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The 20 Best Guest House Ideas

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Instead of hosting your friends and family inside your home when visiting, why not use a separate guest house? The main advantage is the increased privacy between you and your company so it could be a smart decision to focus on a welcoming external building for accommodating guests. Adding a guest house to the backyard may sound complicated at first but you need to remember that it doesn’t have to be a particularly complex building.

A simple guest cottage including just a cozy bedroom with a small bath could be more than enough to satisfy visitors. If space is an issue, you can just focus on equipping the place with essentials like a mini-fridge or Wi-Fi. Many homeowners can use this opportunity to unleash their creativity when choosing a more interesting guest house design. This type of shed should be usually built in a similar architectural style to match your main home’s aesthetic.

Anyone who needs some inspiration for a new guest house should take a close look at our varied selection of ideas.

1. Charming Guest Cottage

Charming Guest Cottage

Fans of rustic aesthetics will probably appreciate this idea of a charming cottage in the garden specially designed to meet the needs of guests. This stylish cottage comes with a few extras to improve its cozy feel. For example, it has a central water feature and a lovely cobblestone path. A lush xeriscape garden completes the sense of relaxation and adds to the rustic vibes.

2. Home Office Space

Home Office Space

If you prefer the look of a more formal guest house, you can’t go wrong with this idea. Check out this elegant home office space designed with a focus on simple and modern aesthetics. It can offer considerable visual appeal, especially for those who have modern houses in a similar style. The guest house features a cozy deck attachment where you can sit together with your visitors to relax. Large windows and stylish lighting are some must-have ingredients to get this space idea right.

3. Eclectic Guest House

Eclectic Guest House

Small and eclectic, this detached guest house seems like a welcoming addition to the backyard. It’s a particularly recommended design choice if you live close to a wooded area. The guest house makes use of both modern and rustic elements. One of the most visually impressive details is the use of sails to keep the finely furnished deck safe from the glare of the sun.

4. Shipping Container Guest House

Shipping Container Guest House

Here’s a fairly innovative idea that can gain a lot of traction among those searching for a more affordable guest house. You can create a fully furnished mini house from a shipping container. It does take quite a lot of effort to manage this kind of transformation but it’s definitely worth it if you want a fun and modern guest house. Note the roof with plants that makes the structure feel properly incorporated in the garden environment.

5. Poolside Guest House

Poolside Guest House

Those who own a home pool should take advantage of some extra available space near it to build a cool poolside guest house. The result could be stunning in terms of both looks and functionality. You can relax with your guests in the garden by the pool more comfortably. The best part of this structure is the way the kitchen opens directly to the pool area which creates a smooth transition for entertaining guests.

6. Mountain Guest Shed

Mountain Guest Shed

Generously-sized to accommodate a living room and kitchen, this mountain-style guest shed has solid potential to become the favorite residence of your visitors. It’s equipped with a high ceiling to increase the sense of space but the neutral-toned furnishings have been carefully selected to maintain cozy vibes. One of the best features of this guest house is the rustic fireplace that’s strategically positioned as a room dividing element.

7. Victorian Guest Cottage

Victorian Guest Cottage

Capturing a specific design style in your guest house is highly recommended if you wish to maintain a cohesive theme on your property. Check out this guest cottage that relies on Victorian aesthetics to create a beautiful combination with the relaxing pool design. The structure can be best described as a miniature house complete with essentials like a fully-equipped kitchen. Thanks to stylish ornate wood details, this feels like an authentic Victorian guest cottage.

8. Converted Wagon Guest House

Converted Wagon Guest House

Fans of traditional styles will probably enjoy the look of this wagon that’s been converted into a backyard guest house. It has a solid visual appeal for anyone feeling an inner nomad connection. Due to the size limitations of the wagon, this may not be an ideal guest house for some homeowners.

9. Functional Garden Shed

Functional Garden Shed

With a minimalistic yet elegant look, this garden shed idea shouldn’t be missed. The construction has been engineered to match the architectural style of the main home while making the best use of the available space. The guest house is integrated to be parallel to the fence and provides functional access from the main building. This is a well-designed remodeling project that takes into account the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

10. Treehouse For Guests

Treehouse for Guests

An adventurous idea, this guest treehouse is quite a bold choice. The structure makes use of log columns instead of real trees but the interesting design gives it an authentic treehouse feel. Both kids and adults can find it fun to spend time in this unique guest house. While it could be an expensive project not fitting for everyone’s tastes, it’s worth considering as inspiration for those with an adventurous spirit.

11. Sliding Barn Door Guest House

Sliding Barn Door Guest House

When it comes to designing a guest house, it’s important to create a versatile space. Check out this cozy building that’s built with flexibility uses in mind. There’s a strong rustic vibe to this guest house thanks to the sliding barn door. It feels like the outdoor world makes its way inside but without affecting the comfort of the interior space. The structure is ideal for welcoming guests but when not used for this purpose, it can also work as a studio or home office.

12. Small Rustic Guest House

Small Rustic Guest House

Building a guest house can give you a nice opportunity to get more in touch with the natural world. Get inspired by this small rustic guest house that keeps things simple and cozy. It’s a sustainable choice that relies on natural wood materials and old-style design styles. The pitched roof stands out in particular as it provides the little structure a slightly retro feel that blends well together with the overall theme of the guest house.

13. Old-School Camper Van Guest House

Old School Camper Van Guest House

Many guest house design ideas out there can seem to inspire a sense of freedom but this one takes it to the next level. It’s based on a classic camper van that’s been masterfully repurposed to become a livable area for guests. Though it doesn’t go anywhere, the camper van delivers that authentic open road exploration vibe that’s treasured by many adventurous people.

14. Classic Backyard Guest House

Classic Backyard Guest House

If you want to keep a uniform traditional look for your backyard, it’s recommended to stick to classic guest house styles such as this idea. This structure makes use of charming finishes and details. Most notably, the guest house features a bright white paint to contrast against the lush garden vegetation. It also boasts batten-and-board siding that offers a lot of visual appeal to traditionalists.

15. Farmhouse Style Guest Cottage

Farmhouse Style Guest Cottage

Homeowners who wish to maximize the sense of coziness can’t go wrong with a farmhouse style guest cottage. The distressed wood design and climbing plants are just some of the elements that bring together a warm and welcoming feeling. It’s recommended to focus on details that make the place seem as lively as possible. Notice how this guest cottage’s exterior offers a birdbath while a string of Edison light bulbs completes the cozy aesthetic.

16. Beach-Inspired Guest House

Beach Inspired Guest House

If you live close to the beach in a hot climate, it would be a great idea to use the location as inspiration for your new guest house. Take a look at this granny flat that’s built to be spacious and to give a satisfying sense of privacy. Its aesthetic relies on various beach-inspired elements. The interior has a coastal color scheme with pastel blue and warm sandy tones. Plenty of lighting fixtures together with the high ceiling can boost the impression of extra space making the house feel sunny and cheerful.

17. Entertaining Guest House

Entertaining Guest House

It can be hard to choose a guest house idea as inspiration for your project. The best solution is to have a well-defined purpose when it comes to your new structure. Many homeowners focus on creating a functional shed or cottage that feels welcoming for guests. This idea keeps that in mind while expanding the concept even further to improve the potential of the house to entertain. The structure incorporates a custom snack bar complete with colorful shutters and a stylish countertop.

18. Detached Garage With Guest House

Detached Garage With Guest House

If you’re planning for a detached garage, this can provide the perfect opportunity to integrate guest living quarters into the same structure. It won’t really take extra space as you can simply add an extra floor above the garages. Take a look at this luxurious detached garage that includes a convenient area for the guests.

19. Luxurious Guest House

Luxurious Guest House

Here’s a solid guest house idea for homeowners that aren’t limited to very strict budgets. This fabulous building is more than just a simple shed but like a fully furnished extra part of your main home. If the space permits, it’s recommended to opt for this kind of structure that can be used for other purposes as well. You can flexibly adapt it for a studio or home office even if the main use is for accommodating guests.

20. Guest Cabin

Guest Cabin

Bringing guests over to a cabin style house can make a solid impression, especially if you live in a mountainous region. It can certainly accentuate the cozy nature theme. The guest house manages to blend rustic and modern elements seamlessly so it feels as inviting as possible. There aren’t lots of notable details that stand out here but the darker color scheme adds a sense of increased elegance.


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