Modern Bedroom With Orange Walls

18 Orange Bedrooms You Will Adore!

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Looking for a warm color that will make your bedroom feel cozier? Orange can be a great alternative worth trying. It’s not just a color reserved for eclectic designs because it can look amazing in any kind of modern or traditional bedroom. Orange accents and elements can bring a solid dose of excitement to your bedroom decor style. It can be a refreshing color pick if you favor a bolder aesthetic that stands out compared to typical somber, dark-toned bedroom color schemes.

Whereas traditional bedroom styles can feel a bit dull at times, an orange look is sure to enhance the space with a new dimension of cozy warmth and energetic brightness. That being said, an orange bedroom makeover is a little harder to pull off compared to other colors. You can add a touch of orange to the bedroom in many ways. Let’s take a look at the best ideas that will inspire you to incorporate orange tones properly in the bedroom.

1. Pastel Orange

Apricot Orange Bedroom

A delicate apricot tone can be a wonderful solution to decorate the walls in the bedroom. Take a look at this stylish transitional space that shows off a pleasant combination of pastel orange with crisp white. The dark hardwood floor helps to anchor the bedroom design properly while enhancing the subtle coziness of the orange wall. If you choose to paint the walls for an orange bedroom makeover, selecting a cozy apricot shade works perfectly to avoid overwhelming the space with too much color vibrancy.

2. Complementary Colors

Navy Blue and Orange Bedroom

The perfect complement to orange is navy blue. This might seem like a really bold combination for a bedroom, yet it suits the space very well. The strong visual impact of orange is elegantly tamed by the calm vibe of blue. Notice the exquisite tonal balance of this bedroom which shows a stylish contrast between the navy blue bed and pumpkin orange bench and chair. The gorgeous blue wall features pops of orange thanks to the presence of an abstract art piece.

3. Just a Touch of Orange

Gray Bedroom With Subtle Orange Accents

It’s safe to say that not everyone feels ready to commit to a bold orange bedroom design. A subtle touch of the color could be more suitable in those cases. Keep the space neutral and only include a simple orange element such as a throw pillow or chair. There’s no need to go all out on the brilliance of orange when just a small accent is enough to elevate the coziness of the space. Even smaller touches of orange work well to warm up neutral color palettes focused mainly on colder shades such as gray.

4. Retro Vibe

Retro Style Yellow and Orange Bedroom

Orange is a great color option for bedrooms featuring retro design inclinations. Brass hardware can show off an attractive visual appeal with rusty-toned orange shades. The metallic vibe of these nightstands adds a glamorous style to the bedroom. Other elements like the mustard-yellow throw pillows and colorful orange-pink duvet complete the retro 80s feel of this room. The orange wall provides an ideal exciting backdrop for all the playful patterns, textures, and color combinations.

5. Orange Wall Art

Gray Bedroom With Orange Wall Art

A minimalist gray bedroom can look very modern and elegant. However, it can also appear a little dull unless you provide some visual interest through well-chosen decor pieces. That’s where a striking art piece comes into play as it can make the plain empty wall in the bedroom feel livelier. Use an orange artwork, preferably in an abstract style, to make any dull modern space come to life. The best part is that you can always switch the art piece with a different one if you get tired of the orange pop of color.

6. Bohemian Style

Bohemian Bedroom With Subtle Orange Accents

Bohemian-style bedrooms can look even more attractive when complemented with orange accents. Check out this stylish bedroom that feels particularly airy and bright thanks to its creamy neutral color scheme and a gorgeous mix of textures. A few orange decor pieces enhance the depth of the color palette instead of looking out of place. Choosing orange tones that aren’t excessively bright seems like a smart design choice to maintain visual balance in this boho-inspired space.

7. Orange Ceiling

Orange Bedroom With Painted Ceilings

Although painting the walls in the bedroom in a warm shade of orange can bring a lot of drama to the space, you can take the idea to the next level by extending the coating to the ceiling. This results in a spectacular visual effect as it appears that the entire room is enveloped in the vibrant beauty of orange. Make sure you maintain the room’s furnishings in a neutral color scheme to prevent the orange from appearing too overpowering to the eyes.

8. Orange Headboard

Gray Bedroom With Orange Headboard

If you’re not sure how to integrate a nice orange vibe into the bedroom, you can try a stylish headboard. Any bed that features an elegant orange headboard will easily stand out in the room. It’s a refreshing style to consider if your bedroom is designed with modern decor elements. If you prefer a white and black color scheme, there’s a risk of the orange headboard attracting too much attention. For a properly balanced look, it’s best to include another unexpected element such as the dark brown hardwood ceiling.

9. Geometric Appeal

Eclectic Bedroom With Orange Geometric Patterns

Painting the wall in a solid orange style can be quite attractive in many bedroom designs. If you want an extra dose of eclecticism, consider including eye-catching geometric shapes that will truly add distinctive character to the space. Take a look at this geometric-style orange wall that brings a bright cheerful vibe to the bedroom. It makes an eclectic combination with the intricately patterned headboard while other orange accents in the room complete the bold visual appeal.

10. Orange and Wood

Orange Bedroom With Wood Accents

Orange tones together with the natural beauty of wood can form a striking combination because there’s a tonal similarity. The orange shade used for the painted wall adds a warmth to the space that’s very similar to the cozy vibe provided by the rich brown color of the wooden roof. Although it might seem surprising to some people, it turns out that orange works like a charm in more traditional-styled spaces as evidenced by this gorgeous attic bedroom design.

11. Floral Patterns

Gray Bedroom Featuring Orange Floral Curtains

If you’re looking for a classic way to add some style to the bedroom, you can’t go wrong with floral patterns. Try incorporating them through orange elements such as curtains or a duvet cover. This is a delicate way to bring the pleasant warmth of orange to a neutral-toned bedroom. Notice how the darker color scheme of this room is casually brightened by the splashes of orange. Both the color and the floral patterns bring a similar joyful vibe to the area.

12. Orange and White

White and Orange Bedroom

Many neutral tones can be successfully paired with orange for a modern, welcoming bedroom style. White is probably among the best choices because it’s very easy to combine with orange elements to obtain a warm, effortless look. Whether you prefer apricot, muted, or burnt orange color tones, it’s safe to say that you can create a balanced color scheme when you integrate white. The orange appeal of the walls and bedding complements the crisp white ceiling and bay windows in this transitional bedroom.

13. Two-Toned Design

Orange Bedroom With Two Tone Wall Design

Can’t decide between bright and muted orange shades to decorate the bedroom? A great solution is to simply incorporate both color styles by using a two-toned wall design. If you want to emphasize the height of the room, make sure the darker tone is at the bottom while the lighter orange hue is at the top. This kind of aesthetic works nicely for bright Bohemian-designed bedrooms that feature unique personalities.

14. Kids’ Bedroom

Orange Kids Bedroom

Given its bright and cheerful nature, it’s not surprising to find out that orange works like a charm for kids’ bedrooms. Mix an orange accent wall with delicate pink accents to create a fabulous bedroom that suits a little girl. You can emphasize the visual impact of the patterned orange wallpaper with the help of a matching artwork. Although this is a child-friendly space, it’s still a good idea to prevent an overpowering orange aesthetic by using a white color scheme as a starting base for colorful accents.

15. Accent Wall

Bedroom With Orange Accent Wall

While some interior designers consider that accent walls are no longer as fashionable as they used to be, they’re still highly recommended for making a statement without painting the entire room. The energizing effect of orange makes this color a suitable choice for an accent wall in the bedroom. It’s usually a good idea to select the wall the bed sits on for the orange makeover. If you have some wall art pieces that you plan to hang in the bedroom, place them on the other walls as the orange accent wall already draws plenty of attention.

16. Orange and Gray

Light Gray and Orange Bedroom

A stylish gray color scheme is a great solution to modernize the look of the bedroom. An extra dose of contrast can also help to elevate the modern appeal of gray. This is why orange can be paired effortlessly with gray. The combination offers an elegant contrast to improve the level of warmth and relaxation in the bedroom. Keep the overall color palette in a neutral range by using different shades of gray and white while sprinkling just a few subtle orange accents to add warm undertones.

17. Orange Furniture

Bedroom With Orange Bench

Whether it’s a chair or bench, furniture items can be very effectively used to integrate some lively orange tones into a traditional or contemporary bedroom design. This sophisticated neutral-toned bedroom makes use of a pop of orange color to give an unexpected visual effect. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to introduce a touch of distinguished character to the bedroom because even a simple orange furniture piece is sufficient.

18. Rustic Beauty

Rustic Orange Bedroom With Wood Ceiling Beams

Orange is probably not your first choice if you prefer a rustic bedroom aesthetic. However, the fiery intensity of a vibrant orange wall can be a good match for the earthy vibe of rustic wood beams. Check out this antique bedroom that’s visually stunning through the captivating use of bright orange tones. The farmhouse elements of the room feel refreshed by the explosion of color. It’s not just the painted walls that stand out as other colorful accents complete the boldness of orange.


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