Colorful Summer Wreath Hung on Blue Front Door

21 Summer Wreaths to Beautify Your Home and Front Door

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Seasonal wreaths provide a lovely colorful accent for decorating your front door. If you’re looking to create a picturesque doorway in the summer, there are lots of stylish wreath designs out there to consider. The only limit is your creativity when it comes to crafting DIY summer wreaths. You can incorporate a variety of elements such as flowers, fruits, or greenery.

If you don’t have time for a DIY project, you can also purchase pre-made wreaths that usually contain faux plants. Regardless of your preference, take a look at the following summer door wreath ideas that will beautify your home and front door. Get inspired to welcome the warm season with the decorative touch of a well-designed wreath that matches the look of your home.

1. Tulip Wreath

Tulip Flower Summer Wreath

Fresh flowers bring an unmistakable summer vibe to your front door. If you prefer a traditional look, you can’t go wrong with a wreath made using white tulips that looks clean and elegant. It makes a great impression together with more colorful front doors. The wreath matches all kinds of design aesthetics but it pairs exceptionally well with coastal decor styles.

2. Woven Wreath

DIY Woven Summer Wreath

If you’re in the mood for a modern design, try this woven wreath idea based on colorful yarn and soft pom-poms. It works best to add a sense of comfort to the doorway thanks to the textural beauty of the wreath. This idea is suitable for making a smooth transition from summer into fall. Check the DIY tutorial here.

3. Eucalyptus Wreath

Eucalyptus Leaves Summer Wreath

Eucalyptus is a summer plant that can add a stylish pop of dusty green color to your front door. As opposed to other greenery options, a eucalyptus wreath doesn’t feel too overwhelming on neutral-toned doors. Although real leaves work best due to their refreshing scent, a faux eucalyptus wreath is just as attractive while being easier to maintain. Take a look at this model from Amazon.

4. Seed Packet Wreath

Seed Packet Summer Wreath

Looking to add some vintage flair to the front door? Check out this colorful wreath designed from retro-inspired seed packets. It doesn’t take a large number of packets to create a stylish summer wreath ready for decorating any exterior space. Put some finishing touches like a jute ribbon or small artificial flowers to complete this vintage wreath design.

5. Crepe Paper Wreath

Crepe Paper Lemon Summer Wreath

Made using crepe paper, this lemon wreath can make a cheerful statement when hung on the front door. Thanks to the blend of bright yellow and multiple shades of green, this DIY wreath offers an ideal summer vibe. Aside from crepe paper in different color tones, this project will require plastic eggs that will be decorated to resemble lemons.

6. Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Summer Wreath

Thanks to its vibrant all-green visual effect, boxwood represents an excellent choice to craft a summer wreath. It’s an ideal option for homeowners who don’t want to draw too much attention to the doorway. Crafting and maintaining a real boxwood wreath can be a hassle. Consider purchasing a more convenient faux version from Amazon instead.

7. Heart-Shaped Wreath

Heart Shaped Floral Summer Wreath

When choosing a summer wreath, most homeowners focus on colors or textures. However, it could also be a good idea to pay attention to the shape of the wreath. Instead of the traditional circle style, why not try something more whimsical like a heart? This creative summer wreath design could be a gorgeous idea to give your front door a distinctive character.

8. Paper Plate Wreath

Heart Shaped Paper Plate Summer Wreath

Here’s another great summer wreath idea that makes use of heart shapes. This is a colorful front door decoration that relies on paper plates painted in a rainbow pattern. It gives off some strong summer vibes but the wreath is just as fitting for other occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Follow this tutorial to craft this affordable summer wreath for yourself.

9. Lavender Wreath

Lavender Summer Wreath

This striking lavender wreath can instantly remind you of the expansive fields of purple where the plant grows. You can bring the beauty and spicy aroma of lavender to your home by using a summer wreath based on the herb. Alternatively, you could just purchase a stylish faux version that requires zero maintenance and looks good anywhere. Check out this farmhouse-inspired wreath on Amazon.

10. Thematic Ribbon Wreath

Summer Wreath With Thematic Ribbon

If you like the idea of decorative wreaths for every occasion, you’re likely aware of the hassle involved in creating and storing multiple wreaths as needed. There’s a more convenient solution for this problem without major visual compromises. Just use different thematic ribbons on versatile wreaths to mark the proper occasion with minimal effort.

11. Self-Striping Yarn

Colorful DIY Summer Wreath

As opposed to other festive themes, summer wreaths look more attractive if they’re as colorful as possible. Take a look at this cheerful DIY wreath that’s perfect for summertime. It’s designed with self-striping yarn that shows off distinctively-colored stripes with the help of a creative dying technique. The result is a stylish summer wreath with a subtle ombre effect. Take a close look at the DIY tutorial to craft this decoration.

12. Peony Wreath

Peony Summer Wreath

The feminine appeal of peony blooms works like a charm to decorate the front door in the summer. You simply need to arrange the blossoms of this gorgeous flower into an extravagant wreath bursting with floral beauty. Given the large size of peony blooms, it’s recommended to use an oversized wreath to maximize the visual impact. Try this faux peony wreath on Amazon to decorate your home.

13. Mermaid Wreath

Coastal Painted Pasta Summer Wreath

There are lots of creative summer wreath ideas out there but this one seems to stand out considering the materials used. This is a colorful mermaid-themed wreath crafted with pasta. It’s decorated with a bright coat of paint that emphasizes the fun shapes of pasta pieces combined together in ocean accents. Explore the DIY tutorial here if you’re interested in making this unique wreath design.

14. Moss Wreath

Moss Summer Wreath

Moss brings an earthy vibe that feels appropriate for lots of decorative purposes. It’s a good idea to incorporate the verdant touch of moss in a stylish summer wreath. Combine mossy elements with other decorations such as tart tins and quail eggs to complete this charming wreath design. It can be displayed quite effectively in the spring as well.

15. Sunflower Wreath

Sunflower Summer Wreath

Great for summer and autumn front door decor, a sunflower wreath can add a vibrant pop of color wherever it’s placed. The joyful combination of yellow petals with green leaves will add a pleasant natural touch to the doorway. Considering that real sunflowers don’t last very long, it’s probably best to opt for a faux decorative wreath that’s more practical. Here’s a very well-made model you can try.

16. Peach Wreath

Peach Summer Wreath

When it comes to classic summer treats, peaches hold a special place for many people. Consider incorporating this fruit motif into your next summer wreath to decorate the front door. Despite their juicy visual appeal, fresh peaches may not be suitable for this kind of project for obvious reasons. Your best bet in this case is to blend faux fruits with plenty of greenery for an unmistakable summer flair.

17. Felt Ball Wreath

Felt Balls Summer Wreath

Felt is an ideal material for lots of crafting projects. It’s a versatile choice for summer wreaths as well. Take a look at this DIY project that incorporates lots of felt balls in a multitude of color shades to decorate the front door in a whimsical style. The colorful felt balls need to be glued together onto a wreath form made of foam.

18. Farmhouse Wreath

Wagon Wheel Summer Wreath

Fans of farmhouse decor will be pleased by this unique summer wreath design that makes use of a wagon wheel. It’s tastefully adorned with eucalyptus and ranunculus flowers for a natural touch. The wreath accentuates the farmhouse vibe thanks to the attached watering can featuring a rustic galvanized metal finish. If you want to craft this DIY project, find the tutorial here.

19. Coastal Wreath

Rustic Coastal Summer Wreath

There’s a strong association between the summer season and beach activities. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to bring that fun coastal atmosphere to your front door by making a nautical-themed wreath. Aside from a sisal rope, all it takes to pull off this project is a selection of beach-inspired decor elements such as an anchor hook and a seashell garland. Get the tutorial for this DIY coastal wreath here.

20. Banana Leaf Wreath

Crepe Paper Banana Leaf Summer Wreath

If you wish to add some tropical charm to your front door, consider making a summer wreath using banana leaves. Well, the foliage isn’t real in this case because it’s crafted from crepe paper. The project requires a few tools and supplies but most DIY enthusiasts can pull it off without too much effort. The result is a lovely texture that contributes to the summer aesthetic of the wreath.

21. Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia Leaves Summer Wreath

With the help of the right foliage style, it’s safe to say that you can make a bold statement without colorful florals. Take a look at this summer wreath idea based on magnolia leaves that show off an attractive glossy visual effect. It’s an ideal foliage choice to decorate the front door in the summer if you prefer simple greenery.


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