Animal Themed Nursery

16 Cute Ideas for an Animal-Themed Nursery

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1. Introducing Some Zoo Playfulness in the Nursery

There are lots of great themes you can choose from when decorating the nursery room. Few are as adventurous and versatile as the beloved animal theme. Giraffes and elephants can be adorable motifs to include in the nursery and it’s not surprising why many people opt for them. A great aspect of an animal-themed nursery is that it’s gender-neutral so it will be an excellent match for boys and girls alike. Children have an innate interest in animals whether we’re talking about bears or butterflies. Plush animal toys become friendly companions for toddlers quite easily.

Zoo Playful Animal Themed Nursery

If you want to create a joyful environment for your young child, this article will provide some much-needed inspiration when it comes to animal themes. There’s a great variety out there delivering a sense of wondrous adventure through décor. Maybe you want to stimulate the imagination with a particular theme or wish to focus on respect for an endangered species through a different theme. Regardless of your decision, these beautiful animal-themed nurseries can help you achieve an ideal room for your precious infant.

2. Safari Theme

Safari Themed Nursery

The safari theme is one of the most exciting ones you can use for decorating the nursery. It’s all about sticking to a safari-style color palette which usually translates to greens, yellows, and chocolate browns. To bring this theme to life in the most effective manner, we suggest going for a wall mural. There are plenty of fitting safari animals to include such as elephants, monkeys, zebras, and giraffes. Exotic plants and trees such as banana trees can match the aesthetic quite nicely.

3. Fox Theme

Fox Themed Nursery

A few well-placed fox motifs can create a subtle yet impactful theme for any nursery space. This room is a great example as it relies on neutral colors and minimalist décor. The foxy throw pillow looks gorgeous when paired with the drawn trees on the wall. Subtle autumn forest vibes are created thanks to the occasional splash of orange color that takes your mind to foxes.

4. Bunny Theme

Bunny Themed Nursery

One of the cutest animal themes to try is a sweet bunny one that makes use of a soft combination of pink and white resulting in a girly color scheme. The removable wallpaper shows off leaping bunnies in a fun pattern. It can be an excellent décor choice for a baby girl. All the furniture and accessories seem to match the pleasant atmosphere of the nursery as well. If you’re curious about the work involved in creating this kind of bunny theme, check out the details here.

5. Woodland Theme

Woodland Themed Nursery

If you’re searching for an adorable nursery idea that offers solid scouting vibes, the woodland theme can fit you like a glove. The highlight of this woodland-themed room is the comforter which captures a peaceful forest scene. As this is a primarily animal theme, you can add lots of motifs like the squirrel plush toy or an owl blanket. This nursery is quite basic in terms of decorations, but they’re well-chosen and form a cohesive picture that will spark the imagination of your young child.

6. Bear Theme

Bear Themed Nursery

While there are other animals that usually come to mind first when designing a themed nursery, bears shouldn’t be forgotten considering the cozy vibes they can create. It’s all about using the right color scheme and decorative accents to recreate a bear-themed nursery that’s fun for both genders.

The standout feature of this room is the fluffy bear rug which boosts the textural feeling of the nursery and maximizes the hygge atmosphere. Thanks to multiple other elements that take your mind to a cozy forest, this bear-themed nursery could be a hit with any baby child.

7. Frog Theme

Frog Themed Nursery

Friendly frogs can be successfully used as central décor motifs for an animal-themed nursery. Stick to a simple color scheme that combines some shades of blue and green for a fun theme that will be appreciated by any toddler. Happy frogs can be included throughout the room and the most impressive visual effect can be achieved with the help of a beautiful wall painting.

8. Circus Theme

Circus Themed Nursery

Here’s a more unique theme that’s sure to be delightful for any playful baby. This nursery makes use of an inventive circus theme which delivers some solid vintage vibes thanks to the furniture pieces and posters. There are lots of animals that can be included to fit with this theme. Some of the most relevant are lions, elephants, and seals. Anyone looking to try a similar style for their child’s nursery should check out the details about how this cute circus-themed nursery came to life.

9. Jungle Theme

Jungle Themed Nursery

There are countless variations of a jungle theme to be integrated into a nursery. This room shows one of our favorites which takes a subtler approach to jungle motifs. Animal decorations are used quite sparingly while the focus is on the color scheme and overall playful minimalism. The side table has an elephant shape making a lovely pairing with the wall decals.

10. Minimalist Nursery

Minimalist Nursery

If you wish to avoid an overdone look with too many wacky animal motifs, you can try a modern minimalist idea like this bright nursery. The slight jungle theme is still here but it feels more like a background element of the room instead of the main focal point. Focus on little details like a simple gallery grid or exotic indoor trees to bring this idea to life. Animals can be included through simple accents like a playful lion rug such as this one from Amazon.

11. Whale Theme

Whale Themed Nursery

Little children will find it comforting to be surrounded by majestic whales so you should definitely give this idea a try. To pull off this theme, it’s recommended to use a quality decal such as this set from Amazon. Finish off the design of the wall with rain stickers and don’t forget about matching plush toys.

12. Zoo Theme

Zoo Themed Nursery

By creating a special storage spot for all your toddler’s favorite plush toys, you will be able to create a zoo-themed nursery. Use different animals for a cool display that’s eye-catching for any young kids. This is a fairly low budget nursery decoration idea as it doesn’t require too many fancy modifications and lots of large items.

13. Puppy Theme

Puppy Themed Nursery

Puppies are cute and your nursery can look spectacular if you take this motif and use it as a central décor theme. It shouldn’t be very hard to find lots of different furniture pieces and accents with a fun puppy design. From little artworks, rugs, and plush toys, puppies can fill the entire room with cheerful vibes.

14. Swan Theme

Swan Themed Nursery

Check out this graceful nursery that incorporates charming swan décor in lovely shades of blush pink. This is a very creative animal theme you can try for a little girl’s room. The addition of gold accents creates a fabulous impression contrasting with the overall white and pink color scheme. The paper flower wall decoration contributes to the soft and graceful vibes of the swan motif.

15. Monkey Theme

Monkey Themed Nursery

Similar to the jungle theme, but with a particular focus on monkeys, this represents a great décor idea for adventurous nurseries. Take a look at this stylish mural that covers the entire wall with monkeys having a fun time playing in the trees. The visual impact of the scene is stronger thanks to the minimal furnishings and the neutral color palette of the nursery.

16. Wild Horse Theme

Wild Horse Themed Nursery

Wild horses and nurseries can work well together. Check out this inspirational theme idea that relies on a dazzling black and white wild horse print. To break the monotony of the monochrome design, the creator of this nursery added a pop of color through the orange floating shelves and coral rug. Both energetic and girly, the wild horse theme is definitely underrated as far as animal themes for nurseries go.


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