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7 Home Pool Ideas You Will Love

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Want to amplify the fun of your hot summer days with the addition of a beautiful backyard pool? Brilliant idea! You will soon realize that the design, architecture, and style of pools have evolved in modern years to accommodate practically any dream paradise that you can think of. Whether you have a wide open spacious backyard, quaint courtyard or narrow strip of land, there is a swimming pool for every outdoor space.

From a financial perspective, adding a swimming pool could also improve the value of your home, but the economics should not be the core motivation to bring your aqua dream to life. Research shows that at most, your home’s value might increase just 7% but this depends on many variables at the time you sell.

Be sure to start this project for your peace of mind. The late-night cocktails, romantic evenings and quality time with family that is ever so often stolen away by technology. Read on and drift away with these 7 home pool ideas that we hope inspire you to sculpt your own paradise right outside the comfort of your home!

1. Incorporate an Island Element into Your Pool

That’s right, an actual island, somewhere out there in the open space of your pool. But what for you may ask? Not only are islands the perfect way to create a standout feature in your swimming pool, but they can also be incorporated to offer greater functionality in the form of a diving board, bar or basic platform to soak up the sun. From a simple rectangular shaped island that subtly rests above the surface to a multi-functional porch island with a connecting bridge, pool islands are a fantastic addition to any type of pool.

If you have a smaller pool you should go for a micro island in a circular or rectangular shape large enough for a lawn chair. If you would like to build a diving board zone into the island, then be sure to choose a location which adheres to the national diving pool depth of 8 feet. For leisure islands, make sure the pool depth area is shallow enough so that you can swim up and rest on the island.

2. Swim up Bars

“If you like pina coladas”, then a swim up bar is surely one of the best pool ideas you can implement. Perfect for pool parties with friends and romantic late night swims, the concept of the swim up bar has been popularized by hotels and resort pools. While you should take inspiration from your vacations based on the style, size, and design of your swim up bar, modern architecture is throwing all sorts of unique twists on them, making them easier than ever to install into your backyard space.

Remember that the swim up bar is just one element of the overall experience. You should consider the key accommodating features which include built-in seating, a television and extra space to outfit it with blenders, plastic ware (to keep safe) and other accessories. Always position the swim up bar in a fairly shallow area so most people are able to casually stand up and enjoy a drink.

3. Pool Canopy

Often seen in the tropics above swimming areas where the UV rays are stronger, pool canopies are a fantastic way to enjoy more fun in the pool without having to go overboard with sunscreen. While UV rays do penetrate through most pool canopies, you should look for models that feature special UV blocking fabrics and technology. These are great for shading any part of your pool as they come in a variety of sizes which can be assembled in just a day. Place them over your swim up bar, lounge area or cabana to add a modern aesthetic to your pool design and create a cooler swimming area.

From shade sails, pergolas, retractable shade canopies to cantilevers there’s a pool canopy for every use case. They are generally well-structured installations, but you can also go with a more simpler umbrella version. For the most modern look, we recommend using shade sails for their unique shapes and designs which can be installed in various positions and angles. On the other hand, go for a complete retractable shade canopy for an all-in-one solution that can deliver shade across the entire pool.

4. Go for an All Natural Swimming Pool

Imagine a pond or natural water source right in your backyard that is free from bacteria and perfect for everyday relaxation. Natural-looking pools mimic natural ponds and swimming holes that feature filtering systems and pumps to remove bacteria. Not only will this model transform your backyard into a backwoods getaway, but it’s perfect for people who have sensitive skin that is easily affected by the harsh chemicals used in chlorine pools.

As with any chemical, extended contact with chlorine does irritate the skin. Rashes and eczema are common side effects of swimming in conventional pools, but natural pool systems feature technology that filters and oxygenates the water differently. Plus you can use plants like reeds, cattails or water lilies to act as a filter. This is a great alternative to a traditional pool if you love to swim in natural water, but live far away from the wildlife!

5. Add an Elegant Pool Fountain

Pool fountains are a great way to add a decorative and dynamic feature to your swimming pool. They can be placed in the pool or in the yard off to the side based on your preference. Fountains are also a great way to break the silence because they give off a subtle splashing effect that can be quite calming. Imagine the aerial interplay of clear water by day and vivid bright colors by night.

Go for laminar fountains which create a sleek and clear arch of water that rises up to seven feet in the air. At nighttime, they are brilliantly colored by LED lights which produce a dramatic effect that adds wonder to any poolscape. You can also create your own effects, choose from a variety of colors or preselect light shows. Fountains produce a soothing sound that masks traffic and neighborhood noise whilst transforming your backyard into a wonderland of light.

6. Go with a Grotto

Look no further than a grotto to create to a home pool hideout that will become the most reclusive area in your pool. Grotto’s are imitation caves that can be constructed with fake rocks or real stones. Go for a grotto that features a waterfall, a built-in spa or jets to add relaxing elements to the overall beautiful aesthetic that it delivers. Most grotto constructions do require a pool designer to ensure a safe installation of the frame so that it remains stable throughout the year. There are grotto concepts out there to fit budgets of any size and you can take it to the next level by incorporating an outdoor shower system or water slide.

7. Create Your Dream Cabana

Commonly known as a pool house, we like to call it a cabana. The discreet area at your pool to change, dry off or chill out. Pool cabanas also make for the perfect pool storage area for rafts, life jackets, and floaties. Whether you are starting a brand new pool project or are looking to add extra space in your backyard, there are a variety of prefabricated pool cabanas that make for simple assembly. They are generally made of wood in a small, box style, but you can choose a multi-sided model for extra space. The basics of a pool cabana should include a bench, towel hangers, and lights, but there are modern cabanas today that feature sleek bars, saunas and shower systems.

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