The 10 Best Spray Paints for Wood in 2024

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Spray painting is an affordable and practical way to revitalize wood pieces in your home, such as decorations or furniture. It’s easy to apply and can provide a long-lasting finish. Due to the huge variety of spray paints on the market, it’s quite challenging to figure out which one works exactly as desired. If you’re not familiar with DIY renovation projects, it’s safe to say that you will have a hard time deciding which spray paint to choose.

There are distinctive uses for each spray paint. Some provide different textures or color finishes. Things can get even more complicated when you take into account the multiple types of wood out there. Depending on the wood used, furniture pieces may need additional preparation or simply won’t be very compatible with a chosen spray paint. In this article, we’ll focus on the best spray paints for wood available right now on the market. These models stand out in terms of color vibrancy, finish quality, and overall durability. Take your pick from our cost-effective selection of spray paints that are carefully formulated for wood surfaces.

1. Rust-Oleum American Accents Spray Paint

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Great for interior or exterior use, the American Accents series from Rust-Oleum represents an excellent spray painting choice. It’s primarily designed for wood but it works well on pretty much any kind of surface, such as wicker, metal, and plastic. Similar to other spray paints from this brand, the can offers a specially-designed comfort tip for a more user-friendly experience.

When it comes to color styles, this spray paint is available in a wide range of shades and finish options from satin white to glossy black. The paint is designed to dry reasonably fast. A single can is sufficient for surfaces up to 12 square feet. You might need a larger set for bigger projects. Thanks to its reliable level of durability, the beautiful finish can last for a long time. Make sure you add at least two coats for optimal results.

2. Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint

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Getting a spray paint that works only on wood can limit your creative potential. It’s recommended to select a universal model that’s optimized for wood, metal, glass, vinyl, and other surfaces. Check out this Rust-Oleum spray paint that features an oil-based formula with superior adhesion. It’s resistant to chipping and dries in around 30 minutes. Available colors include matte citron, gloss cobalt blue, satin espresso brown, and many more.

Whether you prefer a certain color or sheen level, this spray paint can deliver impressive results. The formula resists fading and common problems such as rust and corrosion. It’s optimized for durability without sacrificing color vibrancy. With the help of the comfortable cap design, you will be able to paint for longer without experiencing finger fatigue. Overall, Rust-Oleum’s universal paint-and-primer product is worth a shot if you need a versatile spray painting solution.

3. Krylon Gallery Series Spray Paint

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If you want to put your creativity to good use through spray painting, check out Krylon’s Gallery Series. This is a special clear aerosol paint suitable for wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and other surfaces. It’s designed in different styles depending on your particular preferences for the finish. This model boasts UV resistance so it’s perfect for projects that need to face sunlight exposure.

As this is a clear spray paint, it’s not designed for adding colorful touches. It’s available in multiple finishes to make the existing look of the painted piece stand out more effectively in the light. Take your pick between gloss, matte, dull, satin, or semi-gloss finishes. As opposed to other spray paints on the market, this product is formulated for ultra-fast drying. It takes just a few minutes for drying to touch and a matter of hours to finish the drying process completely.

4. Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint

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Anyone searching for a spray paint that provides a chalky finish should try the Chalked series from Rust-Oleum. It’s available in multiple color styles that can transform the look of any furniture piece. The spray paint works best on wood surfaces but it can perform pretty well on metal and ceramic as well. It’s recommended for distressed aesthetics because the ultra-matte finish gives off vintage vibes.

Thanks to the oil-based formula, the spray paint won’t disappoint in terms of durability. It adheres very well to wooden surfaces and dries quickly. There’s usually no need to add more than one coat to enjoy a beautiful finish but it’s recommended to apply an extra thin coat for protection. You can cut down on prep time if you choose this spray paint. It’s a versatile and performant choice for any DIY enthusiast.

5. KILZ Chalk Spray Paint

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The KILZ chalk spray paint is another excellent choice for upcycling furniture or similar DIY projects. This decorative paint boasts a quick-dry formula and a varied selection of matte finishes. It can bring that characteristic chalked aesthetic to many surface types such as wood, stone, and metal. The quality ingredients make this spray paint suitable for both simple and intricate projects.

When it comes to coverage, the paint promises decent performance. It can cover an area reaching 12 square feet using a single can. Keep in mind that different surfaces may yield different results. The application method can also have an influence on the coverage. Although the spray paint by itself provides a great finish to wood furniture, it’s also recommended to enhance the look with sealing wax from the same brand.

6. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint

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With a performant oil-based formula and a smooth finish, the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint can be a solid upgrade for the look of your DIY projects. It’s optimized to hide imperfections and adhere properly to wood surfaces. The formula is suitable for plaster, masonry, and metal as well. When it comes to color styles, there are various matte shades available aside from flat black or white.

This spray paint dries relatively quickly in less than half an hour. As opposed to more basic spray paints from Rust-Oleum, this high-performance option is engineered to double the coverage and use less product for your painting project. Thanks to the flexible spraying angle, the paint can be effectively applied to certain parts of the object that are more difficult to reach. Bringing out the beauty of your DIY furniture can be done easily with the help of this great spray paint.

7. Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint

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A favorite for any creative DIYer, the Krylon COLORmaxx spray paint is designed for a colorful transformation of wood pieces. It’s formulated with a primer to ensure proper adhesion and better long-term durability. If you’re working on outdoor projects, this spray paint is recommended because it includes protection against rust. This product is available in a vast range of color tones such as Soft Lilac, Coffee Bean, Sweet Peach, and Seaside Green.

When it comes to changing sheen qualities, you can opt for some finish variations such as satin, matte, or gloss. The spray paint dries in less than 30 minutes while a standard 12-ounce can will last enough to cover an area of 25 square feet. Even though most crafters are mostly focused on the qualities of the paint, it’s also worth mentioning some design details that stand out. For example, the big spray button provides a superior level of comfort during operation.

8. Rust-Oleum Professional Enamel Spray Paint

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There are lots of performant spray paints for wood out there but few can rival Rust-Oleum’s Professional Enamel series. This is a glossy paint style that’s not just designed for beautiful aesthetics but also more reliable protection. It makes use of an oil-based formula that delivers a tough finish to increase durability for vulnerable wood, metal, concrete, and other surfaces.

If you’re planning to work on outdoor DIY projects, this spray paint can give you some peace of mind. It resists corrosion and weathering from the elements more effectively. The glossy finish is available in an assortment of colors and will revive the appearance of many wood items. Although it’s more expensive than regular spray paints, this professional-grade product is worth the investment for that extra resistance to rusting.

9. Martha Stewart Glitter Spray Paint

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Fans of glitter spray paints should consider the Martha Stewart paint and primer. It’s available in a few interesting styles such as sterling, florentine gold, and antique silver. Other finishes are also worth checking out if you don’t want glitter. Similar to other performant spray paints on the market, this one incorporates the primer to add durability and improve overall user-friendliness.

The spray paint is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. It’s refreshing to see such a versatile type of paint that’s incredibly stylish and easy to apply. Bring some extra glamour to your wood furniture or decorative projects without having to go through long waiting times. It takes just 10 minutes for initial drying while a full day is required for complete curing. Martha Stewart’s brand is an interesting choice for anyone who’s into DIY upcycling or creative spray painting.

10. Krylon Metallic Spray Paint

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Adding a metallic finish to your wood projects can be done easily if you choose the right spray paint. Take a look at Krylon’s Premium Metallic series that mimics gold plating very closely. Whether you choose classic gold or go for a different tone such as copper or chrome, this spray paint has great potential to bring a lustrous metallic finish to any project.

The glamorous elegance of the color can be very welcomed for seasonal decorations or wood frames. Your creativity is the only limit considering how this spray paint manages to adhere flawlessly to a majority of common surface materials. It’s ideal for wood but you can put some metallic vibes on plastic, glass, or wicker. Another solid advantage of this product is the quick-dry performance that lets you handle multiple projects faster.

By Stefan Bucur

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