7 Beautiful Breakfast Nook Setups

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When it comes to the rhythm of your home, where you eat your eggs is just as important as how you cook them. And when it comes to breakfast time, there is no better way to enjoy the morning than lounging around a cozy breakfast nook by yourself or with the entire family. A cuppa of your favorite beverage and a stack of pancakes should be enough to drag you out of bed, and these sleek, modern and rustic inspired breakfast nook ideas will make you want to hang out in your new spot all day long.

A common misconception about breakfast nooks is that some homes are designed for them while others are not. The truth is that every kitchen or dining space can be arranged to incorporate an inviting and relaxing breakfast nook. From the shape of the table to the style of chairs and patterns in the fabrics, a well-designed breakfast nook is a small triumph for your home, but a giant feat for your kitchen.

So whether you’re a morning person or not, you do not want to hit the snooze button on this energizing breakfast nook inspiration!

1. Go Fresh and Clean

A fresh and clean breakfast nook is always the best place to start the day. Do away with linens and tablecloths and get back to the basics. The concept starts with the placement of the table. Always strive to position the table in a sunlight-filled room near or against windows. Why? Because natural light is a comforting touch to kick start your morning! Keeping it simple makes the cleanup process a whole lot easier since you can forget washing tablecloths or placemats.

We recommend outfitting this style of nook with a circular table to bring your family together and encourage conversation. Any style of a Tulip Table is a great choice. The wide base keeps them sturdy and allows for the table to easily rotate as you wish. Pair it with a set of mid-century style chairs and place a couple of candle holders at the center and viola. For a finishing touch, choose a matching wicker basket to complete the look.

2. Try a Minimalistic Curved Table Nook

If your kitchen area is a bit short on real estate, then look no further than a simple curved table to create a convenient and retro-style breakfast nook. Who said breakfast nooks need to fit the entire family anyway? That’s what the dinner table is for! Considering that most people wake up at different times each morning, a miniature breakfast nook that seats 1-2 persons is the way to go. The key is to make use of wasted corner space in your kitchen through a simple install of a L-shaped table. These tables usually resemble a countertop and are between one to three inches thick, which makes them a perfect addition to extend from the edge of cabinets.

Pair the table with a comfortable bench or banquette on one side, whilst leaving the other side open for a freestanding chair. This ensemble will quickly become the morning hot spot for breakfast and a convenient area to prep larger meals for dinner. Another great way to turn corner space into a breakfast nook is to pair a curved banquette seat with a round table.

3. Create an All-Natural Breakfast Nook

Rejuvenating your kitchen space with elements of the great outdoors in the form of a breakfast nook will create a warm and inviting area to add some jolt to your day! If natural wood tones are your cup of tea, then we recommend our quick guide on how to weave them into your home design. Try a natural wood edge table with red-legged chairs for a rustic breakfast nook large enough for the whole family.

Combining dark wood with red metal creates a dramatic effect that fits perfect into earth-toned color palettes. For smaller spaces, go for a quaint coastal look inspired by New England design trends that feature a breakfast bar and a pair of matching high slender stools. This promotes a coastal appeal and is also multifunctional for group gatherings, breakfast time and study sessions!

4. An Island on Wheels

Want to bring out the breakfast nook without the hassle of having to assemble an entire table and chair ensemble? A perfect multifunctional method is through the use of a portable island or kitchen table. Try a rolling table or kitchen cart that has open shelves and stands at a height that can accommodate sit-down dining. The open shelves beneath the table are perfect for storing kitchenware and you can roll it up to the chairs when breakfast is served.

To personalize the portable kitchen cart you can drape a matching tablecloth over the top. This is the best way to conceal the pots and pans in the storage area and apply a special touch that brightens up the space.

5. Go Country or Beach With a Wicker Nook

Wicker furniture sets the tone for a beachy vibe while it can also create a cozy country setting. Whichever theme floats your boat, you cannot go wrong with a wicker style breakfast nook. Inspiring seaside color themes include contrasting whites and blues, and the great thing about wicker chairs is that you can outfit them with a variety of matching seat nautical decor and seat cushions. Table cloths are optional depending on your theme, but we recommend a round table that sits four to create ample space and a balanced nook. Wicker chairs do work best for beach and country homes.

6. Plush It Up

Breakfast is usually a quick bite and out the door experience, but a plush pillow covered breakfast nook is perfect for the weekends. Remember, the more the merrier and to deck out your breakfast nook with bold patterns and artwork. Look for pillow cases with bright designs and unique patterns and hang artwork on the walls of the nook area. The big idea here is that when nothing matches, everything works.

It’s okay to get carried away with over the top pillowcase designs and abstract art, as long as coffee cups and chinaware balance the act and incorporate some degree of matching. Plush breakfast nooks are the perfect idea for kitchen areas with more space. While eating breakfast on a cloud feels right, your new nook doubles as an expose of art and personality that adds energy to your kitchen.

7. Fold It Out

You can squeeze breakfast nooks into the tiniest of spaces if you think small. A great way to utilize kitchen wall space is to install a wall-mounted fold-down table. Choose the longest wall in your kitchen to install it so there is enough room for a couple of stools. Wall mounted fold down tables are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors so it shouldn’t be a challenge to find the perfect fit.

For a more ‘on-the-go’ breakfast nook, mount the table in a position to pull up high top bar stools. This level makes the nook a convenient space to prepare food. Alternatively, for a more relaxing nook, we recommend mounting it lower to the ground to accommodate low eating chairs.


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