish aesthetics and enchanting scent.

6. Nicotiana

Also called Tobacco flower, Nicotiana delivers an intense scent that can remind you of lilies. It doesn’t have impressive-looking flowers, but the strong fragrance makes this one worth the effort to grow it. We recommend choosing the Nicotiana Sylvestris variety which has a particularly potent smell that engulfs the surrounding area. Other varieties may have fainter fragrances that aren’t as sweet. The perfume can be noticed better in the dusk.

7. Oriental Lily

Many lily varieties can be considered extremely aromatic. One flower that’s particularly sensual is the oriental lily known as “Stargazer”. It’s a hybrid variety with a spicy scent that’s not easy to forget. The oriental lily has a very overpowering smell that can envelop the entire garden with its perfume. The colorful blooms make this an ideal cut flower as well. Pink, yellow, and white are some of the most common colors of the oriental lily. Check out flower bulbs on Amazon.

8. Corsican Mint

Fans of minty scents will love the pleasant scent of Corsican mint flowers. This plant has a strong aroma coming from the leaves as well. You can release the spicy fragrance more effectively by crushing it underfoot. As you’ve probably guessed, Corsican mint is part of the mint family of plants. It’s technically a herb and it doesn’t grow very large. The flowers produced by Corsican mint are tiny as well so this is an ideal plant to grow if you just want a powerful fragrance without a strong visual impact.

9. Fragrant Columbine

The sweet-smelling columbine is a favorite among gardeners who wish to bring a powerful aroma to their collection of flowers. It’s a bit different compared to the regular garden columbines but they’re not harder to grow. The fragrance is quite similar to honeysuckle and the flower’s small flowers come with a white and yellow color combination. The fragrant columbine blooms in the summer period, from June to August. It’s native to sub-alpine regions in Western Himalayas.

10. Gardenia

Although very fragile and more difficult to grow compared to other fragrant flowers, gardenias will reward you with an exquisite olfactory experience. Gardenia has a famous scent that’s the perfect complement to its delicate white flowers. With a bit of effort, you can successfully grow gardenias indoors as well. The fragrance of the gardenia flower is fairly strong but not as overpowering as jasmine and it’s capable of easily mixing with the surroundings. This plant is a summer bloomer with creamy flowers that resemble roses.


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