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The 29 Best Desk Ideas for Small Spaces

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Having a small space to work with can make it a bit difficult when it comes to adding a stylish and functional desk. Despite the space limitations, there are lots of inventive ideas you could try to make your small home office more practical. Desks come in all shapes and sizes so they can suit all kinds of needs. Using a small desk doesn’t necessarily mean that your productivity will take a hit. You just have to learn how to work more efficiently and use the available space in a smarter manner. Whether we’re talking about corner desks, floating tables, or wall-mounted units, there’s a great choice out there for any small workspace.

1. Fold-Away Desk

The fold-away desk is one of the best solutions to integrate a work area more easily despite space restrictions. This is a convertible wall-mount desk that folds out and up in just a few seconds. It’s incredibly practical to have in a small area given how you can only use it when needed and enjoy a clutter-free space in the rest of the time. You can also enjoy some handy storage space for the wall taking into account the way the desk folds out onto a wall-mounted cabinet with multiple shelves. Check out this fold-away desk on Amazon.

2. Bamboo Wall-Mounted Desk

One very lightweight and stylish option comes from IKEA. Their SVALNAS wall-mounted desk is manufactured from bamboo and offers a modest workspace with an integrated storage shelf and drawers. This is a very fitting option for any small space and the good news is that you can get some matching systems to upgrade your compact workstation and organize all your items more effectively.

3. Ladder-Style Desk

Both sleek and highly functional, a ladder-style desk represents a suitable option for making better use of a small area by turning into a compact office zone. This stylish desk gives off some industrial vibes thanks to its metal frame while the vertical ladder design allows for multiple storage possibilities. The space-saving desk can be paired with an elegant office chair to create a modern workspace.

4. Floating Desk

If you have to work around some awkward angles in the room, one convenient solution is to incorporate a floating desk. Check out this odd nook that’s been upgraded with a floating desk to maximize productivity without sacrificing too much space in the room. The desk has been custom-built to fit the odd angled corners. It can provide some great inspiration if you have a similar situation in your home.

5. Mid-Century Mini Desk

Glamorous and eye-catching when paired with other vibrant accents, this Mid-Century style mini desk can be the perfect addition for a small home office. It’s not as compact as other space-saving solutions we’ve seen, but it’s safe to say that it’s much more attractive with its glass top and gold metallic frame. This little desk can cover your productivity needs while it also functions as an art display for all your favorite accessories.

6. Lucite Desk

Some people feel that a large piece of solid furniture in a small space contributes to a bulky appearance that’s not very attractive. If you feel this way, perhaps you should try crystal clear Lucite desk that has an almost invisible look to seamlessly blend with the rest of the décor. The designer of this workspace used this space-saving desk for a less oppressive atmosphere considering the pairing with a bulky pink file cabinet.

7. Small Desk With Integrated Bookshelf

Instead of investing in additional storage space for your essential books, why not get a small desk that already includes a bookshelf? This is a creative solution to save some precious space in any small work area. The open shelf underneath the desk can be used to store various items besides books like Wi-Fi routers for example. Check out this practical desk with integrated bookshelf on Amazon.

8. Caned Writing Desk

If you’re a writer and need an inspiring desk, take a close look at this caned writing desk that’s been designed with an artistic touch. It’s compact enough to be easily integrated into any home office, even if space comes at a premium. Thanks to the cane details, you can enjoy some tropical vibes while the included drawers provide ample storage space for your essentials. Find this beautiful writing desk on Target.

9. Wire Frame Desk

Wireframe shelving is an inexpensive storage solution. By incorporating a simple board to a unit, you can craft a simple DIY desk for a practical home office space. This is a good example of a desk project which demonstrates that you don’t need to dedicate an entire room for a productive environment. Sometimes simple ideas are the best. The white wire shelving desk fits nicely with minimalist décor and can be surprisingly stylish.

10. Corner Desk

That empty corner in the room can be transformed into a small productive area without too much effort. You just need to find a suitable corner desk that matches your needs and particular aesthetic. This antique blue corner desk has a timeless design and can be used for writing or other productive work. The small workstation is equipped with a single drawer and a handy shelf underneath for essential accessories. Check out this corner desk on Amazon.

11. Standing Desk

If sitting at a desk all day doesn’t sound ideal to you, consider investing in a small standing desk such as KNOTTEN from IKEA. The traditional style of this desk has been infused with a modern touch. It can act as an important information hub of the house thanks to practical features like the shelves, drawers, and a dedicated spot for hanging keys. The desk even has a charging station for your devices so this represents an excellent choice to boost productivity in a small space.

12. A-Frame Desk

Those willing to sacrifice a bit of extra space for a significant plus of style should take into account an A-frame desk. This simple unit has a sleek silhouette that takes your mind to Scandinavian interior design. While it lacks drawers and storage space underneath, the desk is equipped with some extra shelving on top.

13. Wrap-Around Counter

Squeezing a classic desk in a small area always poses some difficulties. A more practical solution to try is to rely on a wrap-around counter that can be crafted from simple wood boards. There’s a lot of horizontal space you can take advantage of and the empty areas beneath the hanging desk are welcomed in any small room for giving off a breezy feeling. It’s important to avoid feeling too cramped because that can impact your comfort and productivity. Chairs can be added with ease so more people can use the counter.

14. Luxurious Mini Desk

If you want to create a premium working area, this elegant and compact desk can fit you like a glove. The Mid-Century design boasts an expensive-looking marble top that’s sure to enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. With its 32-inch width, this is a small desk that can be an ideal solution for those unconcerned about budget limits.

15. Black and Gold Desk

When it comes to stylish writing desks, few color options can deliver a more impressive visual impact than black and gold combinations. The elegance of dark hues matches the glamorous effect of the golden frame of the desk. Besides the stunning appearance, the desk has some functional features in store as well. It’s equipped with drawers with circular pulls and offers a decent area to deal with any work from home.

16. Floating Desk With a Roll-Out Shelf

Here’s a superb desk with a one-of-a-kind design. This floating unit comes with an integrated shelf that can be easily pulled out for increasing the available surface area. Thanks to its solid space-saving potential, the desk is really practical to use. That being said, the main highlight of this desk is still the stylish appearance which makes use of sleek curves and an ingenious design approach. Wherever you have unused wall space, you can incorporate this kind of floating desk that features a convenient tray for upgrading the workspace.

17. Geometric Desk

Minimalistic floating desks don’t necessarily have to look boring. Take a look at this unit with a stunning geometric design that can turn any small area into a point of interest. Developed by Raw Edges, the Deskbox is designed to be both space-saving and elegant. The geometric look isn’t just for show considering how the desk has the ability to retract into a compact box. It has a suitable size for a wide range of tasks including writing or working at a laptop.

18. Retro Desk

A great fit for any small space, this retro desk features turquoise hairpin legs to bring a pop of color in your work area. The desk is reasonably lightweight and takes very little floor space. Thanks to the slender silhouette, this retro desk can be easily transformed into a reliable workstation. Combine it with a matching chair for taking the retro feeling to a new level. The retro desk is available on Amazon.

19. Repurposed Vintage Desk

If you have an old table lying around, you can turn it into a stylish working desk with minimal effort and at almost no cost. Many people will probably appreciate this solution as antique items can often have a more interesting personality compared to brand new pieces. The old table here has received a fresh black patina for a great repurposed look. It can now act as a vintage desk for your small home office.

20. Modern Desk With Hutch

With a beautiful wood grain finish, this modern-looking desk equipped with a storage hutch represents a versatile option for creating a small workstation. It has a fairly simple design but thanks to its overall features, the desk can be considered a sleek and reliable unit for writing or computer work. There’s a cord management cut-out for maintaining a neat look. Check out this modern and compact desk on Walmart.

21. Desk in the Closet

This is a more unique desk idea that’s worth trying if you wish to have a more concealed work area. Make better use of your large closet by dedicated a special space for an integrated desk complete with storage shelves. Once your work is finished, just close the door of the closet and your workstation disappears from view. Creating this kind of desk requires a bit of DIY work, but you can usually find the needed products at home improvement stores.

22. Futuristic Desk

An interesting idea for fans of an ultra-modern interior design style, this futuristic-looking desk has all it takes to create a standout work area in any small room. The ingeniously curved design of the desk integrates a light right above your main area while the overhead shelf delivers adequate storage for all your accessories.

23. Floating Corner Desk

The floating design of a desk can be adapted to suit a corner so this means you can take advantage of a mini office even if you only have an awkward area to work with. This desk is equipped with some impressive storing features while still maintaining a minimal footprint in the room. There’s also a practical cutout for efficient cord organization.

24. Tiny House Desk Design

Fans of the tiny home trend learned to come up with all kinds of smart solutions to save space. You can get some good inspiration from some of their desk designs. Check out this folding unit which works as a convenient standing desk that takes up space only as needed. It relies on a hinge and chain attachment and has double purpose considering how it neatly covers a circuit breaker panel when not in use.

25. C-Table Desk

Instead of getting a typical desk that serves just one purpose, why not try a more versatile item like this C-table desk. It’s a more convenient solution for those who need to deal with work from home only on an occasional basis. When it’s no longer needed for your work area, the desk can be converted to a handy side table where you can place various items like teacups or books. The C-table features an extendable design in case you require extra space.

26. Traditional Writing Desk

Some people prefer modern writing desks that are sturdy and focused on functionality above all else. Others would rather opt for a more traditional option, a desk with a classic design made from timeless materials such as wood. Take a look at this writing desk built from high-quality wood sporting a traditional design. A nice shelf and little drawer help you store different accessories.

27. Industrial Desk

Compact and lightweight, this desk has strong industrial appeal allowing you to successfully integrate it with other typical elements of this design style such as exposed brick walls. The lofted metal legs don’t occupy too much space while they strike a solid balance with the overall durability. The wood used for the main working area of the desk has a rustic finish that works well for the industrial style. Thanks to the resulting color and material contrasts, this little desk can become a superb statement piece in the room.

28. Rolling Desk

When you’re dealing with a small area, it’s recommended to use a multipurpose desk like this rolling model. The minimalist design works well regardless of your décor taste. Thanks to the integrated wheels, the desk is more convenient to use for other tasks besides working from home. It can serve as a practical bar cart for example.

29. Computer Desk

If you want to get your hands on a capable computer desk without compromising on the available surface area, you need to invest in a quality unit that provides ideal storage for all the components of the PC. Check out this small and sturdy computer desk from Amazon that has all the features needed to create an efficient little work area in your home. It provides dedicated spots for peripherals and the CPU tower while including an extra cabinet for additional storage.

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