9 Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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Getting a high-end look without spending a fortune is definitely possible. You just need to apply some smart tips that will give your space a new stylish twist. It’s not easy to create a striking look for your home when you’re on a limited budget. It takes a lot of effort to figure out which decorations and style techniques work better for your particular situation. This is where this article comes into play.

To help you obtain the desired look and feel, we’ve explored multiple aspects of home décor to ensure that you can make any home look more expensive without breaking the bank. Instead of the usual ways that involve complex and costly renovations, you can make slight adjustments that make a big impact. It’s all about putting the right amount of energy and arranging items in a smart manner to create a beautifully decorated room.

1. Bring in Some Large Artwork

One easy way to make a big impact when you’re on a budget is to bring in large-scale art. Although it may seem like a big investment, it’s actually possible to find large pieces such as abstract paintings that are quite affordable. This kind of big décor piece will quickly draw the eye all the way to the ceiling and make an impressive visual impact. It will make the room seem more expensively furnished because overscale artwork has the ability to loom over the entire room.

2. Try a Minimalist Approach

Instead of purchasing lots of items, it’s sometimes better to take a minimalist approach and furnish a room with just the needed essentials. This can be a great solution if you’re on a tight budget as you can invest the money in a smarter way and get just a few high-quality pieces. For example, the dining room doesn’t require a bar cart or a chandelier. It’s safe to say that just the dining table and chairs combination will suffice along with a few decorations. Considering how minimalism is highly appreciated nowadays, you can create a stylishly spare look without spending too much.

3. Enhance the Lighting in the Room

It’s easy to change the atmosphere in the room by simply focusing on adding some new lighting fixtures. Many areas lack enough mood lighting so you should definitely fix that. Updating the lighting department in any room can get quite expensive depending on the kind of items you choose. For a budget-friendly alternative, consider bringing in some extra lamps.

There are many flexible options such as floor lamps or wall sconces, and you can also take a creative approach when it comes to the placement of your new lighting fixtures. The idea is to create a high-end feel by making the room’s ambiance cozier. Another good solution is to get rid of a dated light fixture and replace it with a new one that adds some fresh style to the area.

4. Add Texture Through Throw Pillows

Swapping your old throw pillows with new ones can provide a new dimension of texture to the room. This simple little upgrade can have a considerable effect on the way any space feels. It’s recommended to try out some bolder colors because a livelier room will also appear to be more expensive. Even if you’re a fan of neutral colors, you can at least integrate throw pillows that come with slightly different shades compared to the overall color scheme. Check out this stylish set of plush throw pillows from Amazon.

5. Decorate with Fresh Flowers

Adding luxury to an area should not always involve making a big arrangement of expensive items. Sometimes it’s enough to just add some simple décor elements such as fresh flowers. You’ll be surprised to find out how much sophistication can be created with the help of a flower bouquet. It doesn’t matter much the kind of flowers you choose as even inexpensive options will craft an amazing look assuming you are careful when arranging them. A bit of greenery will take your home’s look a long way.

6. Use Paint

A fresh coat of paint represents a fairly inexpensive way to pull together a room or add some much-needed drama. This is especially the case if we’re talking about an area where neutral furniture dominates the caller palette. Depending on the particular elements of the room that you’re focusing on, paint can create a refreshing and vibrant change.

Consider repurposing a particular piece and giving it a different twist by painting it a more distinctive color. For example, the cabinets in your kitchen can take advantage of a color transformation. Even if your kitchen has some dated elements, the new coat of paint will have a great impact when it comes to upgrading the overall look. If your budget allows it, maybe you could even change the style of the kitchen backsplash for a complete design update.

7. Integrate Some Glitzy Accents

Consider adding some gold elements if you plan on making your home look more expensive. Regardless of the room you choose, a bit of sparkle and reflective surfaces will have a solid glamorous effect. Whether through wall frames, coffee tables, or lighting fixtures, there’s a flexible range of options when it comes to integrating glitzy accents. You might even just focus on a single gold high-end piece like an imposing chandelier or an antique mirror for some luxurious vibes. Take a look at this brushed metal wall mirror from Amazon.

8. Boost the Sense of Space With Curtains

Here’s an interesting idea to try if you’re not lucky enough to have high ceilings. You can boost the sense of space in the room with the help of long curtains and craft an expensive look at the same time. The idea is to draw the attention up towards the ceiling by hanging the curtains as high as possible creating the illusion of a loftier space.

Another method to trick the eye into perceiving a more luxurious style is to invest in sheer drapes. This is because they create a softer light effect which contributes to a cozy atmosphere elevating the entire look of the room. Check out these refined-looking burgundy sheer curtains from Amazon that will bring classy visual effect to any area.

9. Enhance the Look of the Ceiling

The ceiling is often neglected when it comes to making home design improvements. You can enhance its look without too much effort and the results will definitely have a big impact. With the help of some architectural details, you can transform any area making it feel more expensive. Although other architectural changes in the room can break your budget, the ceiling could be an exception if you choose to create a simple focal point.

The trick is to create a beautiful ceiling medallion that acts as an ornamental decorative feature making the entire area near the light fixture’s attachment stand out. This is a classic Victorian style element focused on simple but effective embellishments that you can customize to suit the particular look of your room. Many ceiling medallions can be painted or purchased in different sizes for bringing instant class to the ceiling area.


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