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10 Amazing Ways to Decorate Using the Unique Coquelicot Color

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If you feel that your home is a little lacking in color, it’s probably a good idea to look for some vibrant shades to refresh the design. Coquelicot is an interesting red hue that shows off a pleasant intensity that works as a beautiful bright accent to your decor style. As you’ve probably guessed, the name “coquelicot” has French origins and means “poppy”. It seems fitting considering that this color is easily reminiscent of a field of vibrant red poppies.

Although it packs quite a visual punch, coquelicot doesn’t feel childish or overwhelming. It manages to encapsulate an ideal balance between shades of crimson and fuchsia while showing off subtle orange undertones. The unique coquelicot color represents a great choice for any interior that needs a healthy dose of vibrance and joy. If you feel attracted to this stylish red tone and wish to incorporate it into your home, check out the following amazing coquelicot decor ideas.

1. Vibrant Textiles

White Bedroom With Coquelicot Red Accents

Coquelicot is a powerful color that can be challenging to add in higher doses in the room. If you don’t want to commit to a very bold design, a good solution is to look for coquelicot textiles such as pillows, blankets, or curtains. They can show off the bright positivity of the red shade without overwhelming the space too much. The bedroom can be energized quite effectively with the help of coquelicot textile accents.

2. Neutral Feel

Stylish Coquelicot Red Console Table

Coquelicot is an inspiring and joyful color that can be used in clever ways to bring a fresh style to your home. The bright and clean vibe of coquelicot makes it suitable to use the hue as a neutral like white, ivory, or gray. Painted woodwork and coquelicot furniture can add a unique modern twist to your interior space. Whether you favor a traditional design style or prefer a more modern look, coquelicot is a stunning accent that can still maintain a neutral feel.

3. Warm Touch

Vintage Blue Bedroom With Coquelicot Red Accents

If you’re decorating a vintage space with a modern color scheme, there’s a risk of using too many cool shades that feel a bit lacking in character. A few touches of coquelicot can restore the visual balance by having a warming effect. Whether you use plenty of blues and greens or neutrals like white and gray, the addition of a few bold coquelicot accents can make a difference. It’s a sure way to inject some distinctive joyful vibes into the area.

4. Highlighting Rich Details

Coquelicot Red Wallpaper in Bedroom

Bold wallpaper designs featuring lots of rich details and patterned embellishments can look particularly stunning with the help of a coquelicot color scheme. You can easily bring a touch of whimsy to a bathroom or powder room by opting for a vintage floral wallpaper that offers a contrasting mix of crisp white and coquelicot. Add small art frames if you want to make an even bolder statement through this richly detailed design.

5. Dark Coquelicot Style

Breakfast Nook With Coquelicot Red Accents

Can you integrate coquelicot in an elegant interior space without having to sacrifice the level of sophistication? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, but you need to opt for coquelicot accents featuring darker undertones. Using the typically bright shade of coquelicot isn’t always recommended if you favor a more serene aesthetic without a very striking contrast. Darker coquelicot styles work like a charm to retain sophistication and evoke a sense of historic elegance in the room.

6. Artsy Display

Large Coquelicot Red Mural in Modern Living Room

We’ve seen that coquelicot wallpaper can be successfully used to make a beautiful statement. Another option is to use art pieces or murals to decorate the walls with the lively touch of this red shade. Using artsy elements and patterns can be a great way to integrate the brightness of coquelicot regardless of your favorite style. Both abstract pieces and life stills work exceptionally well when you infuse them with copious amounts of coquelicot color.

7. Boho Vibe

Stylish Coquelicot Red Dining Room

If you want to make your dining room stand out from the rest, consider the lively visual impact of coquelicot accents. They can add some vibrant character to any elegant boho-inspired space that features cozy textures and natural materials. The coquelicot drapes create a great pairing with the walls and the tablecloth in the same color tone. There’s a beautiful contrast with the neutral color touches and plants to ensure that coquelicot doesn’t overpower the room.

8. Large Furniture

Colorful Bathroom With Coquelicot Red Vanity

Most interior designers prefer using coquelicot in small doses through simple accents spread throughout the room. A different approach involves the idea of making the space pop with a large furniture piece showing off the vibrant red shade. It’s a great idea if you’re looking for a way to warm up the atmosphere in the bathroom. Although the colorful wallpaper on the wall brings a fun vibe to the white area, the coquelicot vanity brings a new dimension of energizing warmth.

9. Cozy Reading Nook

Blue Reading Nook With Coquelicot Red Accents

Whether you want to relax on a daybed or wish to create a cozy reading nook, coquelicot can serve as an ideal decor pick. Going for a vibrant shade of red might affect the sense of comfort in this kind of space. That’s why it’s recommended to mix coquelicot with light blue and show off sophisticated appeal without sacrificing the overall serenity of the color scheme. This reading nook looks stunning with its multiple coquelicot accents that create a cozy retreat from the rest of the house.

10. Coquelicot Front Door

Vivid Coquelicot Red Entryway

Any luxurious entryway design can take advantage of a more eye-catching color scheme to make bold accents pop. Coquelicot is a superb solution to make the front door stand out and create a stunning first impression. If you feel ready to commit to such a bold color shade for the front door, it’s highly recommended to opt for a more intense makeover in the whole entryway. Continue the coquelicot aesthetic by painting the walls in a similar tone. Introduce dark teal furniture for an elegant contrast.

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