Blue Painted Ceiling in RV Interior

7 Stunning Interior Paint Colors for RVs

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Looking to renovate the interior of your RV? Freshening up the color scheme can be a great solution to add some style. Taking care of the interior of the RV is just as important as the exterior. There are many fun paint options to consider and you need to take into account more aspects aside from which colors you like the most. It’s recommended to select paint colors that match your personal aesthetic while also maintaining a cozy vibe for the interior of the RV. Whether you prefer calm neutrals or bold and vibrant shades, check out these stunning colors to paint the interior of your RV.

1. Blush Pink

Blush Pink RV Interior

The right shade of pink can feel cozy and relaxing to match the mood of any RV adventure. Blush tones work like a charm to paint the interior of the RV if you want a splash of distinctive character to stand out compared to typical neutral color schemes. If you feel that painting multiple elements pink can appear too feminine or overwhelming, it might be a good idea to avoid a complete theme and just restrict the color to an accent wall.

2. Blue

Light Blue RV Interior

Blue seems like a great paint color choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a more serene look. Whether you prefer a sophisticated navy or lighter tones like sky blue, it’s safe to say that this color can seem stunning for an interior makeover. It’s best to select a tone of blue to paint relaxation areas like the bedroom. However, a small kitchen can also be enhanced with the visual impact of blue paint on its cabinets.

3. Gray

Modern Gray RV Interior

Looking to make the space inside your RV sleek and elegant? Gray represents a solid pick if that’s the case. This is far from a dull color when incorporated properly to create an elegant color scheme. It’s recommended to paint the RV interior gray to create a stylish base where you can play with accent colors to maintain visual interest. Alternatively, you can try a neutral monochromatic scheme centered around gray and black tones which makes the atmosphere more sophisticated.

4. Green

Teal Green RV Interior

Painting the cabinets in your RV’s kitchen in a more vibrant color can be considered a great idea to freshen up the design of the interior. A shade of teal green is highly recommended if you prefer a bold look. This jewel tone is elegantly accentuated with the help of gold accents and fluffy pillow textures. Keep other elements of the kitchen in a neutral white or brown style to complement the bright color of the cabinets.

5. White

Bohemian White RV Interior

There’s nothing particularly exciting about white paint but it can make a great impression if you’re tired of the dated brown or beige look of your RV. Thanks to its timeless appeal, a white color scheme should work nicely with pretty much any interior décor style preferred for your RV. It can provide a clean edge to any modern renovation and update the style of traditional elements as well. Considering that RV interiors are usually small spaces, white paint can help to brighten up the area and induce a sense of openness.

6. Red

Retro Cherry Red and Turquoise RV Interior

If you prefer a vintage aesthetic, try adding a healthy dose of red paint. When mixed with tones of white or blue, many red shades can bring out some retro vibes. The overall interior design of the RV is also important to create the right visual impression. Keep in mind that red’s passionate effect can easily overwhelm the space. It’s recommended to stick to smaller accents spread throughout the interior if you’re worried about too much boldness. Even in a smaller dose, it’s safe to say that red provides a kind of special energy to the room.

7. Cream or Beige

Stylish Cream RV Interior

When it comes to neutral paint picks, you can’t go wrong with cream or beige tones. These colors are able to make the atmosphere inside your RV nice and cozy. Keeping the walls and cabinets in a neutral style can also give you the opportunity to add splashes of contrasting color in other ways through well-placed accents. Whether it’s a modern or traditional RV interior design, warm neutrals provide a relaxing backdrop that will make your adventures more comfortable.


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