The 8 Best 70-75 Inch TVs of 2021

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Bigger doesn’t always equal better, but it’s actually accurate when it comes to televisions. If you wish to make an investment in your home entertainment, the best solution is to upgrade the current TV screen to a bigger model. The 70-75” range represents a sweet spot for comfortable viewing of any movies and TV shows or for a premium gaming experience. In this article, we’ll focus on 70-inch and 75-inch TVs which bring the best value for the money.

Those who have large living rooms can benefit a lot from getting such a large-screen TV. Older televisions can look way too small in large homes so upgrading to a more comfortable diagonal size is the obvious solution. While many big-screen televisions can fulfill your needs, some are better equipped in terms of image performance and other extra functions.

To choose the correct 70-75” TV you need to figure out if it matches your entertainment needs. We’ve put together this list of products to aid you in your decision. Some models are suitable for those with budget limits while others are recommended if you want maximum picture quality and overall performance. Here are the best 70” and 75” televisions for the cost. You might also be interested in our articles about the best curved TV and the best futons.

Best 75-inch TV

1. TCL 75-Inch 5-Series 4K TV (2021 Model)

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Affordable and packed with high-quality features for the cost, the 5-Series from TCL represents one of the best choices for a 4K TV. Take a look at this premium 75-inch model that features a QLED display and the intuitive Roku Smart TV platform. It’s equipped with various image-quality enhancements for a solid cinematic experience without compromising on advanced gaming features to connect your favorite game console.

Thanks to the Quantum dot technology, you can enjoy a wide color spectrum that easily rivals the more expensive TVs on the market. There’s also a great contribution to the lifelike image quality from the HDR feature which fine-tunes the brightness and contrast for optimal viewing. Individual screen zones are automatically adjusted to keep a balanced contrast regardless of the type of scene displayed. The 4K TV is equipped with decent voice control abilities and a practical Auto Game Mode to increase responsiveness. The Roku OS moves smoothly and efficiently so that users can easily find their favorite content.

Best 70-inch TV

2. Samsung 70-Inch QLED Q60A Series TV (2021 Model)

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The Q60A Series from Samsung represents a great option for anyone looking to watch movies or TV shows on a brilliant QLED screen. Check out the latest 70-inch model from this series that offers a lot of impressive features for the money. Despite its ultra-thin construction, the 4K TV packs dual-LED backlighting and 100% color volume to ensure breathtaking picture quality. Even on non-4K content, the TV can use the Quantum processing power to upgrade the colors and overall details.

The TV arrives with Alexa voice control built-in but you can also take advantage of other options such as Bixby or Hey Google. Lots of other small enhancements make the TV easier to use while expanding the range of entertainment options. Some examples include the multi-view smartphone mirroring and adaptive sound to hear dialogue more clearly. Gamers will also be pleased by various additions such as the comprehensive Game Bar and Ultrawide GameView for compatible titles.

3. TCL 75-Inch 6-Series 4K TV (2021 Model)

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With bold colors and endless entertainment possibilities, the TCL 6-Series of 4K TVs is highly recommended if you’re searching for a large 75-inch screen. This is the latest model in the series that comes with lots of upgraded image quality features to boost your immersion to new heights. It benefits from contrast control zones to maintain the ultimate level of contrast in both light or dark scenes. The 4K HDR engine delivers excellent colors and vibrant details for your viewing pleasure.

One of the best features of this large TV is the Mini-LED technology that keeps ideal uniformity in any image-displaying setting. There are no longer weak brightness problems for certain environments. The Quantum dot technology makes this a stunning screen to look at. Compared to the 5-Series, this 4K TV is more expensive but also brings extra advantages such as Natural Motion 480 that offers smoother action scenes. There’s also THX Certified Game Mode which optimizes gameplay when connecting game consoles.

4. Samsung 75-Inch QLED Q60A Series TV (2021 Model)

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Samsung is among the best brands when it comes to 4K TVs. You can’t go wrong with one of the latest 75-inch models from the company. This QLED screen is powered by a Quantum Processor that delivers 4K image quality while Motion Xcelerator offers enhanced motion clarity. All that cinematic performance is neatly packed in a sleek display with the help of AirSlim technology.

Most typical 4K TVs on the market don’t provide remarkable features in terms of contrast and color quality. This large display benefits from Dual LED technology that brings the colors to life and optimizes the contrast. You can now embrace countless shades of color that remain vibrant even during the brightest scenes. HDR also helps using dynamic tone mapping effects to reveal all the hidden details in the picture. Other solid features of this 75-inch TV include built-in Alexa voice control, Bluetooth, and Auto Low Latency Mode.

Best Budget 75-inch TV

5. TCL 75-Inch 4-Series 4K TV (2021 Model)

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A well-designed 4K TV should be able to provide cinematic image qualities but also be as user-friendly as possible. It looks like the TCL 4-Series manages just that. This is a superb 75-inch television that lacks the bells and whistles of high-end models but still seems very promising overall. This inexpensive screen offers UHD resolution for clear details while HDR takes care of the overall viewing experience to reproduce lifelike images.

Aside from the typical USB and HDMI ports, this TV is packed with some wireless connectivity options. It’s a simple yet reliable Smart television that simplifies control through Google Assistant and Alexa. Navigating through the entertainment options is a breeze thanks to the fluid style of the Roku interface. The platform provides mobile app integration and lets you get closer to your favorite content. All in all, this is an affordable entry for anyone who wants a huge 4K TV with decent capabilities.

6. Samsung 75-Inch QLED Q70A Series TV (2021 Model)

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If you’re willing to make a serious investment in a 75-inch TV, don’t miss out on the Q70A Series from Samsung. The ‘Q’ in the name stands for Quantum LED technologies that revolutionize picture quality for a breathtaking cinematic experience at home. With the help of deep learning AI and Dual LED backlighting, this TV allows you to view your favorite content the way the director intended.

As opposed to the older model in the series, Samsung brings some significant upgrades. Both gamers and those who enjoy fast-paced scenes will appreciate the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ enhancement that speeds up the refresh rate up to 120Hz. This results in a more fluid and responsive appearance for all types of displayed content. The Quantum 4K processor has also been improved for crisp performance in every scene. The TV is slim and beautiful while offering multiple standard and wireless connectivity options to suit all needs.

7. LG 75NANO75UPA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 75 Series

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Great for home cinema and console gaming, the LG NanoCell Series is a solid choice for many budgets. The lineup provides a nice range of screen sizes, 75-inch included. Compared to standard 4K LED screens, the addition of NanoCell technology helps to enhance the colors and create a crisper viewing experience. Thanks to Active HDR technology, you can take advantage of cinema-like image qualities.

When it comes to controlling its features, this TV is equipped with Alexa and Google Assistant. It allows for more flexibility in terms of connections as well. The addition of Bluetooth makes it a breeze to connect more devices. Gamers will appreciate the reduced input lag activated through the Game Optimizer setting. The home screen is not excessively cluttered and pretty easy to navigate if you’re familiar with LG’s webOS interface. The remote gives quick access to popular streaming apps.

8. All-New Toshiba 75-inch 75C350KU C350 Series LED 4K

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Large TVs can get quite expensive. If you want to step into the world of big-screen entertainment and purchase a 75-inch TV, you need to be prepared for a considerable investment. That being said, budget-friendly options can still exist in this class of TVs. A notable example is this Toshiba 4K TV that boasts excellent value for the money. It provides a huge screen size of 75 inches while limiting the cost to a more affordable range.

This TV is part of Toshiba’s C350 Series of LED screens. It’s the largest model from the lineup when compared to other variants that only reach 43, 50, 55, and 65 inches. The TV is powered by the Regza Engine that ensures great visuals and overall clarity. Thanks to HDR10 support and Dolby Vision, you can take your media entertainment to a new level. Advanced audio processing is also included to provide a more immersive cinematic experience.