Mexican Inspired Kitchen With Patterned Backsplash And Decorative Bar Stools

20 Colorful Mexican Inspired Design and Decor Ideas

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If you’re looking to show your appreciation for Mexican culture and visual heritage, you should consider trying out some fresh home decor ideas. Incorporating Mexican design in your home can take some effort because the style is a complex blend of different cultures with many traditional and eclectic elements. Maintaining a balanced look that’s colorful and full of personality can be challenging unless you get some good inspiration. Check out the following Mexican design and decor ideas to brighten up your living space using key characteristics of this vibrant style.

1. Terracotta Warmth

Mexican Inspired Bathroom With Terracotta Floor Tiles

Although Mexican design tends to incorporate a variety of colors and elements, there is one common characteristic that you will always find in this style. The atmosphere of a Mexican-inspired room seems to radiate a deep sense of warmth that makes the space incredibly welcoming and comfortable. Terracotta is an ideal material to include in a Mexican-style kitchen to embrace the traditional warm vibe of the style. The earthy tone of terracotta tiles can form an excellent backdrop to display more colorful elements.

2. Vibrantly Painted Walls

Mexican Inspired Bathroom With Painted Walls

Vivid colors are commonly found in Mexican interiors. An intense blue tone can provide a gorgeous contrast in a warm neutral color scheme like it’s done in this rustic bathroom. If you don’t want to fully commit to this kind of bold design style, you can still try out the appeal of Mexican design in smaller doses. You could paint only one wall to make a stylish statement without overwhelming the space with vibrant colors. Keep the surrounding color scheme more restrained to avoid a clashing look.

3. Patterned Fabrics

Mexican Inspired Bedroom With Patterned Bed Fabrics

Fabrics are important when it comes to designing a Mexican-inspired interior space. Instead of simple colors and patterns, you should focus on bold prints with lots of geometric designs and more intricate patterns. Whether you’re trying to decorate the bedroom with new bedding or want to change the upholstery of the living room sofa, it’s recommended to select a mix of multiple vivid colors and eye-catching patterned prints. Even when used as small accents, the right types of fabrics can easily bring a solid Mexican vibe to the room.

4. Decorative Tiles

Mexican Inspired Backsplash Design With Colorful Tiles

If you’re looking to embrace the eclectic style of Mexican decor, it’s a good idea to feature some decorative tiles. Many rustic Mexican-style kitchens tend to incorporate colorful tiles in unique ways, usually on the backsplash. The blend of colors and intricate patterns can make a really bold statement. It’s recommended to keep the other elements in a simple, neutral style to maintain a sense of visual harmony. Decorative tiles are not strictly used only on kitchen walls because you can add some Mexican flair to other suitable interior areas such as the bathroom.

5. Wood Furniture

Mexican Inspired Living Room With Wood Furniture

Mexican decor is a rustic design style at its core. Even if you prefer to use lots of contemporary elements, it’s easy to bring some slight Mexican vibes with a few key accents. A good example is using wood furniture which can make the atmosphere in the room feel more down-to-earth. A rustic coffee table works like a charm to warm up the space and tone down the rigid sophistication of modern furnishing materials. To emphasize this visual effect, it’s highly recommended to combine wood pieces with more colorful furniture elements.

6. Plate Display

Mexican Inspired Bathroom With Decorative Plates on the Wall

Thanks to its beautiful mix of colors and patterns, Mexican pottery is pretty much built to be shown off at every opportunity. For example, decorative plates can add a Mexican-style touch to any bathroom wall with their rustic designs. Another great idea is to make a stylish ceramic arrangement using open shelves in the living room or the dining area. This is a great decor idea due to its versatility considering how you can display a large treasured collection of plates and bowls or just show off a few key pieces.

7. Mexican-Style Planter

Mexican Inspired Planter With Snake Plant

Plants are frequently used in Mexican-style interiors to bring a touch of nature. They also bring a solid opportunity to decorate the space using colorful planters. Talavera ceramic pots featuring intricate designs and vivid color tones are extremely popular in Mexican decor. These gorgeous planters will easily enhance the look of your favorite succulent plants or flowers thanks to their artisanal beauty. Check out this Mexican-style planter on Amazon if you’re looking to fill your home with house plants.

8. Carved Wooden Doors

Mexican Inspired Living Room With Rustic Decorative Door

Instead of simple wooden doors, Mexican design embraces more intricate construction styles that add some extra charm to the space. Interior doors that feature decorative carvings and more prominent textural details can bring an authentic Mexican vibe to any rustic interior. This door style can sometimes be used for the front door but a salvaged piece will usually look more attractive for an interior room such as the bedroom. Rich brown wood tones of carved doors can contribute to the overall warmth of the space.

9. Warm Glowing Lights

Mexican Inspired Living Room With Hanging Moravian Star Lights

Decorating your home using Mexican-inspired design will often incorporate some appropriate light fixtures that accentuate the warm atmosphere of the space. Natural light is quite important but you also need to take into account the best style of artificial light to use. Pendant lights showing off a Moravian star seem to work perfectly in Mexican-style interiors. They will bring an authentic glow that will make the space feel more enchanting and dreamy at night. Take a look at this stylish Mexican-inspired light fixture to get a similar vibe.

10. Airy Chair Design

Mexican Inspired Round Chairs With Desert Style Decor Elements

Considering the hot Mexican climate, it’s not surprising to see that most chair designs take inspiration from desert decor. Mexican-style chairs tend to be light and airy although they incorporate a wide variety of materials and shapes. Woven wood and handmade leather are some of the most popular options when it comes to chair designs. Metal is another material that can be used to add rustic Mexican charm. No matter the choice, it’s safe to say that a Mexican-styled chair needs to inspire relaxation and airiness.

11. Talavera-Style Sink Basin

Mexican Inspired Sink Basin With Decorative Tiles

There’s no secret that Mexican decor tends to all out on colorful tiles with dazzling patterns. Many stylish bathroom designs can often go one step further by matching the look of decorative tiles on the wall or the floor with a gorgeous Talavera-style sink basin. This is a recommended idea if you want to embrace the historic heritage of authentic Mexican design because Talavera ceramics are renowned for their artisanal beauty and characteristic high-quality craftsmanship. Instead of looking out of place, this Talavera basin complements the traditional earthy color scheme and intricate patterns of the bathroom tile.

12. Mexican Gallery Wall

Mexican Inspired Gallery Wall in Colorful Living Room

Decorating the wall can be an important part of creating an authentic feel of Mexican style. By focusing on the impressive diversity of Mexican art, you will be able to come up with a gallery wall that’s full of distinctive character. Pieces that depict folkloric and indigenous art should be prioritized if you prefer a solid rustic vibe. However, there are some great gallery wall options for those who enjoy modern art movements such as impressionism and cubism. Eclectic art combinations are very welcomed in Mexican decor if you can’t decide on a uniform aesthetic.

13. Staircase Decor

Mexican Inspired Staircase Tile Designs

Putting colorful tiles in more unexpected places could be a smart design decision to bring an attractive Mexican vibe to your home. Aside from the kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls, consider decorating the staircase with some gorgeous artisan-grade tiles. If you have traditional wooden stairs, you will be able to enjoy a great boost in terms of rustic charm. Don’t be afraid to choose more than one pattern style to improve the complexity of the staircase design with extra layers of color and geometric effects.

14. Unique Window Shapes

Mexican Inspired Window Shape Design

Lots of traditional Mexican homes make use of Spanish-style windows that take considerable inspiration from the colonial era. You can take a similar design approach in your living space by opting for bolder window shapes that boast superior decorative potential. The best part about this idea is how you can improve the look of the interior area as well as the exterior of the house. Windows with curved details and a distinctive geometric shape can easily make your home stand out.

15. Bold Color Scheme

Mexican Inspired Kitchen With Vibrant Blue Cabinets and Chairs

Despite how warm neutrals and earthy color tones dominate Mexican-style interiors, bold colors always manage to find their way into the color scheme. Mexican culture embraces vibrant colors and it’s important to reflect this aspect through various home decor elements. Keep a neutral base centered around warm whites, sandy beiges, tan browns, and earthy orange hues. Then you can add various splashes of bold color to create a memorable contrast. This cozy Mexican-inspired kitchen looks stunning thanks to the colorful chairs in rich shades of turquoise, dark teal, and cobalt blue.

16. Patio Accent

Mexican Inspired Decorative Throw Pillows on Patio Bench

If you want to bring some Mexican flair to the patio or porch, your best bet is to focus on colorful decorative accents such as throw pillows. A set of pillows that feature traditional Mexican-style patterns and bold colors should be able to transform the plain look of any patio furniture. This is a great design solution for homeowners who need just a nice splash of Mexican decor style without having to commit to the more eclectic feature of this vibrant aesthetic. Try this gorgeous set of Talavera-patterned throw pillows.

17. Artisanal Flower Vase

Mexican Inspired Artisanal Ceramic Vase With Sunflowers

Instead of mass-produced decor pieces, traditional Mexican decor favors handcrafted items that add a soulful touch to the atmosphere of the room. If you enjoy displaying fresh flowers in your home, consider using an artisanal vase meticulously painted to showcase the visual heritage of Mexican style. Traditional pieces are designed with colorful Talavera ceramic. Distinctive artistic choices and slight variations from one vase to another can contribute to the overall charm of your flower display. Try this boldly-colored vase on Amazon to invite an air of Mexican decor into your home.

18. Bathroom Tile Countertop

Mexican Inspired Bathroom With Countertop Tiles

The bathroom is one area of the home that can provide lots of exciting opportunities for Mexican decor. Warm neutral tones and rustic materials like wood can be paired effectively with creative tile designs to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom. Tile countertops might feel outdated in the context of modern decor styles. However, I recommend trying this kind of look if you’re going for a charming Mexican vibe. The colorful tile countertop makes a great pairing with the tiles on the wall and colorful vanity.

19. Hanging Tapestry

Mexican Inspired Living Room With Wall Tapestry

The easiest way to achieve an authentic Mexican decor style in your home is by focusing on artisanal pieces to replace conventional decorations. As opposed to a basic mass-produced print on the wall, a hanging tapestry can look more charming. It adds an extra textural layer that complements the overall warm atmosphere in an authentic Mexican-styled space. You might consider featuring an artisanal tapestry by itself or together with colorful framed art pieces depending on how dramatic you want the wall design to be.

20. Painted Front Door

Mexican Inspired Painted Front Door Surrounded by Plants

Looking for a low-budget way to embrace Mexican design in your home? A great solution is to paint the front door in a more vivid color tone. This represents an ingenious method to refresh the appearance of your home’s facade regardless of design style. However, it could be more impactful if you’ve decided to try incorporating Mexican design elements. An intense shade of blue, red, or yellow can brighten up any neutral-toned home exterior. It will also make the front door stand out against a backdrop dominated by earthy hues of terracotta orange and verdant green.


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