White Painted Herringbone Patterned Flooring

The 5 Best Flooring Paint Colors in 2024

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There are lots of creative ways to use paint in your home to customize the appearance of a room. Although most homeowners focus on walls or furnishings, the flooring can also be worth considering to make a beautiful statement through a fresh coat of paint. It’s particularly recommended to inject some color into a dull space that could certainly make use of it. Use your creativity and transform that old floor into a great canvas where the various elements of the room can now beautifully interact.

Painting the floor isn’t an easy job considering that you need some supplies and plenty of preparation to get good-looking results. Choosing the right color is one of the most important aspects that will also pose a considerable challenge. It’s recommended to take into account the particularities of the space that could provide some clues regarding the ideal shades worth trying. However, keep in mind that re-painting a flooring surface isn’t that difficult. You can always experiment with interesting design styles to give the floor a brand new makeover. Take a look at some of the best flooring paint colors worth trying this year.

1. Navy Blue

Blue Painted Flooring in Living Room

Blue is a great pick if you want to revamp the look of the flooring with a calm and relaxing vibe. Whether you’re looking to transform the style of the floor in your attic or the living room, it’s safe to say that blue is a solid choice. Go for a light blue tone if you prefer a delicate appearance that resembles the sky. For a more elegant aesthetic, it’s recommended to opt for a shade of navy blue. Some vibrant blue styles that aren’t too light or too dark could work nicely if your aim is to bring an energizing punch to the space.

2. Charcoal Gray

Gray Painted Flooring in Bedroom

When it comes to adding an air of sophistication to the room, few colors are more reliable as gray. The elegance of charcoal gray paint can look surprisingly great when used for wood flooring. Some people might consider the appearance of a gray floor to feel a little too formal. However, you can craft a more balanced look by mixing certain colors that are paired well with gray. Navy blue accents and warm wood furniture can help to add some much-needed contrast to the floor.

3. White

White Painted Flooring in Dining Room

White offers universal appeal when used to paint various surfaces in your home. It’s also a solid pick for flooring considering how a fresh coat of white paint has the potential to brighten up the space with minimal effort. Focus on the hardwood floor in the attic if you’re looking to try out a white makeover. This space could provide a nice opportunity for design experimentation. Keep in mind that white flooring looks best together with matching walls and ceilings for the ultimate bright effect.

4. Sage Green

Sage Green Painted Flooring in Breakfast Nook

Most shades of green are probably best used elsewhere instead of painting the flooring. A notable exception is sage green whose uniquely calming vibe can easily upgrade the appeal of any floor. The distinctive earthiness of this paint makes sage green flooring look stunning and represents another important aspect that should convince you to try it. Although the muted tone of sage green isn’t as vibrant as other green shades, the paint color can still feel intense when used for the flooring. Keep the rest of the decorations in the room minimalistic and follow the nature-inspired theme by adding wood pieces.

5. Black

Black Painted Flooring in Apartment Hallway

Can black work as a flooring paint color? Surprisingly, yes, but maybe not for every kind of room. It’s recommended for minimally-furnished areas that allow the dark floor to make a bold visual impact through the color alone. The entryway is a good example because the area is also smaller and won’t make the black floor appear too intimidating. The unexpected appeal of a painted black floor will set the tone to impress any guests entering the home. Light gray walls form a gorgeous pairing together with the dark flooring style.


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