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21 Fabulous Art Deco Design Ideas

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Art deco used to be the dominant design style during the 1920s and 1930s. It appeared as a response to art nouveau that featured minimalist lines and lots of shapes inspired by nature. As opposed to that aesthetic, art deco embraced ideals of modernity that seemed prevalent at the time. Art deco interior designers focused on technological and industrial progress as inspiration for their projects. For this reason, angular forms and geometric patterns are quite popular in the style.

Art deco prefers boldness to minimalism while showing off a kind of elegant fluidity through its common motifs. There’s no fussiness or any sense of romance when it comes to an art deco room. The style is characterized by luxurious color tones and high-end finishes that give a sophisticated look. It’s safe to say that using the art deco style is a sure way to elevate the visual appeal of any interior space. Despite being considered a retro aesthetic, art deco has been brought back into the spotlight because lots of modern decorations are compatible with its bold and streamlined elements.

Take a look at these fabulous design ideas that will inspire you to use art deco style in your own home.

1. Gold Accents

Art Deco Style Black Kitchen

When it comes to art deco design, opulence plays an important role. If you use luxurious elements and dark color schemes, you will easily obtain an art deco vibe. Using touches of gold through well-chosen accents can elevate the aesthetic even further. This vintage kitchen has been remodeled with the help of art deco-inspired elements. The black cabinetry stands out elegantly against the white walls and gold details. Thanks to centerpieces like the gorgeous chandelier and the French range, the room boasts an opulent art deco atmosphere.

2. Shapely Elements

Art Deco Style Curved Fireplace

Curved forms and strong lines are typical motifs that you can expect to see in an art deco space. Whether it’s a simple decorative accessory or an accent furniture piece, it’s essential to include some shapely elements to bring out the true spirit of this retro style. You don’t necessarily have to opt for a full room makeover as you can safely integrate these items within other contemporary decorated spaces. A curved fireplace makes a bold statement in this living room thanks to its unexpectedly curved shape.

3. Artwork Display

Art Deco Style Gallery Wall With Colorful Artworks

Dramatic art pieces that inspire a sense of grandeur work like a charm to inject the space with art deco vibes. Creating a huge gallery wall full of bold artworks might be a little too overwhelming for most homeowners but this is a solid example of the style. You should think of ingenious ways to incorporate art prints with strong pops of color or high-contrast hues. Fans of art deco design love the idea of attracting attention through artwork but this also provides a great opportunity for conversation.

4. Symmetrical Design

Art Deco Style Dark Green and White Dining Room

Symmetry is another art deco motif worth paying close attention to. Although the style often incorporates geometrical lines and curved shapes, there needs to be a sense of order in the entire composition. That’s why it’s a good idea to craft a symmetrical design that feels like a nod to the precision of technological machinery. This is a fairly modern dining room that only gives hints of art deco style through certain pieces like the glossy table and vibrantly-colored sculptures. It’s the symmetrical design that ties the look together.

5. High Contrast

Art Deco Style Vintage Bathroom

Very bright color tones used together with very dark ones can create an authentic art deco look. This is because the vintage style will often incorporate high-contrast color palettes. Mixing black and white represents a timeless option for designing a bathroom. This kind of color scheme appears sophisticated without excessive boldness. Thanks to the monochromatic high-contrast look, geometric patterns and sleek lines can stand out more effectively. It will also emphasize the shapely design of some bathroom elements like this pedestal sink shown here.

6. Fluted Details

Art Deco Style Fluted Kitchen Furniture

Ribbed surfaces experienced great popularity during the art deco period. If you want to recreate the design style in your home, it’s highly recommended to incorporate some fluted details that bring an elegant touch to the space. Whether it’s a cabinet, basin, or other elements of the room, fluted design helps to showcase the sculptural appeal of the item. Combine fluted accents with warm color tones to emphasize the retro glamor vibe. The classic curve of a fluted design is strongly reminiscent of the manufacturing technologies popular in the art deco era.

7. Geometric Patterns

Art Deco Style Green Wallpaper in Bathroom

Repetitive geometric patterns make a stylish impression in art deco-inspired rooms. Whether you’re opting for triangular, zig-zag, honeycomb, or other similar patterns, it’s a good idea to include some geometric visual interest. There’s not a lot of effort needed to pull off a geometric look because there are multiple ways to include them. Patterned area rugs or upholstery fabric are some of them. You should also consider using a stylish wallpaper with eye-catching geometric patterns or a more unique lighting fixture.

8. Jewel Tones

Art Deco Style Turquoise Console Table

Art deco designers love to incorporate jewel tones that provide a brilliantly vibrant look. Think of saturated shades like teal green, aqua, cobalt blue, garnet red, or rich purple. These are must-have color picks to create a stunning palette for your art deco-inspired room. You can emphasize the lavish appeal of jewel tones with the help of striking contrasting elements such as black or gold accents. Keeping a neutral background works like a charm if you choose to use various colorful elements.

9. Terrazzo Beauty

Art Deco Style Terrazzo Bathroom Sink

If you’re looking to make a bold visual statement through materials, try using terrazzo. Whether it’s resin- or cement-based, terrazzo finishes can provide some retro geometric appeal that’s suitable for fans of art deco. If you plan to get a terrazzo floor installed, it’s safe to say that it can be quite a costly project. There’s also considerable maintenance required to ensure the best level of durability. In that case, you could restrict yourself to a simpler element like a stylish sink basin.

10. Luxurious Items

Luxurious Art Deco Style Living Room

Whether it’s the use of upscale materials or premium furniture items, it’s pretty much essential to craft a luxurious vibe to get that truly fabulous art deco aesthetic. Metallics, polished marble, and rich wood are just some of the ingredients that belong in an art deco space. There’s some overlap with maximalism but the focus is on creating luxurious appeal by combining different sophisticated elements together. If you’re worried about the expense of this kind of makeover, it’s recommended to simply imitate the look through affordable solutions like veneers or laminate surfaces.

11. Decorative Paneling

Art Deco Style Door Paneling in the Kitchen

If you have an open kitchen, it can be quite challenging to organize the space properly. It’s a great idea to use a partition to separate different areas more effectively. An art deco paneling works like a charm in this case because it separates the kitchen visually from the living room while adding a touch of style. To ensure an authentic vintage look, consider fluted glass or colored glazing that offers plenty of visual interest. Arrange the glass paneling in geometric patterns that blend beautifully with other patterns in the space.

12. Home Bar

Art Deco Style Home Bar

Art deco is more than a trend in the world of interior design. It can be considered an entire movement that took the world by storm in the 1920s. If you want to enjoy the characteristic mood of that vintage era, it’s highly recommended to bring back some glamorous features such as a home bar. This is a great example that illustrates the opulence of the art deco period. Aim to create a comfortable yet refined wet bar equipped with a nice selection of traditional drinks and distinctive décor accents.

13. Glitzy Chandelier

Art Deco Style Glossy Kitchen With Crystal Chandelier

The right lighting fixture can provide superb art deco vibes without having to go through a complete remodel of the room. It’s the perfect solution if you only want a simple décor element that gives a nod to the vintage style. You can enhance the beauty of a modern kitchen by opting for a crystal chandelier that offers a dazzling visual impression. It features a spectacular elegance thanks to the way light reflections bounce off the shiny appliances and kitchen hardware.

14. Monochromatic Look

Neutral Toned Art Deco Style Living Room

Not all art deco interiors need to be packed with flashy jewel tones and strong contrasts. You can obtain a vintage-inspired look by restricting your color palette to just one or two color tones. This is a recommended approach if you already have luxurious furnishings and other décor elements that can stand out properly without the need for bold color combinations. Even a neutral color scheme centered around beige and tan shades can look simply stunning with the right decorations that give the room a strong art deco vibe.

15. Arch Style

Pink Arched Headboard in Art Deco Style

Arches are often encountered in the world of art deco design. Although many angular lines are used, this vintage style seems to favor the rounded-top shape of an arch in many different places. You can incorporate an arch design through mirrors, bookcases, and all kinds of décor elements. A creative example involves the use of arches to craft a stylish headboard with a matching wall design. This pink bedroom appears much more lively with the help of some elegant curves.

16. Machine Inspiration

Elegant Art Deco Style Dining Room

Considering how art deco draws heavy inspiration from machinery and technological advancements of the period, it’s not surprising to see that interior designers also adopted similar trends. A notable detail is the use of bold metal accents for furniture pieces such as chairs. Take a look at this elegant art deco dining room that includes vintage gold metal chairs with somewhat futuristic lines. The reflective finish enhances the look and contributes to a modernization effect on the traditional space.

17. Lacquered Finish

Art Deco Style Wood Console Table

Aside from picking distinctive shapes and styles of furniture, you can also obtain an art deco look by focusing on the glossiness of items. The style popularized the idea of applying multiple lacquer coatings to provide an extra shiny finish. Just a few heavily lacquered wood items can bring a glamorous art deco vibe to the room. It’s not just the wood furniture that got a high-gloss treatment as even fabric pieces boasted lacquered inlays. Draw some extra attention to your shiny décor elements by using stylish light fixtures.

18. Leather Seating

Art Deco Style Living Room With Leather Chairs

Although luxurious materials like velvet are typically seen in most art deco living rooms, leather upholstering is also a popular seating option to try. The art deco period allowed many homeowners to show off their wealth and sophistication. Leather seating had a premium reputation in the 1920s and it’s still a great choice in modern times if you want to add some art deco flair. You can pick a dyed leather style like cherry red and tangerine for an eclectic look or just stick to brown and tan shades for a traditional aesthetic.

19. Elegant Mirror

Art Deco Style Gold Frame Mirror

What’s the best way to further elevate the luxurious atmosphere of an art deco space? One clever solution is to set up an elegant mirror that enhances the feeling of grandeur. The mirror motif has a strong presence in art deco designs. You can find many interesting variations when it comes to popular mirror styles of the period. A great example is the iconic “stepped” silhouette that features bold edges with a geometric appeal. Mirrors designed with scalloped edges and smoked glass can also be considered to bring back an authentic art deco vibe.

20. Timeless Beauty

Living Room With Subtle Art Deco Vibe

Instead of focusing too much on striking room features that are expensive or too eclectic, you can simply concentrate on timeless details. Things like stylish crown molding accents, for example, can provide a fabulous art deco touch without overpowering the particular design theme of the room. Another classy feature seen in art deco spaces anywhere is the use of built-in shelving. Having bookcases with this kind of design isn’t just very attractive but also incredibly practical to save space.

21. Rustic Sophistication

Unique Glamorous Art Deco Style Kitchen

Interiors that make extensive use of wood materials can provide a strong rustic vibe. Some ingenious art deco designs show that it’s possible to put a different spin on timeless materials like wood. Check out this eye-catching kitchen space that relies on reclaimed wood and old timber materials. Instead of giving off the impression of an outdated look, the geometric patterns and elegant finishes offer an air of sophistication resulting in a bold visual impact.


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