Stylish Desert Inspired Living Room With Multiple Seating Options

15 Unconventional Desert Decor and Design Ideas

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As the name of the style suggests, desert decor takes inspiration from the outdoors. It attempts to bring inside your home a distinctive look that establishes a connection with nature. Earthy color tones, mixed textures, and minimal details are some of the key characteristics of desert decor. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pull off this design aesthetic but it’s important to keep the look streamlined and balanced to avoid a kitschy effect.

Whether you wish to create a desert vibe in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, there are lots of ways to incorporate its cozy characteristics. You can add just one or two elements for a subtle nod to the aesthetic or go for a complete desert-inspired makeover to warm up the entire space. There’s no need to restrict the style only to influences coming from the American southwest or Mexico considering how lots of desert communities around the globe feature great decor ideas worth using.

If you don’t know how to incorporate desert decor in your home, check out the following inspirational and unconventional ideas to get started.

1. Desert Greenery

Desert Inspired Living Room With Various Plants

Cacti and succulents work perfectly to bring out an authentic desert aesthetic. This is a solid idea that takes inspiration from the typical desert landscape to make interior spaces feel livelier. The best part about desert plants is that they require minimal maintenance. You can take your pick from a wide variety of cacti and succulents to introduce the right sculptural or textural visual effect to the room. Create a tight cluster of different types of plants if you want to go all out on the desert vibe.

2. Wood Furniture

Desert Inspired Living Room With a Wood Coffee Table

When it comes to furniture, it’s highly recommended to focus on wood construction. This is the best material choice if you want to recreate a stylish desert look inside your home. Wood elements bring a sense of earthiness and fill the atmosphere with the characteristic warmth found in desert decor. Whether it’s a fancy sideboard or a sculptural coffee table, there are plenty of ways to integrate the natural beauty of wood through furniture items.

3. Textile Appeal

Desert Inspired Living Room With Fabric Hangings

No desert-inspired space feels right without emphasizing the appeal of textile elements. As opposed to other decor styles, you can safely go overboard with the number of textiles to enhance the visual impact of desert design. Layering different rugs together improves the sense of depth while textiles in more unexpected places can accentuate the cozy vibe of the style. For example, fabric hangings can beautifully accentuate the look of the wall. You should also focus properly on upholstery and rich textural curtains.

4. Neutral Color Palette

Cozy Neutral Toned Desert Inspired Living Room

In terms of colors, it’s strongly recommended to combine different neutral tones to establish the characteristic earthy base of the desert design. The style is quite restrictive when it comes to its color palette. You should always decorate the room with various shades of white, beige, ivory, and cream. Darker tones or more vibrant hues don’t belong in high doses. Try to imagine a desert landscape where the colors of sand, stone, and driftwood dominate. For pops of color, consider chic tones of green and burnt orange that complement the neutral color scheme.

5. Woven Baskets

Desert Inspired Living Room With Woven Baskets

If you want only a hint of desert decor to warm up the feel of the space, consider bringing in some woven baskets. It’s the perfect solution for jumping on this trend without having to completely redesign the space. The textural beauty of a woven rattan or seagrass basket provides a solid Southwestern desert vibe. Don’t just focus on the practical aspects because these baskets aren’t just used to store throw blankets or extra towels. They can be placed on a shelf to act as stylish decor pieces by themselves.

6. Primitive Patterns

Desert Inspired Living Room With Patterned Throw Pillows

Patterns can have an important place in desert decor styles. It’s typically recommended to choose primitive pattern designs mostly focused on accessories or smaller decor pieces. As opposed to Bohemian interiors, desert-inspired spaces look more appealing if the patterns are used more subtly, just as stylish accents. You can add a strong desert vibe by decorating the muted neutral backdrop of the living room with detailed patterns from decorations like throw pillows and ceramics.

7. Textural Contrast

Leather Couch in Desert Inspired Living Room

Any interior room that takes decor inspiration from a desert landscape needs to focus on adding plenty of natural textures. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures in the same space because the resulting contrast can actually provide a more authentic desert vibe. The rough style of a wooden furniture piece can look more attractive against the soft texture of a different accessory. The most important aspect to remember is that natural textures complement each other harmoniously in a desert decor aesthetic.

8. White Walls

Desert Inspired Living Room With White Walls

While some desert-style rooms can make use of painted walls in shades of cream, beige, and tan, it’s safe to say that classic white is often the best choice. Having a simple and clean backdrop works like a charm to show off a variety of earthy-hued decor items and accessories. Wood and leather accents appear particularly stunning when contrasted against white walls. The minimalist aesthetic of a white wall allows you to play around with multiple decor elements without a sense of overwhelming the space.

9. Cozy Bedroom

Desert Inspired Bedroom With Cactus and Wall Decorations

Looking to decorate the bedroom using desert-inspired elements? There are lots of great options suited to add visual interest to this space. It’s highly recommended to focus on natural materials and textures that increase coziness and help you feel more relaxed. Desert-style bedrooms should provide a warm atmosphere fitting for a restful retreat. Keep the color scheme restricted to just two or three shades and select decorations that give off an artisan vibe. This wooden wall hanging adds a stylish rustic touch to a desert-inspired bedroom.

10. Moroccan Pouf

Desert Inspired Living Room With Moroccan Poufs

Comfy seating options shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re designing a room using the desert decor style. For a laid-back vibe, it’s recommended to include a gorgeous Moroccan pouf to complement the sofa and chairs in the living room. Rusty leather or sand tones work perfectly to select a Moroccan pouf that brings an authentic desert landscape style to the room. It makes a great textural combination together with an extra-soft area rug that contributes to the overall comfortable feel of the space.

11. Driftwood Design

Desert Inspired Bathroom With Driftwood DIY Vanity

Driftwood is considered a charming natural element that belongs in any desert decor space. There’s something particularly appealing to using driftwood decorations because they stand out compared to mass-produced items. The rough texture and multiple imperfections convey a one-of-a-kind feel that other decor pieces can’t match. Driftwood can be DIY’ed and transformed with the help of specialized craftsmanship to make a bold statement. A nice example is replacing the standard bathroom vanity with a more unconventional driftwood design.

12. Desert Dining Room

Desert Inspired Dining Room

Lots of areas in your home can take advantage of the earthy touch of desert-inspired decor. The dining room is a great place to show off the rustic side of this aesthetic. There’s something very comforting about earthenware and it’s not surprising to see that it’s so extensively used for desert-style dining areas both indoors and outdoors. Terracotta and wood elements bring a distinctive sense of warmth to the atmosphere making the dining table feel particularly inviting.

13. Wood-Burning Stove

Desert Inspired Living Room With Wood Burning Stove

A wood-burning stove isn’t just a stylish addition to a desert-inspired living room but it’s also a practical solution to stay warm. Desert nights can get surprisingly cold. Even if you live in an urban area, a wood-burning stove is a recommended decor element to embrace the desert design style without missing out on its practical benefits. The main appeal of this type of stove is the rustic aesthetic that’s combined very well with features like wood furniture and comfy throw pillows.

14. Subtle Desert Inspiration

Minimalist Desert Inspired Living Room

When you try too hard to create a specific theme for your interior space, you might easily overdo it. A successful desert decor look will often look better when it only draws subtle inspiration from an arid landscape. Embracing minimalism can often be a good idea to decorate the space in a timeless desert style. A few well-placed furniture elements and decor elements work like a charm while maintaining an airy and bright atmosphere in the room.

15. Rustic Charm

Rustic Desert Inspired Bedroom With Barn Doors

If you want to focus on the rustic appeal of desert decor, it’s strongly recommended to integrate elements such as barn doors and exposed ceiling beams. Keep the original look of the wood to match the surrounding elements properly. The natural appeal of the barn doors can be mixed effectively with other wood decorations like a small bench. Add plants to make the space feel as inviting as possible.


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